Never wanted to try dogging, the videos are ok but half the time the cunts they use are totaol pigs - so if they cant even pay good looking cunt to do it what are the chances that you will find a decent looking piece of cunt doing it for free?

Two weeks ago i read on a site that a pub on the end of a bus route near me had some dogging going on in the car park beside it. went along to watch the match and kept an eye out, went outside prentending to make a phone call and saw a few others looking a bit shifty. had to wait another bit for any cunt to arrive.

when the cunt arrived a few blokes moved over to a car, a few others stayed back and just had a wank, i thought i might have a try at fucking it if i could but the cunt was only giving out handys and a quick suck. the cunt was alright looking, about 27 or 28, a bit skinny but not so much that it looked like a junkie. short blond hair and a few shitty tats, average looking cunt thats too old to be an emo.

saw two guys who i think brought the cunt looking all proud when it was squating down showing its muff to the guys.

in the end i got a 10 second suck and a shitty handy, had to finish myself off and it had already told us not to cum in its mouth so just dribbled my cum on th ground. had a better wank after when one of the lads that had brought the cunt fucked it from behind, he pulled out for a bit and me and another guy had a go at fingering its twat. the guy had a condom on so it was ok there was none of his cum.

then he finished and the cunt tried to act all sexy with big fake moans, was embarresing to listen to it, we all left then and i got the bus home.
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3 years ago
tell us where !!!!
3 years ago
wish I was there!
3 years ago