Learning about jacking off Part Seven Mrs. Wilson

Lunch at Mrs. Martin's house was kind of strange. Mrs. Martin, Gloria and I were all drinking some red wine. Mrs. Martin was the only one not naked.

They were talking about their first time. Mrs. Martin had been a virgin the night she married Mr. Martin. She said she had been an old fashioned girl, but that she had gotten over that. Both of them laughed loudly. Gloria's first time was with an older man when she was barely out of high school. I told them about my first time just over a week ago. While Mrs. Martin had told Gloria about it, I could tell hearing it from my own mouth was amazing to her.

Mrs. Martin asked me to pick up the dirty plates and put them in the sink. Both women watched me walk with the dishes. As I came back Mrs. Martin said she needed a kiss. I moved next to her and we shared a very sloppy kiss while she played with my cock which soon was standing up hard as a rock. "You have such a nice cock Peter. My cunt is very wet right now must thinking about having you fuck me." I smiled and said, "I would love to fuck your hairy cunt Mrs. Martin. Last time we got a bit side tracked." Both ladies laughed at that. I knew Mrs. Martin had told Gloria about me fisting her.

I followed Mrs. Martin and Gloria as they led me to her bedroom. Gloria watched as I undressed the older woman. When she was naked too, they started kissing. I watched this fascinated because I hadn't really thought about women having fun with sex together. Gloria sucked on Mrs. Martin's tits while the older woman played with Gloria's pussy. Finally Mrs. Martin said she wanted my cock inside her.

She got up on her hands and knees on the center of the bed. I got up behind her and moved toward her cunt with my cock pointing the way. Gloria sat on a short stool to the side of the bed and watched. This was the first time I ever put my cock inside of a hairy pussy. The feel of the fur around her slit was exciting. Her slit was slightly open, her lips swollen. Gloria was all eyes as she watched my cock slide into her friend's cunt. I knew she was masturbating even though I couldn't actually see her doing it. Her face told it all.

Mrs. Martin gave off a high moan that indicated extreme pleasure. She wanted me to fuck her slowly while she watched us in the mirrors at the head and at the side of the bed. It was fun watching that myself. Seeing her tits sway when I pushed forward into her and as she tried to hold me with her puss as I pulled away. The slow fucking was very nice. I could really and enjoy the feel of her velvety hole as my cock moved in and out.

Eventually she wanted something else, so we pulled apart. I was told to lie on my back as Mrs. Martin got on her hands and knees. I held my cock up when she asked me do so as she rocked back and slid down onto me. Her cunt muscles pulsed on my cock.

While we were fucking the telephone rang. Mrs. Martin let it ring several times then indicated that Gloria should hand her the receiver. She was at the top of her stroke on my cock. Her husband was on the phone. As she told him she was thinking of having meat loaf for dinner, then she slid down on my prick. She laughed then and said, "I never let my meat loaf baby. You already knew that. It seemed he was laughing too. Mrs Martin kept sliding up and down on my prick. Apparently he asked her a question about something. She got off my cock and lay the phone on the table. She held a finger in front of her lips as she walked somewhere away from the bedroom.

Gloria grinned at me and with a finger in front of her lips moved over to my juice covered dick. She sucked my cock, stroking it with her hand. Gloria's eyes were on mine and her mouth smiled as it moved up and down on me. We heard a click through the phone receiver, but kept quiet in case Mr. Martin had not actually hung up.

When Mrs. Martin came back into the room first she hung up the phone, then she stood there with fake indignation at the idea her friend would be sucking my cock. Gloria pulled her mouth off me and said, "Just wanted a hard Peter for you Barbara!" We all laughed at that. "It's okay Gloria. You can fuck him now if you want to. Frank is going to bring some men from work home with him tonight so they can play poker after dinner. I have a lot to do to get ready for that.

She pulled two twenties from her purse, held it up so I could see it and laid it on the bedstand. "Have fun you two," she said as she walked out of the room.

