This was twenty-five years ago. I was thirty-six and living out in the country with my wife and k**s. We had several neighbors, but the houses were all on property at least fifteen acres in size, so we never saw the other houses.

My wife left with the k**s one day to go visit her parents in the big city eighty miles away. She was going to be doing some shopping and take the k**s to a miniature golf course. I was wearing a straw cowboy hat, a tee shirt, and some cut-offs that were very short. I had on my work boots because I was digging a hole to plant a tree.

Just as she was going out the front gate, I saw her wave at someone. As soon as the car was gone I saw the neighbor girl Halana walking her dalmatian Pooky on our easement road. She must told the wife she would close the gate for her, because I saw Halana close the gate and come walking over to where I was digging a hole to plant a tree.

She was a cute thing, not yet old enough to drive at the time. I watched her move toward me admiring her sweet face and delicious body. The minx smiled brightly as she walked up to me. I set the shovel into the hole said hello to her.

We talked about how great it was to live in the country and about the beautiful days we have been having lately. I stroked her dog while thinking about stroking her kitty. Suddenly she dropped the end of the leash onto the ground in between us. I watched as Halana leaned forward slowly to pick it up. Her tee shirt, way too large for her slender body, hung loose. Gravity worked on open collar of the tee shirt causing the it to move toward the ground. I could see she was wearing no bra. I took a good look at her cute little tits and gorgeous brown nipples.

She seemed to have a hard time picking up the end of the leash, but looked up to my face and saw where my eyes were looking. She reddened and smiled that cute little smile. That made her struggle to pick up the end of the leash even more. My cock had a mind of its own and was obviously in a state of excitement under my cut-offs. I saw her eyes on my pants and it seemed she couldn't help staring. That made us even because her tits were still on my radar.

After she stood up, the leash now firmly in her hand, I asked her if she would like to come into the house and have some lemonade. Halana cheerfully said that she WAS kinda thirsty. I helped her tie Pooky to a tree in front of the house. I held the door open and basked in the sight of her as she walked right in front of me. What a cute ass she had!

As I fixed the glasses of lemonade I asked her what she was up to today. She blushed again and said she had just been going for a walk, but when she saw my wife driving through the gate with the k**s, she decided it was a good time to visit me.

We sipped our lemonade and talked. She asked me when my wife and k**s were coming back. I told her all they were going to be doing that day in the city. She asked if that meant they would be gone for an hour or two. I shook my head at her lack of knowledge about distances and the time it took to do things. "Oh I don't know Halana. My guess is that if they are back in six hours that will mean they got a lot accomplished in a short amount of time.

She looked at the clock and said, "I told Mom I was going to walk Pooky and be gone for a couple of hours." I stretched my bare legs in front of me. Halana's eyes went to them and she grinned. "You've got a nice tan Peter" I laughed and told her it was a good thing she didn't come over yesterday. I said the wife and I were out in the patio working on getting an all-over tan. She blushed and put her hand over her mouth then said, "That must have been awesome!" I could almost see her visualizing it.

Halana told me she sometimes took off her top and she had a pretty good tan there, but she always wore a bikini bottom because "You never know who might come by." She asked how dark my chest was, because she had only been doing it for a week or so and had to be careful not to burn. She looked down at her little titties covered in front of me and blushed. I said, "Oh you want to be careful not to burn."

I asked if she would like some more lemonade. She said, "Sure". I stood up then knowing my erection was pointed down very close to where the unraveled fringe at the bottom of my cut-offs was just barely covering the head of my cock. I went to the counter and picked up the pitcher, then I stood right in front of her where Halana could easily see the bulge and the part of my cock that was now peeking out, helped a bit by my rearrangement of my pants when I went to get the pitcher of lemonade. She was smiling up at me, then I saw her body jerk when her head moved down to where she could see my legs she had been looking at since we sat down.

I finished pouring, and sat down. I acted like I had no clue the head of my cock was now in plain sight on the inside of my right thigh where the pants ended. Eventually my eyes moved to where she was staring as she quietly sipped her lemonade. Then I acted like I was embarrassed. I jumped up and tried to stuff the stiffy back up into my shorts. She was looking up at my face and down at my leg to see if I was going to hide what she had been staring at. "I am so sorry Halana! Please excuse me...sometimes my...uh body seems to have a mind of its own." Finally I stuffed it into the cut-offs, while slightly turning my body from her. When I turned to face her again it was pointing up toward my right hip under the shorts. The only problem now was that my nuts, which fell easily when I opened the bottom of the cut-offs, were hanging out where the head of my cock had been seconds ago. I made sure she saw my nuts, then said, "Would you excuse me please Halana? I am enjoying talking to you, but I think I need to put on some different pants.

She looked up at me, her mouth open and a fascinated look on her face. I took two steps away from the table when Halana said, "It's okay Peter. I...I have never seen...I mean...I...it's okay...please don't change your pants. Here, if it makes you feel better, I'll take off my top, though that's not really the same is it? You and your wife do nude sunbathing all the time? I think that's cool. I am too afraid to do that at home. Do you...do you think maybe we could do that here...right now...sun bathe out in your patio? I mean, well it would be just kind of nice."

