Learning about jacking off Part Six Mrs. Wilson

The morning after my visit to Mrs. Brady I got a call from Mrs. Wilson. She said that Mrs. Martin had just called and asked why I hadn't been on the corner of Sunflower and Johnson when she came by at 8:00 this morning. She asked "Did you make an appointment with her without telling me about it? You MUST always tell me when a client wants to meet with you without her contacting me first"

I said that she had said she wanted me back in two days. I told her I was sorry that I forgot. Then I asked what a client was.

Angrily she said, "The women I find for you to fuck Peter...the women who give you money for you to keep and money for you to give me...those are the clients. They pay me, as you may recall, for my giving them access to you. If Mrs. Martin ever asks you to meet her again without telling me I want you to say that everything must ALWAYS go through me. Do you understand that?" I was shaking.

There was the time when I thought she would be mad at me, how long ago...just over a week, for jacking off while I looked down at her from my bedroom as she lay on her chaise lounge in her back yard. She had never yelled at me before. What could I do but say I was sorry for something I had no clue was wrong. Jacking off while looking at her had seemed wrong, but agreeing to meet a...a...client without checking on Mrs. Wilson first really surprised me.

"I'm so sorry Mrs. Wilson. Do you want me to take the bus and go over to Mrs. Martin's house? I know the route. You could call her and ask if she still wants me. It's only about 8:30 now. I could be there before nine. She was silent for a while, then with a sigh said, "All right. I'll call her. I will tell her to always make the appointments through me so I can remind you." I said okay and waited until Mrs. Wilson called me back.

"Mrs Martin didn't realize that you wouldn't tell me about this. She has apologized and everything is okay now. She said as long as you're there before 9:30 she will be fine. She wants you to come to the back door. She said you should just walk into the house. She will be waiting for you in the living room." I thanked her and was very relieved that Mrs. Wilson wasn't mad at me anymore.

I took a quick shower dressed in a different tee shirt than I had worn last time with her. I just got there in time for the right bus. The driver dropped me off the bus drop-off point. I thanked her and went walking down the street to 312 Elm Street... Mrs. Martin's house.

I went out into her back yard, found the back door and walked into the house. I called out, "Mrs. Martin! I'm here!" I was excited because I had really enjoyed the last time with her.

When I walked into her living room I was very surprised to see another woman there sitting with her. Both of them were sipping glasses of wine and seemed very relaxed. The strange woman's face perked up as she watched me walk into the room. She said, "Well HELLO PETER!" I smiled shyly and waved at her then said "hi."

She turned to Mrs. Martin and said, "Oh fuck Barbara! You were so very right about Peter!"

She looked at me, her eyes moving up and down my body and said, while staring at me, "What a delicious young man!" She looked at Mrs. Martin, eyebrows raised. Mrs. Martin nodded and smiled.

The woman crooked her finger and indicated I should walk over to her. I did as she wished and stood in front of her. She asked how old I was and I told her. She grinned at that and reached into her purse, pulling out a twenty dollar bill. She held it up toward me with two fingers and said, "This is for you Peter if you will kneel on the floor right now and eat my nasty cunt." I looked at Mrs. Martin and she said, "Go ahead Peter, I will pay later for what you do with me. Gloria is an old high school friend of mine. When I told her about you she just HAD to be here." I nodded my head, then knelt on the floor in front of the woman she called Gloria.

Gloria was wearing a skirt with flowers all over it. She scooted her butt to the edge of the couch and, grinning lasciviously at me, she slowly raised her skirt until it was above her waist. She had a beautiful pussy. The mound was very pronounced. I liked that in a woman now that I knew about that. I also liked that she had shaved off every hair from her pussy. Her slit was also very pronounced, probably a result of having such a prominent mound.

I smiled at her and said, "Spread your legs for me please." Gloria howled at that and said, "Oh anything you want Cutie." She asked again how old I was and I told her. She giggled at that. She moved her knees wide apart and I put my hands on the floor as I moved my head to her slit. I asked her to move her butt just a bit farther over the edge of the couch. Both the women giggled at that. She did as I requested. I stared hard at her cunt, then with a smile said, "You have a beautiful cunt Gloria!" She reddened and grinned at that. I could see the juices already where her slit was partially open.

I moved my face to her cunt and sniffed her perfume. I realized that she had put a bit of perfume from a bottle there. I kind of liked the blend of the two smells. I looked up at her face and winked at her. She flushed and grinned. I moved my tongue from my mouth and made a long slow slow lick up Gloria's slit. She partly raised her knees with excitement, then put them back down and watched me. The third wet slide of my tongue up her slit I pushed it into her puss, plowing through that juicy slice of cunt. I dipped my nose into her slit and made it shiny with her juices. I used my nose then to slip it across her hard little clit. I had my tongue now deeper inside of her. She put her hands on my head, thus keeping my nose right on her clit. Her breathing was rapid, then would stop, then would start up again with a vengeance. I heard her moan, "Oh my fucking God!"

I moved closer to her then, now on my knees. I pushed her thighs apart with my forearms and used my hands to spread her cunt lips wide open. The room lights reflected off the juicy tender reddened flesh inside. I opened my mouth and put it over her clit and the part of her mound just above it. My tongue worked in her hole. Gloria screamed, and Mrs Martin moved so she could watch more clearly. I saw in my peripheral vision that she had her skirt up and was fucking her hairy cunt with several fingers.

