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9 hours ago
Come have a drink , in the Lounge some time ! lots of Propaganda to tell you .Tick-Tock
3 days ago
tomorrow folks its the launch of our new Wiener
instead of Pork its full of the most delicious Bull-shit Glasgow can offer served with our very own
Tony Wall-Banger Relish by our Hostess with the Mostess Marky
4 days ago

yes your right ,, her name was Selena or Serena from Latin America but operated on xHamster as Sandy and living in Canada
there was 3 Profiles who found out the pictures ,clips and information she sent to capo was false
I think jde ,TW also Sabine
I would never bring that name up to capo he was highly embarassed
6 days ago
You're a good man, sister
7 days ago
The Biggest Lie of them all ?

octoberdogg claims he was invited to join the Lockeroom

Oh, let me guess, you didn't know that jde and waingro both tried to sound me out to join the little gang?
And that I told them both I wasn't interested?

I contacted Tony Wall re the above statement
Reply from Tony!

To RikkiTikkie
From Tony Wall
Subject re: re: No Subject
Sent 7 Hours Ago
that would have never happened jde and wain didnt run the locker
room I didn't run it either plus anyone added had to be voted in by all members

End of Story
octoberdogg the Bitch-Dogg +Proven Liar , time and again
10 days ago
13 days ago
She was only 16 when this, her first 45 record, hit the top of the charts in 1963. RIP Leslie.

13 days ago
I have a bodyguard and a crazy sister, i'm not afraid to use either, if that doesn't work i will channel my native spirit guardians to haunt you.
15 days ago
Thanks for your comment.
Thank you for watching my video.
Yes there is more to the clip!
I try to stick to softcore videos but Alison is naughty so it's hard to keep it softcore.
There are so many other user here on xHamster
who uploads hardcore videos,
they can upload the hardcore videos with Alison.
I hope someone does so everyone can see them
and enjoy naughty Alison here on xHamster.
Because then I can use my time on my softcore videos.
Thank you. Have a nice day.
16 days ago
Have a cool weekend H.
17 days ago
thanks for ur comm:)
18 days ago
Ya know, Nutteroctodogg, I like your Chuckie Manson avatar the best!
18 days ago
Great selection of videos and pictures!!!!
20 days ago
Thank You ♥ ♥
24 days ago
1914 was a bad Year for the world !!
Happy 1914 xHamster Badass ..roflmao
24 days ago
Hi buddy . . .

I 'm here, but most of the time since.

That is why we have open pros . . . lol
24 days ago
Jumpin Gene your 1914!
25 days ago
1 month ago
I see your annual case of cabin-fever has set in. A nice slice of beaver could help that fever, I'm sure. LOL

Cheers pal. Thanks for stopping by.
1 month ago
***FOR THE RECORD*** im not an amazon begger. There is a good chance i dont have what you want to see and if seeing that item in the video is important you can buy it, I will use it.
1 month ago
My piggy will prove his self to me and get me what i want.
1 month ago
Belated wel done on the 1900 days buddy.
1 month ago
Cheers & likewise on 1900 mate. Have a cool weekend.
1 month ago
1 month ago
I thank Your Excellency added
1 month ago
Happy 1900 days on Xham !
1 month ago
mate Happy 1900 fucking days here ! lol
1 month ago
Cheers on the occasion of your 1,900 days on the Hamster wheel my friend!
1 month ago
I saw that movie at a local college in the mid 70's. It's hilarious if you get in the mood for it!

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