Village traditions

I grew up in a small village with maybe 100 families and every single f****y attended our non-traditional church. Most couples were married into arranged marriages and it was widely accepted as the norm. There was many more unusual traditions.

My parents were a very happy couple and I had several siblings. I was the second oldest with an older b*****r. There was only about a year between us so we were close.

The church had dinners every week and most of the k**s had sl**povers when the adults went to the dinner together. It was great as a k** to have a sl**pover almost weekend. We got bunched in groups for our age groups, so we had lots of friends in our age group that we knew very well.

When I started to get into my teenage years, my b*****r left our house to live with another f****y in the village. It was part of our education and our way of growing up. I saw little of my b*****r since he moved, he had got into puberty and found the group of friends that we had boring and he kept saying we were k**s and he was not.
Soon after I got in to puberty and my parents told me we had to talk. They told me that I was growing up to be a man and had to go to another f****y to learn the ways of being a man. This was not possible in our house, so they would talk with the church men and it would be decided where I would move to.
My b*****r had moved in with a couple with one young c***d and he seemed very happy. I had heard rumors that the wife in the house was pregnant again, so I was wondering how my b*****r felt about being around a bunch of little k**s again.
It was often preferred that the young man moved in with a young couple instead of an older f****y.

Unfortunately for me, all the younger families already had some young man living with them, so it was decided that I was going to move in with a 40+ year old widow, Mrs Stone.
Mrs Stone had been a widow for about a year and her k**s had moved out and started their own families. So I was going to live with an old woman and not have anyone else to talk with. It worried me a lot and I was kind of sad because of it.
One thing that was good was that I had recently discovered my dick and how good it felt to play with it. At least I should get a lot of privacy to masturbate as much as I wanted. The funny part of our church was that sex was never taboo, instead it was often meetings in church were the encouraged young men to masturbate and enjoy their penises.

The days before I moved to Mrs Stone, our church had a meeting with Mrs Stone, my parents, and me. There was a meeting to setup the rules for all parties to follow. Since all the adults had already gone through this in their youth, the meeting was mostly for me.
I found out that I had to sl**p in Mrs Stone's bed and take care of her needs. I was so naive that I thought it meant to help out in the house, but what that meant was a very different from what I thought.

I knew Mrs Stone from church. She was super old, at least that's what I thought then. She was not a very good looking woman either. Her body was big, very big. She had enormous breasts, but also a huge ass. Since our church was very open and accepting. She was always showing off her big tits. Mrs Stone was very popular with many of the adult males in our church and she seemed to got even more popular since her husband passed away.

The days before I was scheduled to move, many of the men in our village slapped me on the back and said that they were happy for me to move in with Mrs Stone and at the same time sad since they could not visit her for the couple of years. I had no clue what they talked about....

The day came that I was moving. It was a Saturday, since it would be best if both Mrs Stone and I were home for a couple of days getting use to the new arrangements.
Mrs Stone's house was on the other side of the village, about 2 miles away from my house. I had all my stuff packed up and loaded in dad's car.
My mother stood on the veranda, smiling and looking very proud of me. She told me that I would be fine and that I would really enjoy my education from Mrs Stone. Of course, I had no clue what that meant. She hugged me and told me to call her later tonight.
It wasn't like I was not allowed to see my f****y, but I had to spend my nights at Mrs Stone and behave like a man now.

Dad told me to go easy on the lady. He said that he understood if I was going to be excited and wanting things all the time, but he told me to behave nicely and things would work out much better. All this talk was total garble to me. I had no clue what everyone was talking about.

Dad help me with bringing in the boxes to Mrs Stone. She had opened the door in a very nice light dress that showed off most of her big body. She was not shy about her size. I could see her big heavy thighs and even some of her big ass when she bent over. Dad winked at me and smile when he caught me checking out her ass. I had never had any physical contact with opposite sex, but I felt something tingle in my cock when I looked at her ass.

Mrs Stone told me to bring the stuff into a spare bedroom on the second floor. I hugged my dad good bye and started to bring the boxes up. I could hear dad and Mrs Stone chatting. Mrs Stone giggled, but I had not heard what was said. I stopped to listen to them. Mrs Stone told my dad, that if I was as big as he was, then this stay was going to be nothing by pleasure. Then she giggled again. Dad said that he did not know about my size, but suspected that I was well blessed in that department.
I could hear my dad telling Mrs Stone that he would miss her tightness and big roundness, he said he wished he could get another hour with her for a last time. Mrs Stone answered that she would love to have done that, but she needed to bring me into her house and make me "comfortable", with emphasize on the word comfortable.

Dad left and Mrs Stone closed the door. I continued to the spare room. I was surprised to find the room without a bed. Where was I going to sl**p if the room didn't have a bed? Maybe I would sl**p in the second spare room.

Mrs Stone helped me getting my stuff into the room and I asked her where I would sl**p. She told me that my place was with her in the master bedroom. She took my hand and lead the way to her room.
She had a huge bed with lots of pillows. It was a nice room with lots of red colors and dim lights. She told me I could sl**p on the right side of the bed and put my things in the stand if I wanted to. She said that the left side was hers. I looked over and saw something that looked like a rubber baton. I thought she must have it for safety, since she was a single lady in a big house.

