Stupid young cunt

I'm getting older now and dont have the patience I used to have, really dealing with the stupid young cunt around now is almost not worth it.

I have a steady piece of cunt that I use, its happy to have me around and I can always get a blowjob or a handy from it. When its on the rag I do it up the shitter too, only problem with it is that its vagina is a monster - really I think ist k** must have come out sideways -haha - no other way to explain how a vag could be that loose. But the best thing abut this cunt is that it understands it place, I dont have to listen to it talk about its favourite bands or whats going on the fuckin x factor.

Last nite I was out with some mates and one of them got chatting to a group of younger cunts, all about 19 or 20. Was 5 of them, one was a fat fucking muntter, two were nothing special, one was not bad - about a 7 out of 10 and the last one was a right fit slag. Dyed blond hair, sprayed on leggings, real slutty lepordskin heels and a thin little sparkly top.

I thought we had no chance with the cunts and they would just use us for a few free drinks and then fuck off, but after a while the slags started buying their own drinks and even bought us some. One of my mates let the cunts know that we were going to leave and they could come with us to a niteclub, they wereup for it.

We went to a cheap niteclub near the pub and got a table in the corner, was glad it was loud so that i didnt have to talk to most of the slags, made sure i sat beside the the fit one and got chatting. She went on and on about all sorts of shit - her holiday to india, her part time jewlery making and fuck knows what else.

Was the most boring cunt i have ever met, all it talked about was itself, after 20 minutes of this i was bored and gave up on the fit cunt and started chatting to the fat one just for a break. the fit one got pissed off with this and left the table. i was fucking glad not to have to listen to anymore of its crap.

by now one of my mates was oll over the other slag that was ok looking, my other mate was with some cunt at the other table. so i was left with the fat cunt and the other two who kept talking about their boyfriends.

was thinking i was either going home for a wank or i could try it with the fat cunt, while thinking this the really fit looking cunt was now dancing in front of the table,it really was a very nice looking pice of cunt, was gettin very horny anf figured i would try it with the fat botch - at least it would be better than a wak i figured. so i start in on the fatty and just keep catching a look at the sexy blond cunt out the corner of my eye, figured when i would think of her while fucking the fatty.

now this is what I mean about the stupid young cunt around today, i had listened to the sexy piece talk crap for ages and then ignore it for about an hour. What would a normal person do? ignore me back, not this stupid bitch, turns out that ignoring her and going for her fat mate made her angry, she did not want her fat friend getting someone she could not - my lucky nite.

She came over leaned in to grab her coat making sure i could see her tits, looked at me and said that she was leaving now, then the dumb cunt just stood there, I said ok i will go with you and that was it, 2 minutes later Iwe were outside up against a wall with her tounge shoved into my mouth.

Got a txi quickly and brought her to mine, no messing around with a glass of wine or anything. straight into it, trying to get her leggings off was a nightmare, when they werr halfway down i pushed her onto the bed and started fingering the twat, she was a bit hairy but not too bad, got one finger in and she was nice and slick, had a little trouble getting a second in, best thing about these younger cunts is that you have a better chance of finding a nice tight piece.

Tokk my cock out and she grabbed it, she started pulling on my like she wanted to rip my cock off. I wanted to fuck her and was going to flip her over and do her from behind but she took off her leggings and I got on top of her, she put a jonny on me and guided me into her vag, took a few pushed to get into her much, was a really tight snatch, she was making a few noises like it was sore so i pulled out lay on my bak and let her sit herself onto my cock.

Once the cunt was settled it was fucking great, tits were nice and high, no saging at all, great tan - could see the thong mark. watching her sit upright on my cock while she puched her hips back and forth was pure class. then she starts to ruin it by fucking talking, would not stop trying to sound sexy saying oh yeah thats it and like that.

Decided I had had enough of her shit so this time i did flip her over and do her from behind, pushed a hand halfway along her back and pushed her head into a pillow to shut her up. thats the best fuck i have had in years, super tight twat, sexy body - perfect.

I pulled out after about 5 minutes cause i did not want to cum, instead i put 2 fingers in her twat and fingered her as hard as i could, pushing down into her vag from behind was doing the trick for her, did that for a while and then started fucking her gain, she wanted to go back to her being on top and i let her but the stupid cunt would not shut the fuck up, was talking to me, in the end i had to shove two fingers in her mouth to stop the talking- the stupid cunt seemed to think this was sexy and stated sucking my fingers and saying she saying how sexy it was.

This gave me an idea for waht to do after I came, so i decided that it was time i finished and i let go, christ it was really the best fuck i have had in years, i must have spurted about 6 or 7 times. when she lifted herself off me the jhonny was filled with a ton of cum.

So she lies down and stats talking again and trying to cuddle, now the idea i had comes back to me, her saying my fingers in her mouth was sexy - so i reah down to her nicewet twat shove two in her and then puch my fingers into her mouth, dont think she was expecting this - it finaly shut her up!

So i kept doing that for a while , watching her try to act all sexy licking my fingers after they had been in her twat, was a great way to finish a fuck.

