The sl**p over

I have a big clit she gets to be a about a inch long when hot. My nipples stick out about the same this happens when I get really hot. When all this happens I can get a wine bottle to fit in my cunt. When I get this hot she be comes a cunt you can do any thing to her.Last night after a night on the town we. Thats the girls wanted to have a sl**p over at my place.There are five of us we know each other for many years. Yesterday at the spa they all seen what my clit and nipples look like. But last night they wanted to see more of me. When we got to my place they all got so uncomfortable they had to strip fucking bitch had everything planned.One by one they did a little show than it was my turn. I slowly very slowly took everything off .But I didn't stop there I sat on my chair spread my legs wide for all of them to see stuck my hand in my cunt she was so wet my hand went right in. Wish you could see there faces.I went as deep as I was able to. They just watched as I fucked myself before long I took my hand outI asked if they wanted to see more each had to lick a finger. They licked my hand clean. Than they all took turns fucking my cunt with their hands. Anna did her best to get two hands in me I stopped her before they went in but it was so good. The rest of the night we spent getting each others pussy as wide as mine. Four of us can take a girls hand. Rita stopped a four but she can fuck a cucumber till you cann't see it I measured it in the Morning 14inch. Guess we are all good at something. I want a sl**p over soon. Thanks for reading.Lani
74% (9/3)
Posted by hapalani
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2 years ago
Lani, this so hot, you must write some more!
3 years ago
that is hot I would be after musicwoman
3 years ago
Baby that is so hot!!! I want to be number 6!!!
3 years ago
o my goodness so nice, give us more my new friend!