I thought about it then said, sure Halana. That would be fine. Getting sun on your body, if you don't over do it, is good for your skin. There is Vitamin D in the sun's rays. It's probably a good idea if we don't talk about this with anyone though. Some people would not think this is okay. She nodded her head vigorously. We walked to the patio door. I held it open for Halana and watched this slender sweetie walk in front of me.

In the patio she sat on a wooden bench and watched me start to take off my shoes and socks. That prompted her to do the same. I took off my hat. She said, "I love how long your hair is Peter! I wish my Dad wore his long." I thanked her and removed my tee shirt. She said, "Wow! You really ARE brown! How long did that take?"

"We sunbathe a couple of days a week, usually on the weekends. We can do it too when I am on graveyard shift at the plant. The sun is at the perfect spot right now for non-burning rays. We usually use a little bit of oil to keep our skin from getting dry." To illustrate that I reached into a covered box and pulled out a bottle of baby oil and set it on the bench. "I'm taking off my shorts now Halana. I don't wear underwear most of the time when I'm home, so you are going to see me in all my uh glory...so just fair warning." She nodded and tried to look casual as she watched me unbutton the 501 Levis that had been cut off to give my legs maximum sun.

With my head down, I gave her the chance to watch me become totally naked without my watching her watch me undress. My cock was like a rocket and if it could have done so would have taken off directly toward Halana. Finally I stood up straight and looked down at Halana sitting slack-jawed on the bench staring at my cock.

"Hey, Earth to Halana! If you want some rays you need to get your duds off and then put some oil on your body. You DO want to sunbathe don't you?" She nodded her head, still staring at my cock. She looked up at me and smiled. "Wow! This is really cool!" She stood up then and pulled her top up over her head. Her little tits jiggled a bit as her arms moved and as she placed the tee shirt on the bench. She was nervous because she knew I was looking at her. I started to turn around, but she quickly said, "Oh...it's okay to watch Peter. I mean I am going to be naked in a minute and you will see me then...and I can see you now."

I asked her how old she was and she told me. I nodded and said, "There is every reason in the world why we shouldn't be doing this Halana. If you want to stop now, get dressed and go home, I understand completely." She looked at me like I suggest she eat grasshoppers or something. "NO! I have started this and I want it to go to wherever it goes." She unzipped her shorts and leaned forward to pull them down her smooth long legs. Her little tits wiggled with the motion. When she stood up, she had this triumphant look on her face. I smiled, looking at her and said, "You left on your panties Halana. If that makes you feel better, that is just fine." She reddened yet again. "Yeah, I was just working it up to take them off." I told her I liked the little pink hearts that on her panties. She took a deep breath, put her thumbs in the elastic and pulled them down her thighs as she looked straight at my cock. She had a light covering of curly brown hair covering her gorgeous mound. Her slit was very nice, the lips swollen. It was easy to see she was very excited.
She dropped her panties onto her shirt and stood up straight looking me in the face almost defiantly.

I whistled at her then and said, "You are a real looker Halana!" She smiled in a goofy way and said, "Thanks, so are you. I...when I dropped Pooky's collar out there...I did that on purpose Peter. I knew you would be able to see my titties if I did that. I have thought about...something like this many times...especially when I am bed at night."

I started shaking my head and said, "That's funny Halana, because I have imagined something like this...well actually more than just this...in bed when I am with Maxine. I think about what if it was Halana in bed with me. I think what it would be like to feel you on me. For you to feel me in you." My cock was throbbing now, dancing up and down to the beat of my heart.

"What do you think about when you are thinking of me as you are in bed Halana?" She looked me directly in the eyes and said, "I think about what you think about when you are with Maxine. You mean...when you are having sex with her...right?"

"Are you a virgin Halana?" Her eyes fluttered as she said softly, "Yes."

"Do you want to still be a virgin when you leave here today?" She shook her head 'No.' I took a deep breath and told her if she was going to lose her virginity today we would probably want to be on a bed. "Would you like to come to my bedroom Halana? I would be very gentle with you. As for making any babies, that would not happen because I had a vasectomy two years ago. The only drastic part of this is that you would be giving your virginity to an old man, I'm almost 37, and you have your whole life ahead of you. Someday you might wish you still had it to give."

Halana stood there with her arms straight down to her side, her hands clenched in fists. "I have thought about this so much Peter. I have thought about the first man to...you know...and how wonderful if you were him." I opened my arms then. She ran up to me and jumped into my arms, her legs open and wrapped around my ass. We kissed passionately, her mouth open and mine open as well. My hands were on her cute little ass holding her so her lightly haired pussy was pressed against the shaft of my cock. She rubbed her puss up and down the shaft as we kissed. She pulled her mouth from mine and whispered in my ear, "Fuck me Peter. Right now. Just like this with you holding me as we kiss. You are hard and I am wet. I know that's all we need for this to be very nice. I know there might be some pain, but I am READY. Do me! FUCK ME!"

