Learning about jacking off Part Twelve Ellen

Mrs Wilson and her f****y returned home from their vacation. I watched from my window for Mrs. Wilson to come out for some sun. When she finally did, she looked up at the window for me and smiled to see me looking down at her. She waved discreetly to me and I waved back.

I went down the stairs and out into the back yard. She stood up and moved to the fence. Seeing my first lover always made me hard. "It's nice to see you are happy to see me again Peter. Do you have anything for me?" I reached into my pocket and handed her $180. She tucked it into her bikini top and asked how the meetings had gone.

Without disclosing any real details I told her the women were happy with the meeting and that I was too. "So what do you plan to do with all that money you're making stud?" I told her I was saving up for a car when I was old enough to drive. She nodded her head at that and said, " Sounds like a nice way to use your money. I've missed you baby. Any chance for a freebie for your pimp?" I laughed and said, "Nobody home at my house today Mrs. Wilson. Anyone home at your house?" She said, "Ellen is home, but she is busy on the phone talking to her girlfriends. She wouldn't notice if I was gone for twenty or thirty minutes."

I walked along the fence line with her as she walked to the back gate. We walked together up to our house. Neither of us saw the eyes looking down at us from her house.

I walked behind Mrs. Wilson as she ascended the stairs. Her ass was so nice. When we got upstairs she asked where my parents bedroom was. I was kind of surprised at that, but led her down the hall to their room. She looked around the room, pulled back the blanket and sniffed the sheets a bit. "These aren't fresh sheets. I think they fucked this morning Peter. Let's add to the scent shall we?"

I thought about my mother taking my Dad's cock into her this morning. I didn't know they had fucked, but wasn't surprised after Mother's recent interests had been revealed to me. I stripped and was naked before Mrs. Wilson had so much as pulled on a bikini string. She sunk to her feet, chased my cock with her mouth, finally capturing the head then slid all the way down my shaft. She cupped my balls with her right hand as her mouth worked wonders on my cock. Her saliva was flowing down onto my feet and the carpet. I put my hands on her cheeks. When she looked up I said, "Get onto the bed slut...on your hands and knees. I want fuck that delicious cunt you're hiding from me."

She giggled on my cock. Kind of a funny feeling. She pulled off me, stood up and pulled the strings on her bikini. The naked woman kissed my mouth, wrapping her arms around my neck. She murmured, "I've created a monster!" I fingered her naked cunt and said again, "Onto the bed slut."

She pulled the blankets back farther and buried her head in my mother's pillow. "Have you ever thought about fucking your mother?" I told her it had crossed my mind a few times. She looked over her shoulder at me as I moved in behind her and said, "Come here Peter and fuck Mommy's pussy." She pulled her cunt lips apart and I was deep inside my first cunt once again. She talked about my mother the whole time. "If I had a son as hot as you I wouldn't be able to think of anything else but taking your cock inside of me."

I said nothing but was thinking about something that I had wondered about several of the women when I was fucking them. She finally said, "You're being quiet Peter. Did that bother you? Me talking about if you were my son?" I held onto her hips and started fucking her harder and said, "No, not at all Mrs. Wilson. I was just thinking about something." I rammed into her several more times then asked, "You know how old I was the first time I fucked you Mrs. Wilson. How old were you the first time you were fucked?"

She pulled away from me then, and rolled over onto her back. She looked at my face and moved her fingers to her slit. She smiled coyly at me and asked, "well, I was a little younger than you were Peter. You want to know next who it was that fucked me and I'm not going to tell you. He was older than I was and he was surprised when I asked him about sex. I told him I had been wondering about it since my mom had told me about the birds and the bees." She closed her eyes then thinking about it. I watched her fingers working inside her slit. "He was really handsome and I was always hanging around him. I asked him what it was like to have sex. Did he like it. He was quiet for a while, then told me about sex from a man's perspective. He told me it was nice to see me becoming more mature and that such questions were a natural thing."

I sat on the bed next to her, stroking lightly on my cock while she continued. "He asked what mom had told me and I gave him the clinical description of sperm and the egg and the admonition that one shouldn't do anything about it until they were ready for such things. He asked if she had told me it was wonderful and I said she had told me that sex was fun. He asked if she had told me about masturbation, and I had to say I had learned about it from a girlfriend. He told me that was all he could talk about but I said I wanted to do more than talk."

I asked how old she was and was surprised to find she was two years younger than I was. "Did he fuck you that time or did you have to wait?" She smiled and said, "Oh he was all for it once I told him I wanted to do it. He asked if I had my period, which I had. My first time with him he used a condom." I looked at her thoughtfully for a while then asked, "Isn't Ellen that age right now?" Her eyes flashed at me and she stared at me for several minutes, moving her fingers inside her slit. After a while she said slowly, "Ye-es. She is the same age I was." I asked if she had talked to her about the birds and the bees. She nodded her head and said, "NOT like my mother did. I told her what it's all about. We talked about masturbation, about the physiology of a man and a woman and how wonderful it is to fuck. We talked about oral sex and touched lightly on anal."

She asked then why I wanted to know about that. I shrugged my shoulders and said, "Well, she's a pretty girl, and, while I don't know her, I think she's kind of hot." I asked then if she was ready for me to fuck her again. She grinned and opened her legs for me. After a while she asked if I would like to fuck Ellen someday. I smiled and said, "Absolutely. I haven't fucked anyone within fifteen years of my age. I would fuck her in a minute if she wanted it."

We didn't talk again while I thought about Ellen and fucked her mother. I was aware I was fucking her on my parents bed and that made my orgasm one of the best yet. When I finished filling her cunt she asked me for her bikini bottom. She put it on and pushed the crotch of the bikini bottom up into her cunt to hold in the semen. She pulled the top over her tits, gave me a kiss and said, "I'll be contacting you later on about our talk Peter. Keep your eyes open out the window."

We walked down the stairs. I kissed her at the bottom of the stairs and thanked her for the nice fuck. "You have gotten much better at this Peter. I"m so glad you're working for me."

I knew when Dan got home, so was watching out my window to see what came of it. About an hour after I saw his truck pull in, Mrs. Wilson walked out to the fence. When I walked to her she said, "Dan and I have talked about this. I"m going to talk to Ellen about sex again and tell her I know someone who wants to have sex with her. I will tell her about her father and I having other lovers, but that we love each other and will always do so. That will require her knowing a bit about you, but not about all the women you fuck. I am going to show her the photos of you and me, so she will know about that. You don't have a client tomorrow and if all works out with her, you will be with her tomorrow sometime around noon."
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2 years ago
Very hot.
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Fantastic series. Can't wait for more
2 years ago
Thirteen and Fourteen done. Ready tomorrow.
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Get your butt writing and give us 13 hahahaha!
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This is a great series. Cant wait for the next part.