Ever Wish You Had X-Ray Glasses?Part Four

At school the next Monday I took both my pair and Nancy's pair of X-Ray Glasses with me. I didn't know what I was going to do with the extra pair, but figured that something might come up. Something did.

I was late, on purpose, to my first class of the day. Miss Wilkins, my English teacher was very very cute and I had had a crush on her for some time. She was in the middle of discussing Shakespearean Sonnets when I opened the door and slipped to my desk. She continued her discussion of the rhyme pattern and a discussion of iambic pentameter. When class was almost over she said, "Peter, I will need to see you after class for a minute." I nodded my head and said "Okay".

When the class trickled out, I walked up to her desk. I put on my glasses and was gazing down at her delicious tits. I couldn't look at her face and she flushed when she saw I was staring at her tits. "Peter, take off those ridiculous glasses...you don't even wear glasses... do you? I've never seen you with glasses before."

I told her I only wore them when I really needed to see better. She said, "Give them to me Peter, they don't even look like they have any prescription on them." I handed them to her. She held them up to the light and said, "It doesn't change anything at all Peter. What kind of joke are you trying to pull. She held them up to hand them back to me when jerked all of a sudden. I knew she had them at the right angle to see my cock nice and hard in my pants.

She shook her head then held them up again. Her eyes went wide open then. "Oh my Lord!" She whispered as slipped the glasses on her face and looked down at her blouse. Miss Wilkins almost put her hands over her blouse to hide her tits, then realized it was the glasses that did that. She looked up at me again...actually meant to look up...but only got as far as my crotch. Her mouth was open as she stared. Then she pulled them off and threw them onto the desk.

"Peter...Peter..." She couldn't say anything else. I leaned forward onto the desk and said, "You have great tits Miss Wilkins!" She was bright red as I put the glasses back on looking down at her. "I like your ass and didn't really have a clue that you shaved your pussy." She couldn't speak.

She shook her head no and whispered, "It's time for you to get to your next class Peter. I will just hold onto these. You may have them at the end of the day. Go on now, get to your next class. You have two minutes left till the bell rings."

As I left the room, I noticed that she had slipped them back on and was watching me leave the room. There was a slight smile on her lips.

When school was over I went to her classroom. The door was closed and locked. I knocked on the door and heard footsteps. Miss Wilkins face looked out the narrow opening and almost gasped when she saw me. She opened the door, waited for me to come in, then closed it behind me and locked it.

I was swinging the other pair of glasses by one of the temple pieces. She stood by her desk and took a deep breath. She looked at me then and said, "Peter, what you have done today has violated my right to privacy. Does anyone else have these glasses...besides the other pair you seem to have?"

I told her that I had two pair of these X-Ray Glasses. I asked what kind of trouble I was in and then asked her where the other glasses were. She said their were in her purse. "So, did you use them today?" I asked with a leer. She reddened deeply then and I needed no vocal answer.

"They are quite...hypnotic Peter. I...Yes I did use them. When I went out to lunch today, I went to a place I had not been before. I didn't even eat my tuna sandwich. I just looked at the customers and the wait staff. That they had no clue I could see every detail that was hidden under their clothes was...stimulating." I smiled at her sympathetically, knowing just how she felt.

"You want to borrow the extra pair, don't you?" Her head jerked at my understanding of the lure of the glasses. "Would you mind so much? I mean you have another pair." I said I thought she could borrow them, but there would be something I would need in return. She looked up at me seriously and said, "I have seen how you look at me Peter...even without the glasses. If you are discreet...I would be willing to do just about anything...within reason...if I could use them for...a while."

I told her to put on the glasses. She did so. "You can see that my cock is very hard." I said it as a statement of fact because she was staring at my jeans. She nodded her head and whispered, "yes". " How wet are you Miss Wilkins?" She took off the glasses and lucked up at my face. "I haven't been this wet EVER. If you wanted to fuck me right here on my desk I am ready for that and want that." I smiled and pushed her papers off her desk onto the floor.

Miss Wilkins unbuttoned the prim teacher blouse she was wearing. She opened it up and I saw the low cut bra I hadn't seen before since the X-Ray Glasses go right to the surface of the flesh. I stripped and was naked in front of her just before she had stripped her soaked panties off her smooth legs.

"Before we do this Peter...How long may I have the glasses?" I thought about that and said, "We can renegotiate this every Monday Miss Wilkins. Would that work for you?" She smiled brightly at that..."That would be PERFECT Peter!" She dropped to her knees in front of me then and started sucking my cock. She was like a wild b**st. She took my cock all the way down her throat. Her saliva poured down her chin as bottomed out with my balls against her chin.

"Stand up Miss Wilkins and lean over the desk." She did as I asked and looked back over her shoulder as I guided my cock into her shaved pussy. "Fuck me hard stud! I haven't had a cock in me since I got this job. I have to grade papers all hours of the night and on weekends, so no time for men."

I fucked her so hard her body shuddered with each thrust. She came three times before I started to come. She was just whimpering when she suddenly said, "Stop! No Stop!" I kept pounding into her because I was ready to come. "Stop Please Stop Peter!" I stopped fucking her, my cock still up inside her cunt. "Why do you want me to stop?" She sobbed then and said, "I haven't taken the pill for months...oh please tell me you haven't started cumming in me."

"Okay Miss Wilkins...spread your ass cheeks wide for me." I pulled out. When she pulled her cheeks apart, I pressed the slippery head of my cock into her tight asshole. She groaned as I pushed it open. Once the head was inside my slippery shaft slammed all the way up into her ass. I could feel her fingers, now inside her cunt feeling my shaft taking her ass through the thin flesh between her cunt and ass. Her tits were now pressed against her desk as I fucked her ass. When I started coming she yelped as she felt the semen spurting deep into her ass.

When I pulled out of her Miss Wilkins let me use her panties to clean off my cock. "Keep them Peter. I will have birth control set to go when the next installment on the glasses comes due. I will have to wait two weeks for that to start working Peter. Can we work out something where perhaps we do oral and anal sex until the pills are effective? Would that work for our arrangement?

I asked her for her home phone number and said we would work it out and what time could I come over tonight. She told me to call her at seven p.m. and she would have an answer.

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2 years ago
i would love love love a pair of those glasses..
could you imagine what they would be worth...
glasses for pussy my ass..
how about all the pussy for those glasses.
and women and men would pay me for them..
rental fee would be phenomenal..
but if you did not keep them a secret
government would just take them away from you..

2 years ago
oh yeah, fucking awesome dude. i hope you are continueing more chapters?