learning about jacking off part s*******n.

This is the part for Beyond the Bubble Gum.

I put my arms behind my head. My cock was hard just anticipating my mother walking through the door. She came in, no masks for either of this time. This time we would both know we were fucking each other. She stood there looking down at me smiling broadly. I moved my fingers over my shaved cock area and opened my legs so my balls were easy for her to see.

"Hello Mother," I said looking up at her. "If you take off your clothes, then we'll be even. Of course I have nothing to say in all this. I am being paid by you so tell me what you want."

She hopped next to me on the bed fully clothed. She kissed my lips, sliding her tongue into my mouth while her hand moved over my freshly shaved cock and balls. "I am soaking wet honey," she said as she sat up to removed her blouse. I already knew she wasn't wearing a bra because her nipples had been easy to see through the blouse and her tits had moved around. When her breasts were bare she cupped one breast and offered the nipple to me. She kissed the top of my head as I suckled on her nipple. "I remember when I fed you like this darling. You were such a voracious eater." Mother had her hand under the short skirt. I heard the juicy sounds of her fingers in her cunt. I wondered if she had not worn panties either.

She moved away from me then and slipped off her shoes and socks while looking down at me stroking my cock lightly. I was right, she hadn't worn panties at all. Her cunt was totally smooth like my cock was. "Like my pussy baby?" I nodded my head and said 'yeah'. "Don't move," she said. I watched my naked mother move over my face. Her cunt was inches from my mouth. "I've had a very thorough shower baby. Spread my lips and lick as deep as you can inside of me."

I did her bidding, very very excited. My nose pressed against her slippery clit and she loved that as I moved it side to side, my tongue as deep inside her as it could be with my mouth mostly closed. I opened my mouth and clamped over her slithole and now my tongue was able to mover very deep inside her. My chin pressed inside her cunt too and she loved the chin at the bottom and my nose at her clit while my tongue was lapping her juicy interior. Mother was riding my face now and by the sound of her soon to be coming. When she did I was amazing at the flood of juices that flowed into my mouth. There was so much I was actually drinking it. She put her hands around my head and held my face tight against her cunt as she continued writhing on it. It took a good five minutes for the storm to pass, but even when she slowed down, she held my head against her.

"Gloria tells me you have done anal several times. She didn't say if you had done analingous. I quickly figured out what she meant and said, "Not really Mother, but I would love to have my first time with you." She smiled, lifted off of my face, turned around so her asshole was right in front of me and moved her ass back until I could reach her rosebud with my tongue. I licked up from the bottom of her cunt to above her sphincter. She obviously had been assiduously ardent in cleaning back there. I heard her moaning as my tongue moved across that tender spot. Finally she croaked out, "I want you to stick your tongue inside of it Baby." I spread her ass cheeks wide and moved fingers to either side of her asshole. I spread it open so my tongue could enter. I had the tip inside and she loved that. "More if you can do it Baby!"

I took a deep breath and pulled her hips to me now that my tongue had a foothold inside her rosebud. I found it not that difficult to move farther inside her. She was masturbating and I felt her fingers through the thin flesh separating the two areas against my tongue. She was obviously close to orgasm again. I kept my tongue moving until she had creamed her cunt so much it gushed out onto my chest. When I was done she turned around again and we frenched for at least ten minutes. She was feeling my cock and I was caressing her tits the entire time.

When we finished frenching, she leaned back against the wall that was on one side of the bed and said, "Wow!" After several minutes of looking at me dreamily, her fingers toying with her cunt she asked, "How many women have you been with Peter?" I had to think about that. I didn't say names, but in my head I was counting them. Four the first night I fucked her, then Mrs. Martin, Mrs Wilson, Gloria, Marcia, and then I lost count and shrugged my shoulders.

She raised her eyebrows and said, "Oh that many huh?" I laughed and said, "No, not THAT many. I have fucked some of them more than once, usually that day or at another meeting. I think it's been about ten though Mother." She smiled, then whistled at that. She asked if I was ready to do something else. I smiled and shrugged and said, "Whatever you want!"

"I want you to fuck my mouth Peter. Don't be afraid to put your cock as deep down my throat as you can get it. You are already several inches longer and certainly thicker than your father. Treat my mouth like a cunt. Get what you want out of it."