After a bit of this i wanted another go and started pushing her head down so she could suck me off, the silly cunt di not want to do this so I had to sit up and put my cock in front of her - could see in her eyse that she was not too keen on it but what was she going to do with a cock a few inches from her mouth, no way i was moving, so in her mouth i go and i have to say she was prety good at sucking cock.

Was amazing to look at her as she sucked me off, her tits were a bit sweaty and the nipple were up, i played with them while she sucked. when i was going to cum i gave her a warning to let her know and then the stupid bitch outdid herself, as i was waiting for her to decied if she wanted me to cum in her mouth or to wank me off - the silly bitch asked why i was when i was going to cum - which i did straigh away, was so funny.

She was lucky that i had cum so much when i fucked her cause not much came out from the blowjob but what did was great first bit went straight in her mouth and she flinched wich ment the second bit of cum shot right up her nose, another bit went on her cheeks but by that point she was struggling to get out of the bed and get my cum out of her nose. was brilliant to watch.

after the silly twat came back in from the bathroom and she was saying how sorry she was, i thought this was the best news ever. first i get a great fuck then a really good blowjob and now this super sexy fucking idiot is saying sorry. fucking jackpot.

I said dont worry abot it and acted all nice, she gets into the bed and say how she is happy to have cum in her mouth, she was trying to be all adult and sexy but it she just seemed stupid to me.

Again she kept talking about how confident she is with sex and she is sorry for running to the bathroom, now i had another great idea, i told her to prove how much she liked cum in her mouth - she puts on a sexy look and reaches for my cock. i say no, not like that, this is where i took a gamble - i got the used condom from the floor and handed it to her.

The look on her face was brilliant, she looked like she wanted me to say it was a joke, cause she had been acting all confident she could not back down and say no. So there i am in bed with a super hot 20 year old cunt who is holding a jonny filled with my cum while she desperatly looks at me. No the stupied fucking tramp sits up and looks at me like its about to cry then holds the jonny by the tip and holds it over her mouth and lets the cum drip into her mouth.

I honetly though she was going to be sick, she struggled to get it down but to be fair to the silly slag she did it and it was actually sexy, she did look proud whe she had done it.

At this point i ahd enough and said i was going to sl**p and did she want a taxi, she looked all upset and said she wanted to stay. I said that was great and then fell asl**p. am so glad i did not sent her home.

This morning i wake up to her playing with my cock then i get a blowjob, was as good as last nite, i even went down on her, she was really wet and her cunt did not smell or taste too bad so i kept going for a while.

Then the best bit I moved up to fuck her and reach for a condom, she grabs my had and shakes her head - fucking result i get to bareback her. jesus i thought it was good fucking her last nite but this was so good, then she says that she is on the pill, really at that point it would have made no difference iwas going to cume in her and nothing could change that, so i did, one last shove and i popped in her. Fucking amazing.

SO after that she goes off has a shower and I get up, a bit later she comes down and looks all shy saying how she had a great time and that she would like to see me again. Now all i am thinking about at this point is that i never want to listen to this silly cunt talk about her fucking holidays, pets or friends in mexico but then i take one last look at her in her spray on leeggings and those fucking heels so i walk over to her give her a kiss and then turn her around bend her over the sofa and yank down her leggings.

I then look at her peach of an arse, squat down and lck her cunt from behind, make sure i put plenty of spit on it and then pull my cock out and puch into her. I came in about 10 or 12 strokes. pulled out put my cock away while she stood up and pulled her leggings back into place, she then gives me a hug.

She makes sure i have her phone number and i get her in the car and drive her home. Will give her a call but i can not have anything longterm with a cunt like this, great fuck and blowjobs but honestly listening to the endless etream of crap that these stupid cunts say makes it almost not worth it.

But considering how easy it was to get her to drink cold cum from a used jonny i would guess it would be esy enough to get her to do lots of other stuff. any ideas what i sould try getting the stupid cunt to do?
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2 years ago
Man U know how too pick them...sweet and
2 years ago
nice story. defo keep shagging it and trying. think id go pictures next - see what you can get of it on film. think also we should all be given its name and mobile number - see what WE can get out of the slag!
2 years ago
Treat her. Rougher .. she likes it
2 years ago
after you fuck her . make her drink a huge load of your piss.......
always shuts them up !!!!
3 years ago
Its gotta be anal next for her or doing her on cam, but if she insists on talking make her call you daddy of same something genuine sexy, if she has one of those derpy scumbad accents make her put on an accent
3 years ago
great stuff. i hate cunts that talk to much. i like dirty talk druing sexy, but dont' want to hear their life story.
3 years ago
Great story.
3 years ago
aye, fuck her in the ass but hell , i'll come along to fuck her pussy at the same time. if she really like cum we could arrange a proper xxxmas gang bang for her
3 years ago
the silly bitch has been in touch twice this week, asked me if i wanted to go to a christmas party... why? i met the cunt one nite, its not like i'm brad pitt for fucks sake. like i said this was a nice 20 year old piece of cunt that could pick and chose from any guy and the dumb slag is after a guy who is happy to treat it like a dog - its a fucking idiot.
3 years ago
This story is hillarious! I love it
3 years ago
Her ass, no other way about it.