Mrs Stone started to cook dinner and asked me to join her in the kitchen. She had tons of questions for me. She asked about my f****y, about my school, if I had a girlfriend, and what activities I liked to do for fun.
Then we talked about her life and what had happened to her husband. He had got cancer and survived for two years before the cancer got the best of him. She said she missed him so much. Then she said that it would be nice to have another man in bed with her. I blushed and felt funny about her telling me to take her hubby's place in her bed. Grown ups had sex in their bed, so it was weird that she said something like that.

While cooking Mrs Stone made a mess of her top, so right before she was going to serve dinner, she went and changed her top.

I could not believe my eyes when she walked back into the kitchen. The new top, and thin blouse that showed off her big tits more than covering them. She looked very sexy to me. I felt my cock starting to get hard. Lucky for me that I was already sitting at the table.
Mrs Stone served our dinner and sat down too. I had a very difficult time keeping my eyes away from her cleavage. I wondered how it would feel to touch those huge mounds of breasts.

Dinner was splendid, I was really going to like it here if the food was this good all the time.

I helped Mrs Stone with clearing the table and started to fill the dishwasher. Mrs Stone leaned down to put something on the lower shelf in the washer and I was right behind her. Her skirt was not covering her ass and it was halfway up her back when she leaned down. She did not have any panties on. I could even see a little bit of her pussy and she kept re-arranging the dishwasher. I got so hard that I didn't know what to do. Mrs Stone turned her head and looked straight at my straining cock. He wanted to get out of my pants, I supported a big tent. I caught Mrs Stone smiling when she saw my tent.

WE quickly finished cleaning the kitchen and Mrs Stone suggested we watch some TV. It was only about 6.30 so I thought we would watch TV in the living room.
Mrs Stone told me to go to our bedroom and turn on the TV.
OK, she was the boss so I did what she told me.

She came in the room and turned down the lights, it was dim and a very comforting mood in the room.
I sat on the edge of the bed trying to find a channel to watch. I asked Mrs Stone what she wanted to watch, she said something like a nature show would be good.
I saw that Mrs Stone had a big collection of DVDs in her room. They all seemed to be home videos. I asked what the videos were and Mrs Stone smiled and said it was videos of her having fun.

Mrs Stone started to undress without hesitation, I felt funny sitting a couple of feet away her and watching undress without any inhibitions. She pulled on a big soft robe and turned around. I guess my face was bright red and flustered. She smiled and asked if her naked body made me uncomfortable? I could only nod, my voice was nowhere to be found. I also realized that my cock was rock hard and trying to come out of my underwear.
Mrs Stone sat down next to me on the edge of the bed. Her robe was not tied on very tight, so it opened up and I could see one of her big breasts and the nipple that looked hard and erected. Mrs Stone put a hand on my leg and told me that I would be use to she her naked and it would be natural for me. She moved her hand up my leg and when she lightly started to rub my cock, she leaned in and said that she appreciated how my body reacted to her nakedness. I could not move, it felt so awesome to feel her hand slowly move along my shaft and watching her big breast move inside the robe.
I thought I was going to cum, but Mrs Stone removed her hand and told me that she did not want me to wet my shorts, she smiled and said that she would be doing too much laundry already and did not want to clean cum from my shorts.

Mrs Stone asked if I wanted to get in bed and watch TV with her now? I could only nod as an answer. Mrs Stone moved up her side of the bed and got on top of her bed. I was still sitting at the end watching her climb up and sit down. Her robe opened up and her naked body was displayed to me.
She looked at me and asked if I had understood why this arrangement of me living here with her was intended to do? I whispered that it was to be a man and to do things right in the house.
Mrs Stone said it was only a small part of the job I had here. She said that real and main reason was to learn how to treat you future wife right in bed and to learn the ways of giving a woman orgasm and pleasure.

Mrs Stone opened up her legs and spread her big white thick thighs apart, showing me her pussy for the first time. I was puzzled to how my life had changed so fast, before today I had never felt the skin of a woman and now I was sitting right in front of a highly sexual woman that showed me the most intimate details of her body.
Mrs Stone asked if I had ever seen a woman full naked like this before. I told her no.
She asked me to move up so that I could get a better look. Mrs Stone grabbed one of her big tits and showed me her nipple. She told me that most women loved to have their nipple kissed and sucked. She told me that it was not the thing that would get a woman to like me, but when she liked me, it was a sure way to let me make love to her.
Mrs Stone told me to touch her breast. I reached out and felt a boob for the first time. It was so soft and warm. I slowly caressed her breast and she told me to put the nipple between my fingers and roll them back and forth. I carefully tweaked her nipple, she let out a little moan. I pulled back my hand like I had touched something hot. Mrs Stone smiled and told me that she had made noise because it felt so good, and please continue. She told me to touch both her breasts and don't be shy.
I caressed and touched them very gently, Mrs Stone told me she was not going to break so feel free to touch with more f***e. She also told me to lick her nipple. She sat up and pulled my head to her breast. I started to kiss her breast and soon found the nipple in my mouth. I started to suck hard, like a baby seeking milk. First Mrs Stone moaned, then she told me to go between gentle and hard sucking. Otherwise her nipple was going to start to hurt.

