Chinese roomate

I had date this girl for only a few weeks, but I had not met her room mates yet. It seemed that both girls that my new girlfriend share apartment with were never home.
My girlfriend, Chen said that they both had boyfriend and worked crazy hours.
It was perfect for us, we had the place to ourselves every night and often ended up having sex in front of the TV in the living room since we did not have to worry about someone else in the house.

One night, after we had finished making love and was laying on the couch cuddling. The front door opens and a girl walks in. My girlfriend was Chinese and I suspected that both her room mates were too, but since I had not any of them.
This girl that walked in was a small but kind of plump, at least by Asian standard. My girlfriend was skinny with tiny tits and slim waist. She had a nice firm butt and loved fucking her from behind watching her work her ass over my cock.

Chen, sat up and asked what was wrong. This girl was clearly upset. Chen introduced me to her, Yun was her name. My girlfriend pulled her blanket around her and went up to talk to Yun.
Yun told her that her boyfriend had broken up with her and that she now was single. She said that they had just have had sex when he broke the news. He told her that he had another girlfriend and that she was pregnant and that he was going to marry her. So they could not see each other. She had rushed out of there, leaving most of her stuff. She had a key so she was going back the next day to pick up her stuff.

Of course, this mean that our time in the apartment was now to be shared with her room mate. Even if Yun spent most of her time in her room, she did normally eat with us and sometimes watch TV. Our love making sessions had to be in Chen bedroom instead.

I don't think Yun had a clue to how often Chen and I make love or had sex.

Friday evening we had spent making dinner and watching TV together with Yun before we retired to Chen's bed and made love for hours. Chen could get a little bit noise when she got into our sex and often got real loud when she would get close to cumming.
I was wondering how Yun felt having us fucking in Chen's room, when she was alone and depressed.

The next day at breakfast, after Chen and I had made love in the morning, we sat down with Yun to eat breakfast that Yun had cooked. We probably looked like we just had sex when we walked out to the kitchen. Chen had not cleaned up her pussy after I had deposited my load in her, so it was leaking out in her panties. She showed me that when Yun was turned around in the kitchen. This is how naughty Chen was. She mouthed to me that she still was horny and wanted more. I laughed and told her she had to wait until after breakfast. I had only a robe on, my clothes and underwear was still in Chen's room. Chen had a pajama on, so she was better dressed than me.

When we started to eat, Yun had a funny look on her face and then asked if we had fun last night? She told us she could hear us clearly as we had sex. Chen being naughty, asked if it had turned her on? Yun blushed and said that it did not.
Chen asked Yun if she had experienced a really big cock or just the normal little Asian winky? Chen said that Yun had only dated Chinese guys and never tried a white man or even better a big black cock. Yun got really embarrassed and said that the size of the penis did not matter. It was what was done with the penis that mattered. Chen countered that if you had a choice between a really big cock and a small with a lover that was really good, then size mattered. She looked at me and said that I had a really large cock and that's why she loved to fuck me all the time.

Yun looked at me and blushed even more.

Chen decided that it was enough teasing, so she changed the subject.

