Male spanking #5

Last week before I left Cam's house he asked me what my shoe size was, nine and a half I replied and then asked inquisitively why he wanted to know that, oh you will see next week he said, I have a surprise in store for you. Well a week later I still had no idea what he had in mind but would soon find out as I drove up the long driveway to his house.

Cam greeted me at the door in what was becoming his normal routine, a short tight T shirt, running shoes and nothing else, and of course a fully erect cock. Before I could even say hello he directed me into the bedroom and said to put on the outfit that he had prepared for me and to follow the list of instructions with it. I did as he said and was quite astonished by what I saw upon entering the bedroom. I was greeted by a pair of ladies red high heeled shoes, a filmy little lacy maids apron and a long box of a half dozen newly purchased canes. Seeing this made me quite dizzy with excitement and as I stripped out of my clothes my hands were quivering with the prospect of the upcoming events. Cam had a full length mirror on the back of the bedroom door so I could watch myself dress in the skimpy attire and I couldn't help but notice how the high heels made my calves and thighs flex and look more spectacular, also the sheer apron was d****d nicely over my now very stiff cock and my lower back curved in to make my bum more prominent. His instructions were simple and specific, dress in these articles, bring a cane with me out into the kitchen, say only “Yes Sir” and “No Sir” when spoken to and obey his every command. I was quite nervous as I pulled open the bedroom door and wondering what new forms of punishment were in store for me I headed into the kitchen to present myself to him.

Cam looked very pleased as he watched me enter the kitchen, a little unsteady on the high heels but I managed to walk relatively straight. I handed him the cane and as he slowly circled around and scrutinized me I stood at attention waiting his instructions. Cam said, you are my naughty slutty maid, you will first do the dishes then vacuum the living room and lastly you will wash the kitchen floor on your hands and knees. He continued that he would inspect my work and even the slightest fault or mistake will result in severe punishment with the cane then asked if I understood. Yes I said, YES WHAT he Bellowed, nervously I responded Yes Sir and he swung a vicious stroke of the cane across my left hip curling around and biting painfully into my left butt cheek. I winced, clenched my teeth and picked up my left leg as an automatic response, at the same instant he roared that he would not tolerate insubordination. My mind was a confused mess of emotions, on one hand I was in a advanced state of arousal, I was also excited with the Dominating position that Cam was assuming in our encounters but I was also afraid and feeling very vulnerable at that moment. He said again, have I made my point painfully clear, and I responded properly this time, Yes Sir, very good then he continued and directed me to begin washing the dishes in the sink.

As I stood facing the sink Cam sat behind me at the table, I could hear his heavy breathing and the subtle but undeniable sound of him stroking his dripping hard cock. My own cock was pushed up against the cupboard and the temptation to rock my hips back and forth was overwhelming but another resounding crack of the cane on my backside and Cam warning me not to masturbate stopped me. When cam could see that I had finished he approached me from behind and with one hand tracing the two thick welts on my ass he inspected the clean dishes. I assumed that he would find some infraction for an excuse to whip me but he must have decided to tease me and keep me on edge by saying what a nice job I had done and what a nice sweet Maid I was. He turned me around to look at him and asked if I knew what my next chore was, I replied Yes Sir, smiling he said that’s my good naughty maid then told me to get on with it.

