Frank's Barn Part Three Dees Story

Unfortunately my truck is a stick so eventually I had to pull my finger from Dee's juicy hole. As soon as I was in fourth my finger moved back. We decided to go to my house for dinner. I told her I was a pretty good cook and that was all she needed. I fingered her most of the way home. She came four or five times, holding my hand down so she could move against my finger.

I made her a very nice beef stroganoff. It was great having a beautiful woman sitting across the table from me. She enjoyed the meal very much. We had a bit of red wine with dinner. She didn't want too much because she said "It takes me off my game."

We talked about our lives. She didn't seem concerned telling me her sexual history and I wasn't concerned hearing it. "My first time at Frank's barn was four years ago. I had an 18 year old boyfriend then. He wasn't my first boyfriend, but was the good friend of the guy who was. She told me about the first time she had fucked, and about the lead up to that.

"My parents used to go out on weekend nights from time to time. Mike was the son of friends of theirs who went out with my parents. The first time he stayed with me, I was young and he was a teen. We goofed around all night, but what started it all was when he started tickling me. He had his hands everywhere and I was out of my mind crazy with the tickling. He was relentless and he kept it up until I peed my pants. He was a cross between horrified and fascinated. He said he was very sorry. He led me to the laundry room and said, 'Let's get your clothes washed and dried.' I was kind of shy taking my clothes off, so I wrapped a beach towel around my body while I removed them. While I was shy I was also really excited. I knew the wet in my cunt wasn't pee. I had felt that many times before, but never like this night."

She knew I was interested by the questions I asked. "Did he fuck you that night?" She shook her head no, and said, "It DID get sexual." I just said I was very hard thinking about all this and asked how old she was again at that time. She told me. I shook my head in amazement and smiled. "Go on Dee. Tell me all of it."

"When I was naked under the towel, I held up my soaked panties and Mike stared at them. His cock was hard. I didn't really know about that then, but I DID look at his pants. While I stared at him there and he just smiled at me. As the clothes washed, we went back into the living room. My parents were due home in about three hours, plenty of time to have some more fun."

"We sat on the couch and he apologized again about tickling me so much. I didn't really answer because I was so interested in how his pants looked. He asked me what I knew about sex. I explained that Mom had told me that someday my period would come and how to know when it was there, but I wasn't to that point yet. I told him she had told me about sex and about the difference between boys and girls. When I said that last part I looked at his pants again. He grinned at me and said, 'Oh yeah there are BIG differences.'

"Mike asked me if I had ever kissed a boy. I shook my head and then said, 'I would like to though.' He moved closer to me and said that could be arranged. As his face moved close to mine my body was like it was electric. He only touched me with his lips and I thought the sparks had to be flying. His lips were moist on mine and I worried that mine were dry so I put my tongue on them, while he was kissing me. That was when he used his tongue to chase mine. Seconds later were full on French kissing. It was amazing. His hands were on my towel now and his movement there caused the towel to drop off my shoulders. NOW my tits are 34-B , but THEN they were just a swelling topped off at that moment by very hard nipples. I watched in fascination as his face left mine and moved to my right nipple. He told me later he had kissed a girl before, but had never sucked on anyone's nipples. It was fantastic. My slit was soaked and I was gasping as he sucked on each one."

"He stood up and said, 'I have something to show you Dee.' He pulled off his clothes. I was fascinated, as might be expected, with that big cock under his shorts. When he pulled them off there was nothing else in the room but that hard cock. I stared at it with so much intensity it should have caught on fire. He started to stroke it. He asked if I ever played with my pussy. I nodded my head. He asked if I would take the towel off. I didn't say anything, but took it off me and lay there on the couch so excited to see him naked and equally excited that he was seeing me naked. He asked me then if I wanted to touch his cock. That was the first time I had heard that word, but knew exactly what he was talking about. I nodded my head. He sat next to me on the couch and didn't say a word waiting for me to work up the courage to touch it.

"I can still see my hand moving slowly toward the pulsing rod between his legs. He later was very hairy there, but at this time he had just a few hairs. He gasped when my fingers touched the purple tip. I pulled it away immediately, then put it back there because he was letting me do it. I traced the underside of that purple head, then moved my fingertip to the slit at the end where all the clear liquid was oozing out. I was surprised to find it was slippery and gasped. He told me my finger felt so good on him. He asked if I wanted to look at it a little more closely. I DID and moved my face to inches away from it. My girlfriends and I had talked about fucking without calling it that. We talked about boy's cock without calling it that. One of them knew they got hard, but I learned that night that hard and soft could be there at the same time."