I was so hard and had a hard time not touching her body with my hard cock when I leaned in and played with her breasts. We played like that for a long time. This was something I could do all day every day. Big old Mrs Stone had terrific breasts. I had fallen in love with her tits now.

Mrs Stone told me to take all my clothes off. NOW! I must have looked stunned when she told me to get naked. I had never been naked in front if anyone since I was young and it was not that I was shy, I simple was surprised by her demand.
I jumped up and tore off my clothes. My shirt first, then my pants. My cock was super hard and sticking out of my shorts. My head was very swollen and full of bl**d. My head was to full that the helmet was purple colored. I stopped for a second before I pulled down my shorts. Mrs Stone had sat up and was watching me stripping out of my clothes. When I stopped at pulling down my shorts, Mrs Stone quickly swung her legs out of the bed and got in front of me. I saw a smug smile on her face as she reach out and pulled down my shorts herself. My cock bounced out and touched Mrs Stone's face as she leaned in and pulled my shorts down to my feet.
Mrs Stone kissed my cock head as it was right by her mouth. She leaned back up and at the same time took my cock in a firm grip. She leaned into my face and kissed my mouth. Her hand moved up and down my shaft. She looked me straight in my eyes and promised me that we would have a lot of fun with this big cock.

That was too much for little me, I had no experience and with her expert stroking of my cock, I could not help but starting to cum. I came so strong that my knees got wobbly. I also managed to spurt my cum in huge loads up on her chest. It landed by her neck and started to run down between her tits. It looked awesome and extremely sexy to me. It made me cum even stronger.
Mrs Stone smiled and told me she was surprised that I had lasted this long. She started to kiss me and run her hands over my back down to my ass. She pulled me backwards with her to the bed. My cock was touching her tummy, which felt so soft and warm against my still rock hard cock.

Mrs Stone fell back on the bed and pulled me with her. As she fell, she opened her legs and pulled me in between them. She pulled me up, so my face was right at her big chest. Without thinking, I grabbed one of her big tits and started to suck her nipple. She moaned and told me that I was a fast learner. My cock was resting against her upper thigh, she pulled me up a little bit more and I felt my cock touching something wet and hot.
Mrs Stone's hand were on my ass, pulled my body into hers. I felt my cock sliding into the wetness and her pussy felt like it was sucking my cock into her.
Mrs Stone told me to slow down, she said my cock was too big to push in so fast. I felt her hands on my hips as she held me in place, not letting my cock enter her more than I already had. She told me to hold still and not move. I felt Mrs Stone's hip move and how she pushed herself onto my cock. She grunted and moaned. Finally she pushed me away and told me to lay on my back. I was very disappointing and thought it was all over. But Mrs Stone had something else in mind.
She swung her big fat thigh over my body, so that she was straddling my body. She took my hard cock in her hand and guided me to her pussy again. She then warned me not to move and started to slide down my hard shaft. I could feel her pussy stretch out to accommodate my girth and suddenly my cock head entered her body. It was a tight fit and felt better than anything I had felt in my life. Mrs Stone grunted as she lowered herself onto my hard cock. I felt her hot wet pussy engulf my cock.
She called out and told me that I was fucking huge. She told me she had always wanted to feel this filled up with cock, but never felt it until now.
I could not help myself and thrust my cock upwards into her pussy. She moaned, but did not stop me. We fuck frantically for a few minutes, until Mrs Stone started to cum. I scared me when her hands dug hard into my shoulders and she screamed out that she was cuming. she sat down as low as she could so my hard cock would go deep. Right when she started to cum, my cock hit her cervix and she reacted like she had been hit by lightning. It felt so good, that I felt my own orgasm cuming. There was nothing to stop me from pounding her pussy at this time, even if she started to go limp ontop of me. I felt her big tits in my chest and thrusted harder. My cum erupted into her tight pussy and I felt like I had entered heaven!
We layed in this position for a long time, Mrs Stone seemed waste and I did not want my cock to leave her pussy. I was still pretty hard and big, even if I had started to shrink a little bit.

After about 10 or 15 minutes, Mrs Stone finally said something to me. She smiled and told me that she could not remember having a orgasm so strong and that lasted so long. She said she lost herself and did not know if I had reached orgasm as well. I told her that I had and that it felt amazing. Mrs Stone asked if I had cum inside of her or if I had pulled out? I told her happily that I had cum deep in side of her vagina. She smiled and said that's how babies are made and that we might want to avoid it. Too late this time, but it could be bad if I let my juice go inside of her at the wrong time of the month. She told me she would teach me more of that in the future.