I stood up and said, "Put your head over the edge of the bed slut." She liked that and soon had her head hanging over the edge with her mouth wide open. I had to put a pillow under her back to get her mouth to right place that would be comfortable for me. With that adjustment I slipped my cock down my Mother's throat and started fucking her like she was the whore of Babylon...whoever that was. She made delicious choking sounds kind of like this..." Glog, ook, ook, Glog, Glog." My balls were slapping against her nose. I reached forward, took her nipples between thumbs and forefingers and twisted her nipples hard as I fucked her mouth. Mother was fingering her cunt the whole time. Finally I had an orgasm to deal with. I put my hands down on her chest, supporting myself while I pumped my semen down her throat. When I pulled away, there was a small place where my ardor had made her lower lip bleed. I got a tissue from the bathroom and staunched the flow while my semen burbled in her mouth. I had to help her sit up.

Mother smiled at me and opened her mouth. There was what can only be called a massive load in her mouth. She pointed to her mouth and pursed her lips. I asked if she wanted me to fuck it some more and she shook her head no. Finally I figured out she wanted to kiss me...more than that French me. She sat up and waited for me to sit on the bed. Her eyelids made her look dreamy as her full mouth smiled as much as it could. She was leaning against the wall. I positioned myself so my body was mostly on the bed, but my head was right against her breasts. She dipped her head from above me over my mouth. I knew what was coming, but wasn't sure how I would take it. She kissed me closed mouth at first, then her tongue snaked out from between her tight lips and pierced my lips. I knew it was time to move my tongue into her mouth. I slid my tongue along hers. I tasted the semen there and decided I could do this. I opened my mouth partway and Mother opened hers. I felt the salty juice flow into my mouth. She pulled away from me then and looked down at my mouth. I opened it for her to see the semen there. She looked at me amused and happy. Finally she tilted her hips back, spread her legs and said, "I want you to put all that cum inside of me baby." As soon as I lifted up to her she put her knees over my shoulders and I slide my mouth down to her smooth open cunt. I spread her lips wide apart and moved my lips just inside hers. I opened my mouth and expelled my semen into her cunt. Then with the flat of my tongue I lapped her lips, tasting bits of the semen still in my mouth and what oozed from the opening.

"Put two fingers into my cunt baby." I did as she bid. "Now push those fingers into my asshole." I grinned as I moved them to the pucker under her cunt. I massaged the semen onto the hole. One finger dipped into her ass then the other. Once that hold was started, I pushed my fingers up into her asshole and twisted them around, getting my semen spread over as much of the area as I good.

"Good. Now I want you to slide your cock into my cunt so it's loaded with your semen. I had to figure a way to do that in the fairly awkward position she was in. Once I was in, she lowered her legs and wrapped them around my waist. I knew she wanted me to fuck her in her juicy cunt. It was incredible. My cock was already hard again. I was fucking her with great joy. She came once...then a second time...then a third time. I felt mother's cunt muscle's squeezing my juice covered cock.

We rested a bit and then she said, "I've never been fucked in the ass Peter. Let me get over on my hands and knees and I want you to drive your slippery cock into my ass and fuck me hard. I pulled out of her cunt. My entire cock including balls below was coated in semen. I looked down at the red little rosebud. Mother already had her fingers in the juices she and I had created in her cunt. The juicy sounds were one of my favorite sounds. I placed my right hand onto the top of her ass to hold her still, while with my left hand I held my slippery cock and pressed the juicy purple head against her anus. I pressed forward until the head popped in. Once it was in I knew I was being paid to fuck her ass hard. Holding onto her hips I fucked her fast and hard. Her fingers in her cunt felt my shaft in her ass. She was screaming, "OH yeah! Fuck my asshole baby. Fuck it hard!"

She came five times during that first ass fuck. After we were done she suggested we have a shower. We washed each other off. We had to watch for all the semen in the shower so we didn't slip.

After we were clean she and I went into the kitchen. Mother found a bottle of wine that Gloria had told her about. We each drank a glass. When we saluted with the wine my mother said, "To Mother fuckers everywhere!"

Mother said she was very happy with my services and it was time for her to go home. "Gloria said you can sl**p in this room tonight baby. She will give you a ride near home tomorrow morning. This $50 bill I am giving you is a tip for work well done. I watched her get dressed. She kissed my before she left. I went to bed and lay down naked.
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If you noticed this is Part Seventeen and you may have expected to see a Part Sixteen before that...I know this seems out of place. I tried to write a story for Part Sixteen, in fact I did write that story, they just didn't like the name. So I called Part Sixteen by another name. It is Beyond the Bubble Gum. It doesn't need to be read before this one, but it's there if you want it.