After breakfast, we went back into Chen's room and Chen attacked me. She said it had turned her on to talk about my large cock and now she wanted to suck me. She opened my robe and started to work on my cock. She knew exactly how to make me hard in no time. After I was fully erected, she got up and undressed. She told me to fuck her doggy style. I got behind her and found her pussy very wet indeed. It was no problem with feeding her with my cock. Her pussy stretched nicely over my cock and she moaned as I worked my cock all the way up into her love channel. Chen has a very tight pussy with strong muscles. She started to use her muscles on me and I told her I loved the feeling of her pussy on my cock.
When I looked over at the door, it was ajar and I could see Yun peaking through the crack. It looked to me like she had her hand between her legs as I kept fucking Chen. I wanted to show off my cock, so I made no mention or sign that I had seen Yun outside the door. I reached under Chen and found her clit. I rubbed her to orgasm as I pumped my cock in and out of her pussy. It was so tight and I was extra turned on by having a spectator to our fucking. When I got close to cum, I pulled out my cock and started to stroke it. I aimed my cock at her butt and was trying to reach orgasm myself. I could see that Yun was still watching. Chen feel down on her tummy with her tight ass in the air. I moved to the side, so that Yun would be able to see my cock better. Then I could not hold back any longer and started to spray my cum over Chen's butt cheeks. I came strong and a lot of cum flowed out of my cock and landing on Chen's ass. When I was done, I sat down next to Chen. She asked for a tissue and wiped up my cum.
She said she was sl**py and started to dose off when I caressed her back. Soon she had passed out and was fully asl**p.
I grabbed my robe and went to the kitchen to get some water.
While drinking my water, I wondered what Yun did now after she watched us fuck. I suspected she was in her room playing with herself, but she was probably already done.
I sneaked up to her door and found it not fully closed, just like we had left our door slightly open.
I could see Yun laying on the bed with her hand in her pajama working her pussy hard. She was breathing hard with her eyes closed. I could clearly see how she was rubbing her clit and getting closer to her climax. I quietly sneaked into her room and closed her door as much as I could without making any sound. Then I slowly walked up to her bed and kept watching her hand rubbing herself under the pajama bottoms. I let my robe open up and my cock was fully erected again. How could it not be after watching this little hotty masturbating.
She arched up and started to cum. When she did I sat down next to her and watched her cumming. I guess she was so involved in her orgasm that she did not notice that I sat down on the bed and that it moved when I did. She had a strong orgasm and looked so hot with her hand in her pajama. She stopped rubbing, pulled out her hand, and opened her eyes. She looked totally shocked when she saw me sitting next to her.
I told her she looked so beautiful right now and reached down and pulled down her pajama bottoms. She had g-strings on her and they looked like they were soaked. She held up her hands like in protest to me pulling off her pants, but she did not say anything. I leaned in and took the hand that had been on her pussy and sucked her fingers. Oh yeah, it tasted fresh pussy alright.
She was still breathing very hard and looked like she was very embarrassed. I told her that I had seen her watching us fuck and now I wanted to let her feel my big cock.
Her eyes got wide and for the first time she uttered: - Will it hurt?
I told her no, I will be very careful and you will love to feel your tight little pussy filled up properly for the first time.
Yun lifted her hips to let me pull off her g-strings. I told her she looked so hot in these panties. I brought them to my mouth and tasted her wetness straight from the material. She looked at me with big eyes. I told her that I wanted to taste her instead of her panties. I pushed her legs apart and exposed her pussy to me. Then I leaned in and started to kiss her thighs and worked my way closer to her vagina. She fiddled a little and got totally still when I finally ran my tongue up her slit. She was soaking wet and tasted very nice.
My cock was so hard now and it was almost painful.
I licked and sucked her pussy until she could not help herself. She started to thrust her pussy into my face and soon started to cum. I went back and forth between her clit and her leaking slit. She tasted lovely and I wanted to keep licking her. But I knew that my girlfriend might wake up before I had the chance to fuck this little hotty.

I moved up between her legs and found her pussy with my cock. She was very excited, but still begged me to be careful. I slowly let my head penetrate her pussy lips to open her up for full penetration. I soon started to work my hard cock into her and she grunted with each thrust. She did not seem to mind my size and took me fully in a few thrusts. When she was fully impaled on my cock, I stopped moving and lay on top of her kissing her face. She grunted that I felt huge, but very good. I very, very slowly started to move my cock in and out in very small moves. She started to thrust her hips into me and told me to fuck her harder. Soon I had picked up my pace and was fucking her hard.
I felt that I did not have long before I would cum. It felt much better to fuck this little pussy than my girlfriends pussy.
Suddenly, I felt a hand on my ass and looked over to my side. Chen was standing next to us, watching Yun getting stuffed by my cock. Oh boy, this would be the end of this relationship. I felt a hard slap on my ass and Chen told me to give it to Yun good. She said it was the sexiest thing she had ever seen. My huge white cock pounding this little Asian pussy.
As Chen could see that my sperm was rushing up my shaft and depositing my load in Yun womb, Chen asked Yun if she had protection? Yun was lost in an orgasm and simply said no, give it to me. I was pumping my hot fertile sperm into this little horny Asian girl and not knowing it right then, I was creating my first baby!
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Excellent story!