While she talked, she body move and I felt my cock grow hard again. It did not stop her from having small talk, but my hips started to move more and more with the pleasure from her pussy walls. Since I was already buried in her wet pussy, I did not have to thrust hard to reach her cervix again. Mrs Stone called out and told me to be careful and not hurt her. She said that I had to learn how huge my cock was and that if I got to deep inside of her pussy, that I could hurt her a lot.
I thrust more gently and soon Mrs Stone started to ride me again. I decided that I wanted to be on top and swung her down on the bed. My cock never left her pussy and she laughed when she realized that my cock still was inside of her as we moved around. She said she could not believe her luck to be assigned to teach the guy with the biggest cock in the village how to make love.

I fucked her missionary for a long time. I had already reached orgasm twice in a short time, so I could hold back much easier.
Mrs Stone caressed my back and kissed my face. I felt that Mrs Stone was not the lucky one, it was me who got to make love to this big woman with ample breasts and wide hips. She was the sexiest person I had ever known.

When I started to get close to cuming again, Mrs Stone felt my cock grow bigger. This made her very excited and she started to thrust her hips into mine. Suddenly, she started to moan and said she was cuming again. I told her that I thought I would cum too. She told me to keep fucking her and not to pull out. She needed her orgasm and wanted my cock fucking her while cuming. It made me crazy with lust and I started to cum. Mrs Stone and I reached orgasm at the same time and I pump lots of cum right into her cervix. She seemed to have changed her mind about me cuming inside despite what she had told me.
As we were relaxing and recovering I apologized that I had cum in her once again. She hugged me and told me not to be too worried, since she wanted to feel my cock swell and erupt inside of her. She told me that she was already addicted to my big cock.

It was not very late, so Mrs Stone said that we should shower before went to bed. Mrs Stone got out of bed and grabbed a robe and walked into the master bathroom. I heard the water start running and how she entered the shower. I was lying in bed, thinking about how great it was to move in with Mrs Stone.
I got out of the bed and went into the bathroom to wait for my turn in the shower. Mrs Stone noticed that I had come in and asked me to join her in the shower. She had a huge shower with multiple shower heads. Two people could easily shower together and not have to wait for water. There was even a small built-in bench. I commented on her awesome shower and Mrs Stone said that she had never regretted getting this big shower since she had taken many partners into this shower. She said she loved to make love under running water. She reached out and started to stroke my cock, that had started to grow when I watched her run her hands over her big sexy body.

She said it was amazing how quickly I recovered and was ready for more action. She said that I would have to wait since her pussy was not use to this kind of assault. She said she had fucked a lot in her days, but never with a cock this huge and that would recover so quickly.
She let go of my cock before I was fully erected and told me that she would see me in bed.
I showered and got cleaned up. My cock was a little bit tender when I started to wash him. Three time of fucking in the first few hours I since I moved in. Who could beat that?

I took a long hot shower and felt very happy and satisfied when I came back to bed. Mrs Stone had already fallen asl**p and looked very happy as well.
I sat down and the bed to look at her body. She was laying on her side, so her huge tits were hanging down to the side and her ass was half exposed by her blanket. I could not help myself, I had to feel her ass. So I reached out and gently caress her big ass cheek. She did not even stir. Mrs Stone seemed to be deep asl**p. I guess she was not use to having so much sex in such a short time.

I moved up so that I could lay down next to her and touch her nipples. I caressed her big breast and let my mouth find her nipple. I could feel it getting harder as I took her nipple in between my lips and teeth. I nibble on it and felt it getting harder. Mrs Stone moaned a little in her sl**p. I was rock hard again and wanted to fuck, but I felt bad about trying to fuck a sl**ping woman.
I did not know what to do. I moved back down to Mrs Stone big butt and decided to explore to see what she really looked like up close. As I got down by her legs, she pulled up her upper leg and it exposed her pussy to me. I gently used my fingers to feel around her pussy. She had a shaved clean pussy with large inner pussy lips that was sticking out. When I ran my fingers over her lips, I could feel a little bit of moister on them. I took my fingers to my mouth to see what it tasted like. It was a fresh unfamiliar flavor. I needed to get more of the taste, so I put my mouth up against her pussy lips and started to run my tongue around to see if I could taste more. Her lips were so soft and warm, they tasted different but not in a bad way. I pushed my tongue between her pussy lips and could feel how she was getting more and more wet by each of my tongue movements. I found her clit, it was hard and erected. I played with it, using my tongue and lips. My hands were on her big ass and on her heavy thigh. She stirred a little bit, but it did not stop me. I loved the feeling of her pussy on my mouth and how she responded to my touches.
I kept sucking and licking her pussy, until suddenly she moved so fast that she almost knocked me off the bed. She panted, moaned, and looked very surprised when she saw me. She called out that she was cuming, I jumped right back to her pussy and continued licking her. She was on her back with her fat thighs spread apart. I had all the access I needed and wasted no time on sucking her clit again. She was cuming in strong orgasm. I let a couple of my finger slide into her wet hole as she arched up and called out that she was cuming.
I felt my face getting soak from Mrs Stone's love juices as her pussy rubbed all over my face. She had put her hands behind my head and pressed my face into her pussy as she started to cum. Lucky that her hips were gyrating, otherwise I would suffocated in the folds of her pussy.
When she had stopped cuming, she pulled me up to her face and told me it was a surprise to wake up cuming from being licked. She told me that I was a quick learner.

