Oral Fixation: Combining Two Things I Love

Recently I saw a couple of photos posted on xhamster of a chick with a banana shoved half-way up her twat. Got we very hot and I saved them to my favorites if you're curious to see them.

That image took me back several years. I had this girlfriend who let me fuck her with a banana on the kitchen table. Naturally, I fucked her with my dick in just about every room of that house, but having her buck-naked, spread-eagle on the dining table with a banana in her (fucked her with a carrot a few times too) was quite a hot thing to see. Especially the time my room-mate who was supposed to be a work came home unexpectedly and caught us. She could never face him again without blushing, and he teased her about it for months.

She was from the South and her sweet Southern drawl was matched with one of the sweetest-tasting pussies I ever licked and with a taste for sweets which, if not controled, was going to ruin her figure. I'm very oral, so it was real disappointment to discover that she wasn't much of a one for giving blowjobs. She'd do it, if I asked, but she never volunteered, and she didn't get much pleasure out of it herself. That is, until I tried "feeding" her with my cock. She loved to lick food off my dick -- her favorites were chocolate (well, that's every woman's favorite, I guess) and peach-favored yogurt.

We also had a great time in the bath-tub together with a bottle of cheap America champagne. She'd stand in front of me while I kneeled in the tub and slowly poured the wine onto her tummy so it would run down to her pussy where I'd lap it up. Then she'd lick and suck my dick after pouring the wine on it.

One thing about that girl, I must say, she had a good appetite.
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4 years ago
She sounds like a fun girl to play with...open-minded...I love creative lovemaking.