Need for Punishment

I knew it was coming. After all, I asked for it specifically and I’ve been waiting in exactly the same position for the last couple of minutes for it to come. My body shook at the first impact and I gasped out loud. It was not at all what I expected and I knew I wanted more. I needed it.

I let out an involuntary gasp when I felt it again, but there was a noticeable difference this time. It was harder; my skin burned slightly where the leather had touched my skin. My body reacted in ways it had never before. I pushed my hips back in order to receive the next one, my back pushed down and I actually moaned as another streak of pain vibrated through my body. My eyes closed as I heard another swish of air that betrayed the newest arrival of the burning sensation. My voice sounded hoarse as I moaned: “More… Harder.” You listened to my pleading and started to hit in an increasing speed, each time a bit harder than the previous one.

My whole body felt hot, but it was nothing compared to the burning sensation your flogger caused. You were reluctant at first, but after I pleaded, begged and debated for over two hours, you gave in. Of all the people in the world, you would understand most how I needed this pain today, how I needed a way to escape of what I was feeling inside. If you wouldn’t do it, I would myself in a different way, and it was against your rules, your wishes. So you obeyed mine, you gave me what I needed in a controlled way, without actual damage on the long run.

I placed my sweaty forehead against the cool surface of the table, moved my hands slightly to accommodate my new position and tried to relax the muscles in my back in order to be able to hang on for a longer period of time. I couldn’t get enough of this feeling.
You noticed my movements and stopped. Your hand actually felt cool against my hot buttocks as you caressed my skin. “Are you okay? Do you want me to stop?” You were panting, just like me, but your voice awoke a new fire inside of me. I placed my feet further apart and pushed my hips to your touch.
“No, I need more. Don’t hold back.” Without hesitation, you removed your hand, only to slap it back hard. My moaning became a continuous groan, louder and deeper as the flogger started to dance across my skin with renewed ferocity. I had no realization of time anymore, it simply consisted of the leather against my skin, the burning feeling that heated everything I was, my groaning and your panting. I was in a place where nothing else mattered, as long as my body was able to feel the pain it needed.

All too soon, I heard the soft thud of the flogger falling on the carpet. I wanted to complain, but you silenced me with a simple hush. “You’ve had enough, I’m not giving you any more.”
Defeated I let my body relax against the table as my surroundings became clear again. I got distracted by the sound of your pants dropping to the floor. You pushed yourself inside of me in one swift motion and moaned softly as my hot skin touched your hips.
I braced myself against the table and prepared myself for your movements, but you didn’t seem to be in a hurry. Lazily you pulled out slightly and moved back forward in an agonizingly slow speed. I moved to meet your body with mine, trying to deepen the feeling, desperate for release, but you pressed your hand against my spine, effectively disabling my effort.
“No. Now it’s my turn.” And all I could do was surrender to you, submit to your wishes.

I knew you didn’t have the self-control to keep this up for long; you being inside of me normally drives you crazy. I moaned softly, teasingly, knowing I would have my way soon. Sure enough, it didn’t take you long before you started to move, really move. Faster and harder. As deep as you could go. Our actions from before had made you so horny that you couldn’t wait to get your release.
All too soon, your breathing became heavy, you started to moan and your body twitched and shook as an orgasm of epic proportions started to build inside of you. Your fingers played with my clit and my orgasm started to build as well.

I panted, I moaned, I withered, I screamed and then I gave in. My legs collapsed as I felt my body shake and submit to the orgasm you caused. You caught my body in your strong arms as your own release coursed through you, you grunted unintelligible words in my ear. We sank to the floor, you still inside of me, our bodies entwined and curled up against each other, breathing in our mixed scents of sweat and sex.

It took a couple of minutes before I came back to earth. Exhaustion flooded my body and mind, my muscles ached softly. The places the flogger hit still burned slightly, but I was utterly content with the place I was in. I felt relaxed for the first time in weeks as I listened to your breathing, your heart rate which was slowing down to its normal speed.
“Thank you,” I whispered softly, but you didn’t answer. Instead, you pulled me even closer to you and hummed softly. I closed my eyes and let sl**p wash over me.

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8 months ago
ummm this is one hot of a story
9 months ago
A lovely experience. So nice when spanked instead of with the flogger.....
9 months ago
Again...Pure Love!!!
9 months ago
Another great story. I love how he knows when to stop and take his reward for causing you pain and pleasure.