She said she wanted to show me how I could fuck her from behind. She kissed me and pushed me off her so she could get up on all fours. Her big ass was sticking up and her face was buried in her pillows. I needed no instructions to know what to do next. I got up behind her, looked at her big ass and saw her wet pussy glistening with wetness. But I also saw her tight little anus. I leaned down kissed her ass and I ran my tongue over her slit, she giggle and then told me to fuck her NOW. She did not want to wait any longer, She said she needed to feel that huge cock in her now.

I grabbed my cock and ran it up and down her wet slit. She pushed backwards to try to get my cock inside her pussy. Even if she was very wet from the foreplay and her orgasm, her pussy was very tight and gave me a lot of resistance when I started to push my head between her pussy lips.
Mrs Stone whimpered that I was too big, she was not sure I was going to fit. But she pressed harder backwards and impaled herself onto my cock. I felt the pressure give away when my cock head finally penetrated her body and sank into her pussy. She called out and told me to give me all I had.
I really wanted to make a mental image of this event in my life.
It looked so good with this large woman standing on her knees, exposing her big ass and wet pussy to me so that I could fuck her from behind. Her pussy grabbed my big cock and with each outward stroke, her pussy stretched over my cock and was pulled out with the cock. It looked so awesome and sexy.
How fortunate I was to get placed with this sexual hot BBW. This definitely shape my preference for large woman for the rest of my life.

I fucked Mrs Stone hard, but at a steady pace while she grunted and moaned. My cock felt so huge and was harder than I ever felt before. I loved fucking this woman and it did not matter to me that she was way more than twice my age. I guess a horny mature woman really could enjoy a young man with a cock that could get hard over and over without loosing stamina.

I asked Mrs Stone if she wanted my cum in her pussy or if I should pull out? I was very close to cum and wanted to cum in her, but not if she was going to be upset. She told me to keep fucking her until she could cum too. But I was too close to be able to hold back. I thrust harder and called out that I was cuming. This was enough for Mrs Stone, she joined me in my orgasm and I felt another load getting deposited in my lovers amazing vagina.

Mrs Stone fell forward and I followed her with my cock still in her pussy. We were both exhausted now and quickly fell asl**p with me on top of her back. Since I was a slim young man and Mrs Stone was a very large woman, she did not mind having me on top of her.
As I fell asl**p, I felt my cock getting pushed out of her pussy and how my cum came rushing out of her and down between her thighs.

I kissed her neck and thanked her for being so special.

The next morning, I woke up and had slide down next to her during the night. My arm was around her waist and we were spooning. I moved my hand and found her breast. Her tits were so big and I could not hold her breast in one hand. I found her nipple and played with it. It made me grow hard to feel her ass up against me and my hand full of breast. My hard cock soon rested against my lover's anus. I move and my cock found Mrs Stone's pussy instead. Slowly, very slowly, I pushed myself into the folds of her flower. I sat up behind the large ass and press my cock between her ass cheeks. I felt her wet pussy opening on my head again and continued pressing until my head had entered her body. She suddenly woke up, looked over at me with a big smile, and pushed down towards me. I let my whole cock slide in as far as I could without forcing it. I had one hand on her ass and the other touched her big belly. I held her steady as I started to pick up the pace. Mrs Stone complained that she wasn't wet enough yet, but it did not stop me. I knew that I would cum quickly since I had been excited since I woke up and playing with her ass had made me very excited. I pushed myself all the way in, hit her cervix and let go of my first load of the day!
Mrs Stone said that this was a great way to wake up and that I would always be welcome to wake her up with my big cock.

After my orgasm, I laid next to Mrs Stone and cuddled for a long time. We kissed and touched each other all over our bodies. It was something new for me to explore a woman body, and there was a lot of this body to be explored. I used my hands, fingers, mouth, and tongue to touch pretty much every single inch of her body.

Mrs Stone started to get excited and told me that she needed her pussy cleaned up since I had left a couple of big loads in her since we went to bed. She rolled back and spread her legs. I kissed her thighs until I got to her wonderfully wet pussy. I licked, sucked, and bite her pussy long enough for her to cum a couple of times.

She finally said that it was enough for now. She wanted to have breakfast and needed to use the bathroom.