I looked at Gloria and asked, "How do you want my cock Gloria?" She smiled dreamily and asked if I had ever done anal sex. I thought about that time that I had the wild sex with Lucy. "Yeah, I've done anal. Is that something you want me to do for you Gloria?" She wiggled in apparent excitement and said, "Yes PLEASE Peter! I have only done it with a cucumber before. I would love to feel a real cock in there.

The thought of her fucking her own ass with a cucumber was intriguing. I had never thought of using other items for masturbation. I thought I might try it out on myself sometime.

"It's best if I fuck your pussy first Gloria so my cock will have lots of your juice on it. Makes it go in more smoothly. She appeared to be in awe of my knowledge for someone my age. Really I didn't much care if it hurt her or not, just trying to keep the customer happy. Besides that I was keeping score of how many cunts I had fucked. It amazed me that I got to do this and women were paying me to do it. I had over a hundred dollars already. I knew I had to come up with a reason for having all that money. Dad was always suspicious. I was thinking all this as I was fucking Gloria. After going on for a while she said, "Peter! Whatever you are thinking about, I think your cock is plenty slippery now for my ass."

My head jerked and I apologized. I said, "I was thinking how nice your cunt feels on my cock." Then I whispered, "Your pussy squeezes my cock more than the other women I have fucked Gloria." She liked that and said I could continue doing that for a while, but she really wanted me to cum inside her ass.

I shook my head and said, "No Gloria. You paid for this. You get what you want." I told her to get on her knees with her head on the bed. Once she was in that position I pulled her ass cheeks apart. I figured she would like this as much as I did. I moved my face to her ass and started licking the crack. She went fucking crazy!

I was to the point where my tongue was pushing into her ass and she was crying. I pulled my tongue out of her and said, "Get ready Gloria. Here comes my cock! Hold your ass wide open for me."

She did so and I rubbed her beautiful ass gently with one hand as I guided my cock into that little rosebud. As the head sunk inside the tight hole, her head rolled back and I could tell her mouth was wide open as she made a loud "Ahhhhh" sound. She was so noisy Mrs. Martin rushed into the room to see what we were doing. She leaned on the doorway using a wooden spoon she was obviously using to make something for the poker party as a sex toy. I saw it move up into her hole.

I held Gloria's hips now and moved my cock slowly into her ass at first, increasing the speed of my strokes incrementally until my belly slapped her ass every time I drove my cock into her. Gloria was looking back and smiling at me.
"Do it baby! Fuck my dirty asshole Baby!" I felt her move several fingers into her cunt. She pushed against the thin barrier between ass and cunt to feel my cock moving in her. I could feel her fingers pressing against my shaft.

When she finally started coming, it wasn't from the cock in her ass, but from the fingers in her cunt. "Shoot your seed into me NOW Peter! NOW!" It was lucky I was on the verge. I said in an almost mean voice, "Here it comes slut!" I filled her ass with my first orgasm of the day.

We took a shower after the last spurts had shot off into her ass.

After we got cleaned up, Mrs. Martin brought our freshly washed clothes to us. We dressed side by side. Gloria asked if I would like a ride home. I said that would be just fine. I asked her to park down the street several blocks from my house. That was for two reasons: One) I didn't want Mrs. Wilson to see me with a woman she didn't know. and Two) I didn't want Gloria to know for sure where I lived.

She gave me her phone number and said, "If you can ever get a free day from your schedule Peter, I have some friends who would really enjoy watching you perform." I looked at her and with a look said, "Perform?" She smiled and said that I was such a great lover. There were women who would be interested in that. Then she added, "Don't worry Peter, I will be discreet. I would never tell Barbara and I don't even know Mrs. Wilson"

I said, "Don't call me at home. I will call you sometime when I get away from the house. Mrs. Wilson has been keeping me pretty busy." She said seriously, "Peter, you are being seriously underpaid by Mrs. Wilson. With talent like yours you should be able to make over $100 a night...er day...easily."

I thought about that as I walked home.

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2 years ago
damn i love this sure wish this would've happend to me when i was younger
2 years ago
Yet more fun for Peter. Really enjoying this series