Hot Stepdaughter

Connie had just left the house. I was off today, so I immediately went to her room and found her most recently worn panties lying on top of the dirty clothes hamper. Her older s****r was hot, but had moved away several years before. I had liked to use her panties too, but Connie was my favorite.

I closed her door and took off my clothes. I climbed onto her unmade bed and lay my head on her pillow. My cock was already diamond hard. I put the picture of her that I had taken all those years ago when she was in her bikini on her bedside table. I looked at the picture as I jacked on my cock and sniffed her panties. She must have worn them for more than one day because the smell was really rich this morning. There was a white crust from her pussy juice in the crotch of her panties. I licked there and imagined tasting her pussy someday.

I was getting closer to shooting off. I put the panties right on the head of my cock and moved the silky material lightly over my shaft as I reached the last sweet moments just before orgasm. I had just started shooting off into her panties when the door opened suddenly and there stood Connie!

She looked at me in horror, but didn't turn away. She stood there with her mouth wide open. Then she said, "Gosh Daddy I...I forgot my cell phone...I...." She stopped talking then and just stared at me. I hadn't" been able to stop stroking my cock with her panties and they were sodden with my cum. Some of it was sliding down my shaft.

Finally I found my voice. "Connie...Honey...this isn't what it seems. I mean it is what it looks like, but I never wanted you to see."

She closed the door then and said, "You need to call the school and tell them I am not coming in today Daddy. My head jerked when she said that and when she saw my quizzical look Connie said, "I knew you had been doing this. How could I not know? My panties with dried cum all over them and you have been leaving them on my bed. You wanted to get caught Daddy." From now on, when I want to use the car you will give me the keys. If I stay out late you will not interrogate me at all.

I thought about this then said, "So you came back to get your cell phone? Or you came back because you figured I would be doing this?" She smiled wickedly and said, "I knew you would be doing this...I just gave you enough time. I never even left the front porch. Hand me my panties Daddy."

I pulled them off my cock. The panties were soaked in my cum and there was cum all over my softening shaft. Connie sat on the bed and I handed her the panties. She closed the silk over the sticky semen and then opened it watching the semen pull apart in threads. Watching her do that made my cock hard again. Never before had my cock been hard with semen all over it. Connie moved her hand down to my prick and closed her cool fingers around my sticky shaft.

"Your Mother is still asl**p honey. We need to be quiet." She smiled and started stroking my cock. I asked if she would mind letting me see her tits. She stood up then, licked her hand to clean off the semen there and slowly unbuttoned her top. I had seen her tits once before through a small hole I had drilled in the bathroom wall several days before this.

I smiled when her pink puffy nipples came into view. "It's a good think Mother has started me on the pill Daddy. I want to fuck this nice hard cock. You will be available to me whenever I want. Otherwise I tell Mother about what you have been doing. I grinned and watched her as she took off the rest of her clothes. I knew her cunt was shaved, because I had watched her do it that first time I used the little hole in the wall.

"I'm not a virgin Daddy, so get over it if that's what you wanted." She moved to her bed and put her knees on either side of my belly. I watched Connie pull her smooth pussy lips apart and move her hole closer to my cock. The first feel of her warm juicy pussy was the culmination of the dream I had for more than a few years. She hissed, "Your cock is much bigger than Tommy's cock is Daddy." She slid slowly down my sticky shaft. I saw my semen scrapped off on her bare cunt lips.

Connie took her creamed panties and placed the crotch in her mouth. She sucked on the cum I had left there. Her panties waved around a bit as she slid up and down on my prick. She put her hands on my chest then and let the panties drop from her mouth. She moved more quickly now up and down on my shaft. "What would Mother think Daddy if she saw us fucking? Who would she be madder me?"

I couldn't answer. I put my hands on her tits and squeezed them as she continued moving on my cock. After a few minutes Connie's eyes closed and she started moaning in orgasm. She moved her hips back and forth as her orgasm overtook her and she started saying, "Fuck me Daddy, Fuck me Daddy....AAAAAAhhh!

She was just coming down from her orgasm and I was just ready to really go. I rolled her over onto her back and lay on top of her as I drove my cock into my step-daughter's cunt. She was eighteen now, but I was thinking about the fantasy I had about her when she was younger. The sound of our fucking was incredibly hot. When I came my jizz shot deep into her cunt. She wrapped her legs around me as I drove into her and finally stayed bottomed out inside her, my cock spurting hot semen into her cunt.

I pulled out of her and used her panties to clean off my cock. I dressed and went to the bathroom to wash the smell of my step-daughter's cunt from my cock and balls. Then I went into the kitchen, made breakfast for my wife. She had to go to work in half an hour. I woke her up with a kiss and said, "Breakfast is ready hon. It's time to get up." Her eyes opened with a start and she said, "You should have gotten me up earlier Leon! Let me take a quick shower and then I will get my breakfast and go." I watched her undress and thought about how her body must have been a lot like Connie's body years ago.

Elaine walked into the kitchen, sat at the seat in front of her breakfast. She ate it quickly and said, "You are too good too me Baby!" She kissed me and said, "I'll be home a little late today. I have to stay after for inventory." I smiled and said, "No hurry Hon. Do what you have to do." I kissed her goodbye. After I heard the car leave the driveway, I took off my clothes and walked down the hall.

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good one
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nice story.
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Fucking horny, we love it
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2 years ago
very nice.
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I sure would like to be Connies stepdad!!!
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Thanks for the story buddy!
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very good
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Nice story
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nice story
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Hope there is a sequel!
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Lucky guy.
2 years ago
a dream life
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oh my nice story. would be fun if women thought like that.
2 years ago
Now this would be the way life should be, a nice young cunt to enjoy!!