"Peter," Mrs. Martin cooed to me. " I told Gloria and your magic fingers...and that wonderful fist. She has never had that done to her before. Be gentle as you go in...but then fuck her cunt hard with your tight fist." I nodded, my tongue still in Gloria's cunt...the effect of that movement giving this delicious stranger what may have been her second or third orgasm.

I looked up at Gloria's face and saw what seemed to be fear mixed with excitement. Kind of like riding a roller coaster. I wouldn't have been surprised if she raised her arms and yelled "Wheeee!"

I now had the sense of drama. I leaned back and the cunt juice all around my mouth, nose and on my chin must have been a sight to see. I stood up then, leaned forward with my arms extended and my hands out. I slowly fell forward to Gloria's shocked face. Mrs. Martin laughed when I kissed Gloria with my cunt-juice covered mouth and lips. She was almost in shock, but recovered soon enough to embrace me and slide her tongue into my mouth. "Oh my...I DO taste delicious!" she said with a wicked smile. "I am ready for this Peter. DO ME!"

I knelt back down in front of her and casually moved several fingers across her reddened out lips. I did that several times, then hooked my thumb and brought it up into her cunt just below her clit. I squeezed hard with fingers on the outside against the thumb inside. Gloria squealed. I pulled the hand away from her and held up my middle finger, the bird finger, and turning my fist upside down pushed that finger all the way into her as far as it would go. I kind of battered her cunt with my fist on the outside lightly hitting the lips on the outside while in between them was my fuck finger. Gloria now was squeezing her tits through her blouse. I pulled the one finger out, held up my hand with that digit still extended, then using my other hand, I pulled out my index finger like it was the blade on a jack knife. Now I held up two fingers. I moved the fingers up to Gloria's mouth. She was confused at first, then opened her mouth and sucked on those fingers. When she was really getting into that I pulled them out rapidly and moved them down to her slit. When I shoved my fingers into her she gasped and squealed again.

She was grinding her hips against my hand when I suddenly slipped the third finger into her cunt. I twisted my hand now so those fingers reamed her insides. I was having a great time. Mrs. Martin was enjoying the show, with three fingers in her own cunt. "Gloria, I want you to use your fingers to spread your cunt lips nice and wide for me. Would you do that please?" She looked almost confused, then grinned and peeled her lips wide for me. I moved the back of my hand all over her open cunt, getting that part soaked in her slippery juices. Then while she held herself open, I held up my hand with three fingers extended again. I shoved them into her open hole, fucking them in and out of her. The third shove, I moved the fourth finger inside. Again I reamed her cunthole with my hand just outside her. She was gasping and groaning. She saw when I held up my thumb as those fingers invaded her. With a show, I tucked the thumb under my fingers and started to push my fist into her.

I went slowly, rotating my wrist so my fist was soaked all over in her juices. Slowly the fist started moving into her. I kept twisting. I moved it a bit more into her and she was groaning almost like she was in pain. I spit on the last part of the back of my hand so it was as wet as possible and pushed my fist all the way into this woman's cunt.

She screamed like she was being assaulted...which she was...I kept my fist still in her cunt for a few seconds, then started to push and pull without going much further in and certainly not at all out. Her cunt lips bulged against my fist near my wrist. Gloria moved a hand down to feel the tight seal my fist made on her fuckhole. She was sobbing now and smiling at the same time.

Mrs. Martin said, "Punch her cunt Peter...like you did with me!" I started jabbing my fist into the juicy internal cuntmeat. Gloria had her knees up now and was staring down at where my fist was fucking her cunt. She somehow had gotten her top unbuttoned and her bra off. She was twisting her long hard nipples and sobbing. I punched her cunt in that slow-motion inside the cunt sort of way. When she started cumming she didn't stop. Her cunt muscles squeezed my fist and I kept punching her cunt. Finally she yelled, "Take it out! Take It OUT NOW!" I pulled my fist slowly, enjoying the sight of her cunt lips bulging around my fist. I was in for a surprise. As soon as my fist was out it seemed like she was peeing on me...only the pee was coming out really hard and fast, kind of like putting your thumb over most of the end of a hose to make the stream faster.

My clothes were soaked and I couldn't believe what was happening. I was also very very hard. Gloria's face seemed to be a cross between extreme excitement and extreme horror. When she was done she broke down in tears and said she had never done that before. Mrs. Martin said, "Holy fuck Gloria! You just squirted all over Peter! I've heard of it before, but never have I seen it happen!"

Mrs. Martin had me stand up then. She undressed me like a mother might do to a two year old. She took my soaking tee shirt, shorts, underwear and socks. I stood there naked and hard now in front of these two women. Mrs. Martin chuckled as she went off to put my clothes in the washing machine. I sat on the couch next to Gloria and asked if she was all right. There was a tiny amount of bl**d in her cunt. I decided that from now on I would keep my fingernails short.

When Mrs. Martin came back she suggested we all have some lunch. Gloria had taken her clothes off because parts were soaked. She said,"I'll just throw these in before the wash gets too far along." When she got back we went into the kitchen. Mrs. Martin made tuna salad sandwiches and tomato soup for us. She poured wine for her and Gloria. Mrs. Martin asked if I would like some wine. I thought about it and said, "Okay. I would like to see what that's like."

After lunch we had more fun.

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These stories are really good.
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This a great series.
Really enjoying it gets me so hard