"He asked if he could take a closer look at my pussy. I nodded my head and said a quiet, 'yes'. He knelt on the floor and moved my legs apart. His hands on my thighs made my whole body shiver. My cunt was engorged with bl**d and looked very red and was very swollen. He was fascinated by it. He held out a hand over it, looked at my face and waited for me to nod my head to let him know it was okay to touch me there. I nodded quickly and couldn't breathe as his middle finger moved to my bare mound. When it touched me I did an u*********s movement like a mini sit up. I couldn't believe how much better his finger felt there than mine did when I masturbated.

I suggested then that we move to the couch. We put the dishes in the dishwasher and walked into the living room. I couldn't get over how hot she looked in the dress with the blue polka dots. I knew I was about to get her out of that dress. I sat on the couch and placed my hand on the cushion next to me. Dee stood there smiling down at me. She casually unbuttoned the dress and pulled it down her shoulders. She was wearing a cute little bra that matched her cute panties. The panties were a bit wet. She kind of danced back and forth as she undid her bra. I know I smiled when her 34-B's came into view. she stripped the weightless panties down her thighs, kicked off her shoes and flipped her panties at me.

"Are you enjoying my story Peter?" I smiled and patted my hard cock inside my pants. "Okay then, I'm going to tell you all the rest of the story of that night. I'll save the other stories for other nights. Unzip your pants Peter and bring that hard cock out for me to watch while I tell you the rest. Seconds later, the only naked part of me was my face and my cock. It was standing up through the zipper. I pulled my balls out for her to see. She sat on the far end of the couch and faced me. I turned to face her.

"Mike's finger moved to my slit first messing around." She lightly touched her slit as she said that. I wasn't able to say it, but I wanted that finger inside of me. I just watched him with my eyes wide open. He moved his finger along the slippery swollen slit, not moving inside at all. I inadvertently pushed my hips out at him when his finger was near the bottom of my crack. That caused the tip of his finger to move inside of me about an inch. I gasped and grabbed the couch."

I had to take off my clothes, so stood up then as she continued the story.

"Mike asked how I masturbated, wanting to know how I touched myself. Then he said he would show me how he masturbated if I would show him what I did. I was really embarrassed but really excited. What I did in those days was move my fingers around on my mound, concentrating on my clit and my slit. I did that, but it was nothing like when Mike had his fingertip in my cunt. I did it for him though because he was stroking his cock. He lay back on the floor. I could see his hand on his shaft and his balls moving." Dee was stroking her cunt lightly as she told me about the rest of the night.

"Mike was staring hard at my pussy and I was staring hard at his cock. I had never come from masturbating until that night. I was afraid and excited at the same time. I watched Mike stroking his cock harder then as he saw the change in me. Just when I thought there couldn't be anything more Mike's cock started spurting semen. It hit him on his chest mostly, but some was on his neck. He kept stroking his cock, but more slowly. I came one more time, but that time I pushed my finger all the way inside my pussy."

"After it was all over and we had calmed down I asked him about the white stuff. He told me it was his semen. I asked if it always did that when he masturbated and he said, 'It does, but NEVER like this!'. He moved one hand through the sticky mess and when his fingers and palm were covered, he held up his hand, closed his fingers over it, then pulled them slowly away. I watched the strings of semen pull from the space between fingers and palm. I was fascinated by it and moved to the floor to look at it more closely. I put a fingertip onto one stream that had hit his neck. I rubbed my thumb and forefinger together feeling the slippery stickiness. I sniffed it, then I licked my finger. That was interesting to I licked all the semen from my hand."

She looked at me voraciously and said, "We didn't fuck that night, but you and I are going to fuck right now." While we fucked Dee told me that she was really into me, but that she was also really into going to Frank's barn. She said if that was a real problem, she would try to tail off from that. She also said that Harvard was an expensive school and she needed some more money.

"Dee, I fell in love with you that night when your face and hair were covered with cum. If you and I are exclusive in our personal lives, I would not have a problem at all with having you keep on doing that. I just want to watch and take part when it's my turn."

Soon enough we had to shower. I got her home by 12:30. Her father greeted us both and said he hoped we had a nice dinner. Dee told him it was the best. She hugged me in front of him and told me she had enjoyed the evening and wanted to go out again sometime.

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1 year ago
We want more of Dee's stories...awesome, simply awesome.
2 years ago
Extremely erotic set. Too bad that he didn't post more!
2 years ago
god i love your stories
2 years ago you want more of Dee's stories?