I put on a robe and waited for her in the kitchen. She had not changed either, only put on her own robe. She started to make coffee and asked I drank coffee. I told her yes and that I needed the energy to take care of her today. She smiled and said there were things to be done around the house and that her pussy needed some rest.
I had already recovered and sat in my chair slowly stroking my hard cock again behind Mrs Stone. When she turned around and saw my cock in my hand, she laughed and said that she was amazed how big my cock was and how fucking quickly I got hard again.
While we waited for the coffee to brew, she walked up to me and said that she might be able to give me a blow job if I was nice. She got down on her knees between my legs and started to suck my cock. It felt real good. I had not considered that you could have sex outside the bedroom, so I found this very exciting.
I asked Mrs Stone if she often had sex outside the bed. She laughed and said that had more sex away from the bed, than in the bed.
My cock was very hard, but I was not close to cumming. Mrs Stone tried for a long time to get me to cum, but it seemed that she was getting more and more excited herself. She sucked hard and worked my cock like there was no tomorrow.
Suddenly she stood up and said her mouth was getting tired. She turned away from me, pulled up her robe, leaned forward, reached between her legs, and grabbed my cock. Then she guided him to her pussy and sat down on my cock. I move forward a little bit on the chair, and it gave Mrs Stone more room to impale herself all the way on my cock. When she sat down all the way, my cock hit bottom. Mrs Stone moaned and giggled at the same time. Her pussy was fully stuffed at this time and she loved it. She started to ride me and this was much better than a blow job. I knew she would make me cum this way.
I told her I could have this for breakfast every day!
We fucked hard for the next 30 minutes, until Mrs Stone moaned and said she was cuming. I took that as a que to let go of my load that had been building up in my balls. At this time, I had her leaning over the table with her legs spread wide and her big ass looking so delicious. She was rubbing her clit with one hand and hold on to the table with the other.
I pushed myself as deep as I could into her pussy and then let my cum flow. Seriously, how could it get any better than this.

Mrs Stone cooked us a nice big breakfast with eggs, bacon, potatoes, sausages, toast, and juice. Of course we finally drank the coffee as well. Mrs Stone said it looked like we needed a big breakfast if I was going to continue make love to her every 5 minutes.

The rest of the morning went on without any sex. I think both of were a bit tired and sore from the constant fucking. We worked in the garden and took a break for lunch. I sat down in a lawn chair and looked over the yard. Mrs Stone had a perfectly private garden. Nobody could see into her garden since she had open fields on two sides and high thick trees were the neighbor lived. The neighbor's house was on a huge lot and the house was on the other side of the lot, so they had no chance of seeing into the garden.
When Mrs Stone came out with our lunch sandwiches, I told her she had such a beautiful garden that was made for private love making outdoors. She smiled and told me that she had often had sex back here. Her late hubby loved making love outdoors and that was one reason they had bought this place.

I asked if she missed him and how she had managed without a sex partner since he passed away. She got very serious and said that she missed so much. There was not a day when she did not think about him. When it came to sex, she said she had not stop having sex because her hubby had died.
She sat next to me and told me that she needed to tell me something.
I was listening very intently and she told me that her hubby had insisted on sharing her with other men, only after she agreed to it. She had always had a strong sex drive and loved to fuck, but for the first ten years of their marriage, they had only had sex with each other. Then her hubby had started to talk about her getting fucked by someone else while he watched her and they had fantasized about for awhile and sex had got even better than before.
Then one day, her hubby told her that he wanted to watch her having sex with someone else. In the village, sex was a casual thing to start with and there were many couples involved in swinging. So they decided to try it and Mrs Stone said she simple loved being fucked by different men when ever she liked it. She told me that she had fucked over half of all the men in the village.
That's when I understood what all the men had hinted at when they found out I was moving in with her.

She proceed to tell me, that according to traditions, when she was a mentor and had a man living with her. The only ones she could have sex with would be her hubby and the "student". It was actually preferred that she only would have sex with the student. In this case, there was no other man in the house, so it made it very simple. She told me that we were going to make love a lot to teach me the right way to be a good husband.

It had me turned on again after hearing her talk about other men fucking her. I was rock hard and did nothing to hide it.
Mrs Stone looked at me and said that it was obvious that it turned me on when I heard sex talk. She touched my cock and then stood up and went into the house.
I sat there with my hard cock and no woman to fuck, so I went in after her. She was putting away the food so it would not spoil in the warm weather.
She looked so sexy in her light summer dress, that showed a lot of her big thighs. When she put the last thing in the fridge, I walked up to her and hugged her from behind. She pressed her big ass into my crouch and could feel my hard cock. She wiggled her ass up against me and asked how I wanted to fuck her this time.
I told her it was time for dessert and that I wanted to eat her before fucking again. She said that would be acceptable and walked into the living room. She sat down on the couch and lifted her dress and she leaned back. I watched her spread her legs open and motioned for me to come closer.
I bent down and started to kiss her feet, then worked my way down her legs until I got to her thighs. I used both my mouth and my hands to touch her thighs and worked closer and closer to her honey pot.
When I finally, reach her pussy, she was breathing hard and was playing with her large nipples. I started to kiss and lick her pussy. She was soaking wet and moaned that it felt so good. I continued to work with her until she started to cum. I used my fingers in her pussy to make her cum stronger as I sucked hard on her clit. She got very noisy when she finally reached climax.
Mrs Stone was a sweaty mess, but still looked extremely sexy. She was so spent that she could only whisper that she wanted to feel my cock inside of her.
I put my cock at her opening and asked if she was sure that she wanted to feel my cock in her tight pussy right now? She told me not to make her beg and to fuck her good. She wanted to feel my cock grow bigger as I would erupt in her. I told her that I had no intention of fucking her fast. She looked too good not to enjoy this for a long time. She answered that it was OK as long as I could make her cum while she waited for my sperm to fill her up.
I started to fuck her in long slow strokes and it felt absolutely awesome.

