Frank's Barn

This happened about thirty-five years ago. I was living in the midwest. I was twenty-six. I had been down in the dumps for a while. Was having some beers with a buddy named Mark. He said he had just the cure for my blues. He told me of a friend who had a friend. I was rolling my eyes at that part. Then he said this friend of the friend was named Frank. He had a barn out in the country where once a month he held 'parties.' I asked about the parties, but Mark would only say, "If you go you will come."

That sounded good to me. In two days it was the once a month Friday night. Mark drove to the barn using direction written down on a piece of paper. I looked at him with a bit of disgust as he tried to figure out how to get there. I said something and Mark told me this friend of Frank's had been there six times already. He said there is this chick there named "Dee" who takes on any and all. Her age appeared to be something of a mystery, but Mark told me his friend assured him she was really hot.

We finally found the place. There were about fifteen cars parked outside. It was eight o'clock and just had turned dark.

We were met at the barn door by a guy wearing overalls. He said the cost was $50 each. Mark hadn't brought any money, so I had to pay his way in.

We walked in and saw a group of people, mostly men, but about four women sitting on chairs around a low stage where a young woman was getting fucked by a large fat man.

The young woman must have been the one Mark told me about. Even with all the cum on her face and in her hair she was the definition of hot. Her body was slender. She had nice tits with great nipples. I watched those tits sway as the fat man drove his surprisingly large cock all the way into her cunt. The fat man finally came, but he chose to leave his semen inside her cunt and not on her face. He pulled out with his arms raised high like he was a hero for fucking this sweet young thing. He jiggled as he walked heavily back to a stout chair which was being saved for him. Fortunately he put some clothes on so we wouldn't have to see him anymore.

Another man in overalls stood up then. The crowd applauded and yelled out "Frank...who's next?"

Frank pointed over to Mark and me and said, "Those two young fellers right there are next. We looked around and realized he really meant us. "Now fellers, I know you're newcomers here. To be certain you aren't here for the law, though they love Dee too, one of you fucks her mouth the other takes her cunt. Mark gave me my choice since I had paid his way in. We walked up to the stage and took off our clothes when Frank told us to do so. The girl was now lying on her back on a bale of hay that had just been put on the stage. The hay had to hurt her back, but she looked like she was interested in the new guys.

I walked up, my cock swaying in front of me and smiled down at the woman/girl's face. Hi there honey. My name is Peter. I haven't had anything around my cock but my hand in over a month. She held out her hand, which had smears of cum on it. I took her hand and shook it as she said, "Hi there Peter. My name is Dee the resident slut here at Frank's barn. I surely would love to have that nice cock in my cunt if that's your wish. You actually can have any part of me you want. Mouth, ass, cunt, tits...your choice lover boy.

I smiled while I checked out her body. "You have a beautiful face Dee. Your tits are awesome. I can't see your asshole, but your cunt is beckoning to me. I think I will just use your cunt for a while." I looked around then and asked, "How many of these guys have fucked you already?" She looked at the people in the chairs. and said, "I haven't fucked any of the guys in the front row yet, but the rest of the guys and two of the women have already used me.

Mark was naked now and gave me a look like which end did I want. "I said, I'm sorry not to be able to talk to you more Dee, but my friend Mark is going to fuck your mouth. I"ll take that beautiful battered cunt.

Frank said to the crowd, "Our newcomers are going to give us a show with our favorite slut. Let's hear it for the new guys!" The crowd cheered. Some of the more d***ken men yelled out catcalls at Dee. "Spunk the whore" "Plaster her with cum." More like that.

It would have been ridiculous to have been surprised at how juicy her cunt was, but nonetheless I was surprised. I pushed my cock in and instantly jizz squirted out hitting my legs and feet. Mark put his hand in her jizzy hair and pulled her head back. She opened her mouth for his cock. He drove it all the way down her throat on the first thrust. For a while Mark and I were thrusting into our chosen places at the same time. After that the rhythm was me slam into cunt as Mark pulled out of mouth. Fortunately for my chances of conversation or at least visual communing with Dee was the fact that Mark was a quick cummer. He pulled out of her mouth and worked hard to get his jizz on her face. He was so excited though that some of it shot all the way down to her cunt. When he was done he smiled at me and said, "have fun there Peter."

The sound coming from her cunt was juicier and wetter than any washing machine I had ever heard on the wash cycle. Dee's eyes stared at me from under one eyebrow with cum trying to slide onto her eyelid. She said, loud enough for all to hear, "Fuck my sluthole stud! Your cock feels so fucking good inside of me. I smiled down at her, reached forward and did my best to twist those beautiful nipples. There was too much cum there so I just pressed her clit against my shaft. When I finally took a while she was so slippery from cunt juice and jizz...she said I was the nicest man she had had that night. "Ask Frank for my card. Maybe we can meet up sometime one on one."

I blasted her cunt with my semen. She smiled at me serenely with her jizz covered face. When I pulled out of her Dee put her hand to her mouth and blew me a kiss.

Mark said that as I walked away from her, her eyes were on me the whole time.

"Hey dude," he said, I think she's in love with you." I shook my head and said don't be fucking crazy." I did tell Frank that Dee asked me if I would request her card. Frank did a double-take. He reached into the vest of his overalls and searched until he found one. "Dee hasn't had a guy ask for her card in months. She must really like you." I took the card, read it quickly, thanked Frank and moved back to where Mark was standing by the barn door.

I held onto that card, looking at it a few times a day. Finally, four days after the Barn fuck I called her. The phone rang three times. A man picked up the line and said, "Yeahhello." I told him I was calling for Dee. He said just a sec bud. I heard him call out "Dee...Phone call!" I heard her voice in the background saying, "I am trying to finish my homework Dad." He asked me to call back in about twenty minutes.

I told him I would call closer to three which would have been half an hour. He said, okay and hung up.

I thought about this for a while trying to decide whether or not to call again.
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1 year ago
Obviously this story is too much for many readers. I don't give a fuck about that though.
2 years ago
I sure hope he calls her back, that way it will keep the story going
2 years ago
very good, got me hot
2 years ago
wow hot story