Her mouth went back to mine. I was able to hold her slender body easily with my right arm. I used my left hand to move between us and grab onto my cock. It was standing up straight, so it took just a little change in the angle for me to get the head plugged into the inside of her. I felt her lips clench my head tightly. She tried to look down, so I held her with my hands on her back. She was able to see down to where we are started. I looked down and saw her delicious little tits, her nipples so hard, my hairy chest and her lovely slit with the head of my cock just inside. "It feels amazing Peter. I love you. I always have, but I know you and Maxine are married and I would never want to come between the two of you. Just so you know, I don't want this to be the only time." I kissed her mouth gently and said, "With care we can do this again sometime." She giggled then and said, "So I would be your...is mistress the right word...I looked it up once because I saw the word in one of my Mom's books." I laughed and said "Yes Halana, you would be my mistress. Are you ready to take more of my cock?" She nodded her head and said, "Oh Yes!"

My hands on her pretty little ass now, I lowered her onto me. We both saw her slit take part of my shaft, perhaps an inch below the head. She gasped, "I think you are there Peter...I mean THERE...you know my cherry is right THERE!"

I kissed her softly and asked if it hurt at all. She shook her head no and whispered, "It might hurt if we do this too slow...kind of like pulling a band-aid off? Do you think that's right?"

I kissed her again and said, "Yes, it needs to be a fast move. Look down to where we join because you will no longer be a virgin when I pull you down onto my cock. She stopped me then and said, "So...you have your cock in me. What do you like to call it? I call it my pussy. Is that what you say dear?" She giggled at that last word. "You have a beautiful pussy Halana. Someday, if you truly do become my mistress we might have another word for it." She thought for a second and asked, "What would that name be Peter?"

I grinned and said, "I am going to say the word when I pull you hard down onto me Halana. She smiled tearily and told me that was a good idea. We both looked down to the juncture. "Right now Halana, my hard cock is going to fuck your juicy little CUNT." With that word I slammed her body down my cock. I felt the warmth deep inside her. I held my cock deep inside her as she cried on my shoulder.

I whispered, "Are you all right Baby? Does it hurt a lot?" After thirty seconds or so she said, "It stings a bit, but it already feels better." She rested a bit, her head on my shoulder, her eyes making that shoulder wet.

"When you put your sperm into me Peter...oh wait...do you still have sperm...because you has that vast ecklme? Is there still sperm or anything that will be going inside of me? I leaned my head back and said, "I will be shooting semen, lots of semen into your cunt Halana. There will be no seed, no sperm in my semen. It will feel good to me when I do that and I think you will like it too. There will be a LOT OF IT."

She smiled at my face, obviously in love and said, "Can we kiss while you fuck me Peter? I want to feel your cock shoot your semen into my cunt while we are kissing." In answer I opened my mouth and put it over hers. Her tongue was the first to move into my mouth. We traded tongue jabs while I moved my cock hard into her, feeling the head deep inside. I fucked her slowly at first to let her get the feel for it as my shaft moved over her torn bits. Her kissing got to be more insistent and I started fucking her faster. Our bodies were slippery with sweat, since it was a hot day and this was a hotter fuck. Finally I pulled my mouth from hers and said, "It is going to happen NOW" I put my lips back on hers, pressed her up against the patio wall and slammed my prick up into her tender cunt. My semen shot in hard fast jets, filling this teenager's cunt.

When we were done, I held her there as she sobbed on my shoulder. The semen leaked from her and fell onto my bare feet. I went to the outdoor shower and with her still joined to me, turned on the water to get it hot for us.

She seemed to be asl**p on me, so I whispered, "Hey, Earth to Halana. We have finished fucking. You are no longer a virgin. Your cunt is full of my semen...except for what's been oozing out of you. We need to take a shower now baby." She looked at me sl**pily and said, "That was wonderful dear. Is it okay if I call you dear? I mean...not all the time...just when it's you and me?" I kissed her mouth and said, "That would be JUST fine honey."

When we were all clean, watching the semen and the little bit of bl**d she shed swirl around and move down the drain, we got dressed. We kissed like lovers and I told her how wonderful she was. She said, "I think it's going to feel funny walking home. I feel like I'm really kind of more open down there."

I gave her one of Maxine's pads. She pulled her panties up over it and dressed as I watched her. When she was fully dressed, we walked outside. I was still naked. She untied Pooky and headed out our back gate to her house. "So where are you going to tell them you have been Halana?" She thought and replied, "I saw Maxine and you, that's not a lie, then walked around some more and came on home." That's good Honey. When you are someone's mistress, you have to get your stories straight when everybody knows everybody. You need to remember you can't tell this to anybody. NOBODY! If you told your best friend, she would soon feel the need to share with someone else. That's how problems come about. Do you understand? She kissed me, smiled and said, "Don't worry Peter. I would never tell anyone." She stared at my cock, then took it in her hand to feel what it was like when it wasn't hard. "I'm glad it was you Peter. Even if we never fuck again...I am so glad it was you. I know I will remember you for the rest of my life.

We kissed once more and I watched her cute ass and her long legs as she walked away.

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