Male/male spanking #2

Two weeks had gone past since Cam and I had seen each other, circumstances and work had gotten in the way and we just couldn't get together. It turned out for the best because it had given my bum time to completely recover from the whipping that I had gotten during our first encounter and we were both very horny and anxious to do it again. We met as usual for coffee but I could see the fire in Cam's eyes and the sense of urgency in his voice that he wanted to get out to his place, get me naked and satisfy his desire to whip me. I sat there a little longer than usual just to tease him until he said any longer and I would get double the strokes. Well that was a tough decision but I figured that double would be way too much anyway so we headed off for his house.

As soon as we arrived at his house we stepped out of our clothes and headed out back to where he had the saw horse set up. Walking along he kept one hand on my bottom feeling the cheeks flex up and down with each step, all the while describing how he was going to beat me and how much he was going to enjoy it. This of course had the effect of giving us both very stiff erections. At the saw horse I noticed right away that Cam had made some modifications, more suited for holding a person than a tree branch. He had lowered the head end, added a piece to the end that would catch me right a my hips thus when he tied me down it would curve my back to present my bum better and more open for him to punish it. He also added straps to spread and fasten my legs and arms, it no longer looked like a saw horse but a full fledged whipping bench. Cam pointed out that standing beside the bench was a horse whip that he had borrowed from the neighbour, he said he had been practising with it and his aim was excellent, he had seen one used in a video that we had watched and he wanted to try it out.

I bent forward and he started to fasten me down on the newly modified bench, I felt much more exposed on this one as compared to before. My bum was tipped way up and my legs were spread very wide, he must have had me secured in at least ten spots. When he was done I could not move one inch, and then he started to spread warm massage oil all over my backside and inserted some in my bum hole. He said that after the whipping he was going to take me from behind while I was still tied up oh and one more thing, he slipped a gag into my mouth saying that he didn't want the neighbours to hear.
He had taken full control of me, I was at his mercy and thankful for it, all I could think of was the whipping and subsequent ass screwing that I needed so much. Cam spent a lot of time fondling my bum enjoying the feel of it and getting himself sufficiently aroused before he applied the whip and all the time my cock was hard as a rock and dripping semen.

He was deliberately distracting me because when the first stroke of the whip bit into my ass it caught me completely off guard, so much so that he struck me at least four times before I knew what was going on. In quick order he applied twenty hard stinging fast strokes, making me jerk and strain at my bonds and only able to make a muffled howl because of the gag. He stepped around to the other side and lay twenty five more hard fast strokes across the opposite side of my bum. This time Cam stopped for a few minutes and standing behind me started to knead my buttocks and stroke my cock, he wanted me to keep my erection so I could enjoy the whipping more and even cum if all went well. After he got my cock good and stiff he went back to whipping me, same pattern as before, twenty five from one side and then twenty five from the other. I was really bawling now so he stopped and stroked my cock some more getting it nice and stiff again and smearing my dripping semen all over it. I was just beginning to stop crying when he went back to whipping me, this time he was aiming for the back and insides of my legs, right down to my ankles. Their was no more stopping as he went back and forth from one side to the other completely covering me with welts. It was a good thing that he had put a gag in my mouth or everyone within a mile would hear me screaming. Cam reached a point where he figured I could not possibly take anymore whipping and he desperately wanted to satisfy his carnal desires. He took the massage oil and applied ample amounts to my buttocks and inside my anus, gave his cock a few strokes with his hand to get it good and hard and slid it deep in my bum.

I can hardly explain how emotional all this was, my body was completely racked with aching pain yet my arousal was at a heightened level that I had never experienced before. I was crying and sobbing quite hard but at the same time there was this overwhelming feeling of satisfaction and relief. I do not possess the words to explain the feelings that were going through me, I was as vulnerable and helpless as you could be, I could do nothing or say nothing to protect myself or change the assault on me. Yet I was totally at peace with my situation and so thankful that my friendship with Cam had shifted in this direction. All these thoughts were flooding my brain the whole time Cam was pumping his hot slippery cock in and out of my ass. When he had finished and pulled out his last act was to milk my cock before he untied me, reaching between my legs he used a gentle light motion quickly bringing me to orgasm. I did not want to get off that whipping bench after he untied me but as all good things must come to an end I needed to get home and he needed to get going, so next week we will plan for more.


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