Suddenly I heard something behind me. I turned around and looked at a young version of Mrs Stone. Without missing a stroke I kept looking at this wonderful woman. She looked chocked and confused, but she still had a huge smile on her face.
She walked up towards us and said that it was nice to see that her mother was taken care off when she was gone. I realized it was Mrs Stone's daughter. I knew she had a daughter that was away for college, but did not know she was coming back home now.
Mrs Stone seemed chocked at first, then when I made no attempt to stop fucking her, she relaxed and told her daughter to watch and learn. Miss Stone sat down next to us, close enough to touch me. She blushed hard and said nothing when she saw the size of the penis that was penetrating her mother's vagina. Without taking her eyes of the cock, she asked her mother if she knew that I had such a huge cock before she agreed on being my mentor? Mrs Stone said she did not know until yesterday evening when she saw it for the first time. Mrs Stone had a hard time talking, because she was in pleasure and moaning more than talking.
I pulled out my cock so that my head rested right outside the pussy. Then I watched Miss Stone as her eyes grew big. She asked her mother how it felt to have this monster cock in her pussy? Mrs Stone said, it is not in my pussy and I want it back in there! Now I was sure Miss Stone had seen my whole cock, so I could go back to my pleasure of fucking her mother.
It was very exciting to have another person watch us fuck, even if it was Mrs Stone's own daughter.
I watched Miss Stone as I increased the pace and the f***e which I fucked her mother. Mrs Stone was getting into a trans like state, she moaned and thrust her pussy over my cock. I was not sure I could hold it back much longer with this gorgeous young woman watching me. I could see that her chest was heaving from heavy breathing and her nipples were poking out. They looked like they were very hard.
As Mrs Stone was getting closer to her climax, Miss Stone told her mother that she had not made love for almost 6 months and that she needed it badly. I guess Mrs Stone heard that even in her trans state, because she started to cum and whimper loudly that she was cuming. I felt my cock slide easier as her pussy got filled with her juices. She must be cuming hard. I fucking loved having Mrs Stone cuming allover my cock while her beautiful young daughter sat next to us watching my huge cock bring her mother to orgasm.

I felt like joining Mrs Stone in her orgasm, but decided that I was going to give Miss Stone a show instead. I kept fucking Mrs Stone until she started to relax and not really responding to my thrusts. I was on the edge of cuming, so I looked at Miss Stone and then asked if she could assist me in getting me to cum? I asked if she could use her hand to give me release?
She nodded a yes. So I slowly pulled out my cock from the hot and wet heaven of Mrs Stone tight pussy, and laid it on Mrs Stone's shave vulva. My head rubbed against her clit and she jerk a bit when I moved my cock over her clit.
Miss Stone looked with huge eyes on my cock, without thinking she licked her lips like she saw something tasty. I told her to use her hand on my cock.
She reached out with one hand and grabbed my cock. Her hand looked tiny when she tried to encircle my shaft. I moved out of Mrs Stone's legs and stood in front of her daughter as she started to stroke my hard cock. Miss Stone had to use both hands. She looked very happy with my cock in her possession. She knew how to wanked a cock, it felt great. I asked if she liked to play with cocks and she answered she loved cocks, but that she had never seen anything of this size.
With that she leaned in a kissed my cock helmet and even ran her tongue over my little opening that had a little pre-cum leaking out.

She told me not to be shy and let go of my load if I was ready. I let her work on my cock with her lovely hands for a couple more minutes before I felt my load getting ready to release.
I did not warn her at all, I let my cock erupt just as her hands were travelling down my shaft and it created a canon like eruption. My sperm went straight up and then hit her chin. I pumped out a good size load and it was everywhere when I looked down on her.

Mrs Stone had recovered and called out, you are wasting my cum! I wanted that load inside of me!

Miss Stone asked her mother how many time she had got this cum inside of her since yesterday? Mrs Stone smiled and told her a lot and she guessed it was ok to share a little. Then she told her daughter that she was under contract to teach me how to make a woman cum and that it was not something she was going to share.
Miss Stone simply said that she would be the perfect candidate to measure the success with. She said it would be good test to have me fuck her now, before I got too much experience and then she could come home once a month at least to fuck again to measure the progress. Would that not be a good idea?
Mrs Stone said that Miss Stone was not even engaged with anyone, so it might not be such a good idea. The church might consider her actions more one of pleasure than assisting in the education of me. Mrs Stone was it was pure pleasure to feel that monster cock in a pussy and she knew that Miss Stone would feel the same way.

Still naked, Mrs Stone got up and hugged her daughter and welcomed her home. She said that they could discuss Miss Stone's desire to fuck this monster cock later. They left me sitting on the couch recovering from the most crazy sex I had experienced in my short sexual life.

