My 21st

I felt real good, finally 21 and I could go out an party for real. Most of my friends had already turned 21 so they often went out party without me since I could not get into the bars or clubs.
My mother, Lisa who had raised me by herself had promised me to go out drinking when I turned 21. She kept her promise to me and we went out. Mom had recently started to date this black guy, Charles, and I got along with him without any issues.
Mom took us for dinner with beer and wine served. I am not a small girl, but not an experienced drinker either so I tried to pace myself and not drink too much. After dinner we went to a bar that Charles went to when he would go out. It was clearly a bar for black people, but everyone was super friendly to us, the two white women.
I don't know if it is true that black guys like big girls, both my mother and I are large women with curves. My mother must have a bra size of G, while mine is only DDD. I also have wide hips and a large ass.
I got a lot of attention from plenty of guys when it was announced that it was my 21st birthday. Since I did not want to drink too much, I gave my mother most of the drinks that several guys bought me.
We had a great time with lots of attention from the guys at the place. My mother started to get a bit too d***k, so Charles and I decided to call it a night and return home. I felt more than a bit tipsy myself, so it was a good time we left when we did. I think even Charles was a bit d***k.
My mother was all over Charles in a cab on the way home. I thought I would have to listen to their love making all night like I heard a lot the last couple of months.

My mom was too d***k when we got home, so I helped Charles get her into her bedroom. I left when Charles started to undress her. She slurred her words, but kept saying that she wanted him to fuck her good tonight. I could see a bulge in Charles pants as he started to undress her. I left the room and went to my room to change into my nighty.
Feeling a tipsy but not tired, I decided to get some water and maybe watch some TV before calling it a night. I put on my robe, with only my nighty underneath. I sl**p naked in the summer, but since it was cold outside now I slept in my nighty.

I sat and watched some old movie and was dozing off, when Charles came out to the living room. He had only on a tank-top and boxer shorts. His boxers were well filled out, looked like he still was a little bit hard. I asked if my mother had crashed and Charles laughed, Yeah - too bad I thought I was going to get some action tonight....
I told him it was to much information for me, but laugh at it. I told him I did not get any action either on my birthday even, so stop bitching.
Charles came and sat down next to me and told me that I could have had almost any of the guys at the bar if I had wanted to. He said that they all told him how hot I was and asked how they could ask me out. He said he had told all of them that I was his and he did not share.... Then he laughed again. I pretended to be pissed off and said it really sucked that he took away my chance of getting laid tonight.
I opened my robe and grabbed my tits through the nighty and told him that this birthday tits would have loved to get some attention. I told him that maybe I should go in my room and use my vibrator instead. Charles said go ahead or better you and get your vibrator and use it right here on the couch. That way he could get at least to watch some sex instead of going to bed horny and without release.
We kept battering each other for awhile and watched the movie at the same time. I looked over at Charles and it looked like he had an erection in his shorts again. It made me feel a tingle in my groin. Maybe he could give me a birthday fuck? My mother would never know, she was too d***k to wake up and even if she did she would never remember anything tomorrow.
I kept my eyes on the TV and shifted position on the couch. Charles was sitting on the other end of the couch. I lifted my legs and pointed my ass towards him. My nighty was on my hip and I knew he got a good look at my bare ass. I could see him shift a couple of times in his seat. It made him a little uncomfortable to sit so close to my naked butt. Slowly he moved closer and I felt his hand on my ass. He started to caress my ass cheek gently without a word. I did not even look at him and let him go on. It felt nice and relaxed me. Soon both his hands were all over my ass. He leaned in, turned my head, and kissed me. When he leaned in, his cock came to rest against my butt. Charles kissed me and caressed my thigh. I lifted my legs up a little bit and that opened up my pussy for access. Charles took it as the invite as it was intended and started to run his fingers around in my wetness between my legs. I was soaked. Both from drinking and also from being seduced by my mother's boyfriend. I leaned back and spread my legs open. Charles got down between them and started to lick my pussy. His tongue felt great as he explored my lips and folds. Soon he found my clit started to nibble and suck on it. When he inserted one of his fingers, I could an orgasm approaching. There was no stopping me from cuming now.
Charles kissed me as I climaxed with two of his large fingers in my pussy.

