Blowjobs: Every Mouth is Different.

A few months ago someone posted a story called "Some blow jobs I have known, a recollection" listing some of the more memorable blowjobs he had received. I enjoyed it so much that I'm stealing the idea and publishing my own recollection of oral pleasures, here are four memorable women (in no particular order):

1) An older woman. She liked to suck me off in her car. She'd pull over on the side of some little-used dirt road and suck me to completion and swallow. We did it a few times in a parking garage where we nearly got caught. One time late at night while she was driving she went down on me at the stop lights and I'd tell her when the light changed green. Funny thing is, at home in bed she wasn't into oral at all.

2) Cute but more than slightly crazy chick. I came in her mouth on the first date (only time that ever happened). Only saw her a few times after, so not much else to say.

3) Ice-maiden in public. Liked to lick food (especially chocolate) off my dick. But wouldn't let me cum in her mouth.

4) Naughty librarian type. Liked to come to my office at night when only the cleaning crew was around (nearly caught by them, too). On her knees naked, as I sat in my big swivel chair, she worked her mouth like a cunt on my cock. No hands, only mouth. Liked to have me talk dirty to her. She held my cum in my mouth until I gave her permission to swallow! Later told me she could taste it all the way home to her boyfriend!
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4 years ago
I like the young innocent mouths who are so eager to learn and please...big smiles when they have done well!
4 years ago
Hot fucking stories. There is nothing hotter than when respectable women act like depraved whores...