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Down Voting Never Changes

I thought that with the introduction of the new version of xHamster, one star voting would disappear. Instead, it has taken a different form in the presence of "thumbs down." I posted two new photo galleries of images of pretty girls with nice cans in the last few days. I gathered these photos from the internet; I have no vested interest in them nor do I know the models. Yesterday, some hate driven malcontent assigned four thumbs down to each photograph in both galleries. Is this supposed to hurt my feelings? Why would one, for instance, give this photo a negative vote: http://xham... Continue»
Posted by handsonjob 1 year ago  |  21

The Race for Rank

There is a disappointing trend occurring in the xHamster community that I would like to see halted. Several members, in their hurry to obtain rank, are leaving one word remarks (or spamming) to increase the number of comments that they post. Just saying "yum" after viewing a video is not acceptable, nor is visiting member's profiles and just saying "hi." Similarly, welcoming new members to this site individually should not be an acceptable comment. Those who know my style are aware that I always say something more than "sweet" or "nice tits." I... Continue»
Posted by handsonjob 4 years ago  |  68