Charles let me calm down a little bit, before he shifted position and laid down between my legs. I felt his cock on my pussy and then he started to work it in. He felt huge and worked very slowly not to hurt me. I had never felt anything like this before and understood why my mother was fucking this guy. Oh my god, it felt so good. Charles grunted in pleasure as his whole cock was buried in my pussy. He stopped moving and looked me in my eyes. He asked if this was a good birthday fuck? I answered only with my body, I thrusted my hips into his and then moved away. I fucked myself on his cock as he laid perfectly still on top of me. I grabbed his ass and pulled him closer to me.
Charles started to move with me and he thrusted harder and harder. His breathing was increased and I felt his cock getting harder as well. He grunted that my pussy was amazing. He said it was so tight. This was the best feeling he ever had experienced, he grunted that he would not last much longer. I begged him not to cum yet, I was very close and did not want him to pull out yet. I simply assumed that he would pull out his cock before he erupted. I was wrong, he held me tight and grunted that he could not hold it any longer, with a couple of very hard thrusts he grunted loud it was cuming. I felt some panic as he tensed and emptied his load as deep as he could in me. But in this panic, I could not help myself I joined him in his orgasm. I came stronger than I ever had cum. What a birthday present! The guys I had been with before, stopped as soon as they came, but Charles kept fucking me. I was so sensitive that I kept cuming and cuming.
After I felt that I couldn't take it any longer I told Charles to get off me. I was a pure bundle of nerves, I tingled from top to toe. It felt great when he kept fucking me, but it got too much.
Charles also started to get soft so he slide out of my pussy and I felt a flood of cum leaking out of me. That's when I realized that Charles had cum in my unprotected pussy. It kind of freaked me out. I asked him how he could cum in me, I was too young to have a baby. Charles smiled and said he never pulled out of a good pussy! He continued that I would have to get use to it, because my pussy was the very best pussy he had ever fucked. I felt honored at the same time that I felt he had no respect for me.

I guess I looked sad so Charles pulled me closer and said he did not intend to knock me up, but the feeling my pussy had given him had to be experienced so there was no way he could pull out. He told me that he had noticed that I started to cum as soon as he reached his orgasm. He claimed that my body had simply responded to his cum and join him in orgasm. I considered it and realized that I had never reached orgasm by fucking before and Charles brought me to orgasm the first time he was inside of me.

Charles said that I looked so good laying here next to him, he reached over and kissed me again. I can only guess that it was because I was a bit d***k, but all my worries about getting pregnant as he started to get me excited again. I reached down between Charles legs and found his cock. It was huge, I was surprised that he had put that whole thing inside of me. How could that thing even go in half way? I gave him a few strokes and told him that this was a monster cock. He laughed and told me that it was obvious that I did not date black guys. He said that I had probably slept with my last white guy now....
He turned me around so that I stood on me knees on the couch with my face on the back end of the couch. Charles got behind me and told me that my ass was beautiful, then he ran his hard cock between my ass cheeks. He was hard as a rock again. I asked if always was this hard and he said he had not been this hard since he was a teenager. The reason was that I was sexier than any other women he had ever made love to. He put his cock in my opening and started to slowly penetrate me again. He got so deep in this position. When we fuck in missionary, he had not got too deep, but now he started to touch my cervix. He started to thrust harder and soon my cervix started to get sore. He told me that my pussy was touching his cock differently that any other pussy had. As he pounded my pussy he told me that from now on, he would need to fuck me at least once a day. I felt honored by this talk, but he was my mother's boyfriend after all so how could we fuck every day then?
Charles really knew how to fuck my pussy, He reached around my hips, found my clit and as he pumped away he massaged my clit to orgasm. I normally had a hard time cuming with a guy. It was always much easier to cum using my dildo or vibrator. Charles was different. I reached another orgasm quickly and felt Charles getting closer as well.
I felt my orgasm ebb away and Charles started to pick up his pace. Then he grunted again that he was cuming. Once again he stiffened and I could feel his body tense. I turned around and watch his face as he let his fertile sperm invade my cervix. It was a hot feeling deep in my womb. But I did not care. I was in love with this man and my mother would have to share him with me.
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