first porn booth

The other day I went to my first porn booth to see what exactly it was. I have wondered for a long time what was in there and what they were like. I had heard stories of glory holes and windows and didn't really know what to expect. So I went to the porn store and walked around for awhile trying to get the courage to just go into the booths. I eventually just went for it and walked back into the booths, I looked in a few to check them out and see if anyone else was there but there wasn't. I sat in one but left the door unlocked in hopes someone would open my door either intentionally or on accident. I put some money in and started checking out all the videos. I was so horny i had my dick out and hard within seconds. I was so excited to finally be experiencing my fantasy and all I needed was someone to share the booth next to me so I could have them watch me jerk my hard cock to cum. Right then I heard somebody get in the booth next to me, I opened the window but they didn't want to play. I was disappointed but still busted a huge nut all over the floor and then got up and left. I'll be back for sure.
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3 years ago
I used to go to a porn shop and jerk off a lot...I think I was watched a few times, which was fine with me. None around here anymore.
4 years ago
i remember my first time in a video booth. it was in West virginia and i had never heard of a glory hole! what a surprise i got when a 9-incher poked my hand from the hole in the wall!
4 years ago
I have had fun in the booths, just hand jobs and an occasional blow job, no real fucking. I did have my ass fingered though. It was very hot. Hope to hear more from you in the future.
4 years ago
never seen one
4 years ago
Good luck at the arcade i've had lots of fun goth sucking cock and being suck and rimed even fucked it can be very satisfing.