Mrs Stone got dressed and got into Miss Stone's bedroom. I thought it was a spare room, but it was bedroom.
Mrs Stone called out for me and asked if I could get Miss Stone's things from her car. I did not mind, since we were "f****y" now.
Mrs Stone had left the room when I got in to Miss Stone's bedroom. We chatted casually, she did not seem to think about how I minutes before had sprayed her with my cum. She grabbed one bag and said that she needed to get out of these travelling clothes, more so since they had my "wasted" sperm on them. She smiled when she said that. She whispered to me, so her mother would not hear, that she wished that all that cum had been placed in her pussy instead!

She pulled off her top and had no bra underneath. Her tits were very big and firm. They did not need any bra, because there was no sag at all. She had large nipples and they seemed erected to me. After she pulled of the top, she stepped out of her skirt and pulled her panties with it. She was now naked except for her shoes, which was not exactly high heels, but they had some height to them. It made her legs muscles display nicely. She was in a very good shape. She took her breasts in her hands and massaged the nipples a little bit. She looked me straight in my eyes and said it was too bad that mother had forbidden her to fuck me, because she was wet and ready. She let one hand go down to her pussy and ran her finger in her slit. Then she brought the finger to my mouth and told me to taste it. I sucked on her finger and she tasted fresh. She gave out a little moan when I kept sucking on her finger. Her other hand went down to her clit and she started to rub herself as I sucked on her finger.
I was just about to touch her, when Mrs Stone appeared in the door way and told me not to touch her daughter. She said it was fine if I watched her finger fuck herself, but no touching.
Miss Stone was not going to settle for her fingers, she picked up another bag. Put in on chair next to the bed, with her back towards me and bent over and started to look for something in her bag. I had a nice view of her firm ass and could even see her wet pussy lips. She called out in a happy tone, that she found it. Then she jumped on her bed, laid back on her back and spread her legs. In her hand she had a big black dildo. She licked it to make to tip wet, then she told me that she thought it was only black guys who had huge cocks. But she said, I had proven her wrong.
She put the dildo at her opening and slowly let it enter her. Mrs Stone and I stood next to the bed looking at Miss Stone fucking herself with this huge dildo. Mrs Stone said she didn't even know that you could buy such a big dildo, if she had known she said, she would own one herself. Then she reached out and touched my cock, and said that lucky enough she did not need a dildo any longer.

She got down on her knees and started to suck my cock as I watched Miss Stone bringing herself to climax. I wanted to fuck and not get my cock sucked on, that was foreplay and I needed real sex. I told Mrs Stone to stand up and bend over against the bed. She did as I asked and pointed her big ass towards me. The both hands she pulled her ass cheeks apart and spread her pussy open. She told to me to get to it , I inserted my cock into her wet pussy and started to fuck her as I watched Mrs Stone being a mere foot away from the dildo pumping in and out of her daughter. I told Mrs Stone I was going to cum and pushed very hard into her pussy, she screamed as I rammed my huge cock into her cervix. She might have felt pain, but for me it was pure pleasure. She begged me to stop, but I was so excited watching her daughter cuming that I did not even hear Mrs Stone's whining. I erupted and filled her pussy with my cum.
This brought another orgasm to Mrs Stone as well.

I don't think I could keep up with this any longer, my cock was throbbing when I pulled out of Mrs Stone with a pooping sound. She whimper and said she felt so empty when I removed my cock.

I laid down on the bed next to Miss Stone. She leaned over and kissed me. She thanked me for a great orgasm and the only regret that it wasn't my cock in her pussy instead of the dildo. Mrs Stone laid down on the other side of me and I now had two gorgeous woman next to me.

I told them that I thought I needed a little time to recover before I could make love again. They laughed and told me that I would recover quicker than they would.

We ended up going to the master bedroom for a nap, since we all were pretty tired after out love making.

We slept most of the day. I woke up by someone sucking my cock and I did not move, I let the person have their way with my cock. After I was fully erected and hard as steel. The person climbed up on top of my waist and straddled me. She aimed my cock to her pussy and sat down on it. It was very tight, I realized that I was now fucking Miss Stone. She moved very carefully to not move the bed too much, she obviously did not want to wake up her mother. I felt awesome as she slowly lowered herself on to my cock and when she got all of me inside of her, she sat still. She leaned down and kissed me. It was very erotic to fuck my mistress's daughter while the mistress slept next to us. She must have been exhausted, since she was snoring lightly we were not afraid to be found out.
Miss Stone started to move more and more, she grunted that she was cuming. She begged me to cum inside of her, since she wanted to feel my cock expand as it did when I started to cum. I kissed her and told her I would grant her wish. I held her hips and thrust hard into her. Soon the pleasure was too much and I could not hold back. I let myself loose and erupted into this young fresh pussy. She purred as a cat when I pumped load after load into her.
She relaxed and kissed me again. Then she whispered that she had no protection and that she thought she be pregnant now!
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