I turned on the vacuum and began to clean the living room, I felt silly parading around like this while he watched but I also had never felt so sexually desirable as I did then. I was quivering all over with excitement and I was certain that if that little apron touched my penis one more time I would blow my load right then and there. He let me do the entire room without interruption and when I figured I was done I turned off the machine and stood at attention beside it. Now I was hoping he would find fault as I had reached a point of extreme stimulation, the two cane strokes that I had received earlier had subsided into a sweet warm sensation and I wanted more. While Cam walked around the room and flexed the cane in his hands my lips were quivering, my breathing rapid, my penis jerking up and down in reaction to the silky touch of the apron, which was showing a sizable wet stain on it, all I could think of was how much I wanted him to cane me. What he did next was pretty sneaky, he pointed out that behind the big overstuffed easy chair in the corner was some dust that I needed to vacuum up but in order to get to it I had to kneel up on one of the arms and lean way over the back. Doing this put me in a very vulnerable and exposed position, once I leaned over the back he would have to help me back so I would defenceless and completely at his disposal. I didn't realize this until I was down there because Cam wasted no time to start applying savage strokes of the cane to my fully exposed naked buttocks and as I tried to pull up it occurred to me that I had no room to manoeuvre. After only a few of strokes I was beginning to whimper and cry, telling him it was too hard and to stop, this was by far the most painful whipping he had given me yet. It lasted only a few minutes but in that short time it turns out he struck me more than a hundred times and I was bawling harder than ever. I was completely helpless and unable to protect my bum, all I could do was howl and weep as the cane piled on burning welt after burning welt.

When he had quenched his lust to punish me and was pleased with the results of the whipping he reached over the chair and helped pull me back up. Leading me back into the kitchen he placed me face down bent over the table, he knew I was in no condition to do anymore chores so he let me lay like that, sobbing and weeping. After a while I looked up at him and he asked if I felt like I had been genuinely punished, without question I replied, I had no idea what a real caning would feel like it was far worse than willow switches, but now after it is over I feel euphoric like all the stress and frustrations of my life have been wrung from my mind. I would never have imagined that being punished like that would have such a the****utic effect on me. While Cam was listening he was stroking his cock desperately wanting to fuck me up the ass but my bum was far to swollen and raw to even touch it so he stood in front of my face so he could shoot his load into my mouth. I turned my head sideways and moved over to the edge of the table, he inserted just the head of his swollen cock into my mouth saying the first time I sucked him off I didn't get to really taste him but this time he wanted to fill my mouth so I could get the full flavour. He held it still while he stroked the shaft and I ran my tongue around the smooth silky head of his penis tasting the salty, musty semen seeping out. He then tensed up, grabbed the edge of the table, closed his eyes and ejaculated into my mouth filling it with delicious slippery warm cum. His cock pulsed about a dozen times and each time shooting out gobs of sticky cum, he was having trouble keeping his balance so he held the back of my head firmly until his orgasm subsided. I swallowed every drop of his precious fluid while enjoying the magnificent texture and subtle taste of his salty semen. My own climax was but moments away as my sexual excitement and the pressure of the table edge on my groin made me loose control, there was no stopping it as my cock gushed a huge load of pent up cum to pool on the floor beneath me.

Cam slumped down, exhausted into a kitchen chair and I remained face down across the table, still trembling from the whipping. We stayed like this for some time regaining our senses, and after a while my burning bottom started to itch so I asked him to rub some of the soothing massage oil into my bum that he had used before. He pulled the chair up behind me and pouring a large amount of oil all over my bum he began to gently knead it into my swollen welted and well beaten flesh. It hurt somewhat and did sting quite a bit but his hands and the oil were giving me another erection which he was soon stroking with one hand while fondling my bum with the other. I spread my legs far apart to give him easy access and began moaning and rocking my hips up and down to match his stroking hand. He stroked my cock methodically and began fingering my bum so when he sensed that I was about to cum he would stop and wait for the urge to subside then start stroking it again. When he decided it was time to let me cum he stroked my cock quickly and while giving my punished bottom a few good hard smacks with his hand I spewed another juicy load of cum onto the floor. Cam helped me up from the table and pointing to the sticky mess of cum I had left on the tiled floor he instructed me to clean it up, but not in the usual fashion. He picked up the cane and told me to get down on all fours and lick it up, I knew that the only response he was waiting for would be Yes Sir so looking at the cane and knowing that I could not take another whipping I quietly replied Yes Sir and cleaned up my mess. When I stood up he had a big smile on his face, reaching out he gave me a long tight hug and then did something we had not done yet and that was to give me a big kiss. It took me by surprise and I wasn't really sure how to take it but after a minute or so, it seemed so natural and pleasurable that I let him kiss me as long as he liked.

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