Amia Miley

hello everybody like it says in my intro i'm from Seattle but lived the majority of my life in AZ. I was lucky enough to be friends withe the real Amia Miley back in high school. This is the story of when i was Amia's first back door experience......

Amia was a sophmore and i was a senior; the big man on campus in more ways than one. At the time i was dating some slutty little cheerleader. a real SPINNER 5'4 80lbs i use to just rip that up. Well through the g**** vines the story of my member starting circulating the school. now I'm the the biggest or thickest but i have a nice cock and even at a young age really knew how to fuck. One day lil Amia comes up to me in the hallway and starts rambling on about whatever, school, weather i have no fucking idea. Being the upper classman and the asshole i was back then i told her to hurry the fuck up and get to her point. She asked if i was single, no i'm a backstabbing asshole and of course answered i was single, the young soon to be porn stars face lit up. I said hey i got practice after school hang around after we will grab a bite. well she did and after practice i got into my gf's car drove by Amia and took my gf home; dropped her off and about thirty minutes later find Amia walking home in the dark, i was searching for her in my gf's car. i stopped her and had her get in fed her abunch of bs about what happened earlier and how i've always liked her"10 hrs ago had no idea who she was". took her to an empty school park and parked the car. explained to her that if she wanted to been seen with me she would have to either put out of get out. the eager lil Amia pounched at my cock with her mouth fully open. stopped her her tackes staring at my dick like a fucking rubix cube figuring out how it waas going to fit into her small but soaking wet mouth, she gently startling licking the tip and shaft. then boom before i know it gagging as she struggled to deep throat.. better head than most the senior sluts i've fucked.. gagging and spitting on my cock while looking up to my like i was a teacher handing out grades.. A+ my mind was thinking. She looked at me and said i want to do something special i replied eager to hear the response. i want you to be the first to fuck my ass. i stopped and paused remembering the old preschool games with shapes would i dare attempt to shove a circle into a diamond. fuck it not my ass i said after some careful maneuvering we were in position, she had the seat belt in her mouth for something to bite on to. i started out slow but just prodding the entry with my head trying to get more every time but the deeper i went the louder the moan/shrill went, the some what sound of pain got me rock hard and extremely turned on i lovve moans but i fantasize about the noise of pain. i saw her reflection in the mirror there were almost tears in her eyes by the time i was fully in and once i was in the gentle cat and mouse game had turned into a full fledged running with the bulls. the louder she screamed the harder i pumped in and out over and over again until i filled her ass with my cum. Amia wasnt at school the next day and when i saw her the day after that i asked her why she missed and she replied i was too sore to move you fucked the shit out of me Edwin.
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