Learning about jacking off Part Four Mrs. Wilson

For the rest of that week I fucked Mrs Wilson every day. On Friday she told me her daughter Ellen was coming home from her grandparents house that afternoon and I would not be able to visit her for a while. She told me then about her friends Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Brady. It seems these two women knew all about Mrs. Wilson and me. I was kind of embarrassed that she had told them, but happy to know that both women wanted me to visit them. It seems there was a flipping of a coin and Mrs. Martin won the first visit. Mrs Wilson knew my parents left at 7:30 each morning, so she had told her friends that picking me up on the street several blocks from my house would be the best.

On Monday,right around 8:00, I was standing on the corner of Sunflower and Johnson when a really cool blue and white Chevy pulled up. I had seen pictures of both Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Brady, so I recognized Mrs. Martin. I shyly waved to her when she tooted her horn. She waited as I opened the door and climbed into the front seat. Mrs. Martin seemed kind of nervous, but was no more so than I. She looked at me nervously and said, "Good morning Peter. After a hesitation she said, "Laurie told me you are a nice looking young man," She gulped then and darted a glance at me. "I see she was right about that. She drove for a while saying nothing then said, "Uh...I know Dan has been part of...well everything with you and Laurie. My husband doesn't know I will be having you ...visit me. I hope that's all right...I mean all right that he doesn't know. He CAN'T know. So can this be our secret Peter? Can it?"

I said that I would never tell anyone about it." She relaxed a bit then and turned on the radio while went across town to her house. She liked rock and roll too, which surprised me because Mrs. Martin liked Frank Sinatra and Perry Como...stuff like that.

While she drove I took quick peeks at her. She was prettier, at least to me, than Mrs. Wilson. Her hair was long and blonde. She had smaller tits, but the capris pants she was wearing showed she had very nice legs. She had bracelets that rattled on her wrists as she drove the car. She looked over at me a lot now that the information about not telling anyone was clear between us. She had this nervous smile that was accentuated by the red lipstick she wore.

Finally we arrived at 312 Elm Street. She pulled the car into the driveway and into the garage. She closed the garage door, then said,"Well! I guess we're here! Why don't we...why don't we...go on inside Peter."

I followed her into the house. Mrs. Martin suddenly turned to me and pulled me tight against her. She kissed me on the lips, holding it for a while. I knew she was a bit nervous, so I slid my tongue into her mouth like Mrs. Wilson liked. Her eyes opened wide, but not as wide as they did when I put my right hand on her tit. She released a blast of air into my mouth which pushed our mouths apart. She looked down at my hand on her tit for a few seconds then clamped her hand over mine so I couldn't pull it away. She slid her tongue into my mouth then and ground her hips against mine. Fortunately we were almost exactly the same height.

Finally we pulled apart from each other. Mrs. Martin was gasping. "Well! Laurie was sure right about you Peter. How long have you been doing this then?" I gave her a confused look. She said,"You know, with Laurie. You've been with her for...how long?" I realized then what she meant and said brightly, "We did it the first time in my bedroom last week Mrs. Martin." She gave me a look and said, "In YOUR bedroom?" I told her about the times I had watched her from my window while she was sunning herself. "She noticed me watching and uh...well I was..." I made a jacking motion in front of my cock to illustrate. She nodded then and asked, "So she saw you uh..." She made the same motion in front of her crotch that I had made. I smiled and said, "Yeah she saw me jacking off while I looked down at her. It seems she could see everything from way down there."

Mrs Martin leaned against the counter, breathing through her mouth as she looked at me appraisingly. Finally she spoke. "I am so happy she has told me about you. When you are married someday Peter you must...MUST...give lots of attention to your wife." She said no more, but I figured out that Mr. Martin didn't fuck Mrs. Martin very much. I nodded my head and asked, "I would love to fuck you Mrs. Martin...I mean...is that why I'm here?"

She smiled then and said, "Yes Peter! That's EXACTLY why you are here." She led me down the hall to what she told me was the guest bedroom. "We SHOULD do it on the bed I share with Charles. It would be the first fuck I would have had in THAT bed in almost a month. This time though I want to do it in another room."

Once we were in the room she closed the door then sat on the bed staring at me. I waited for her to say something, but realized she was waiting for me to do something. After a week with Mrs. Wilson and sometimes Dan I was no longer shy. I knelt on the floor and untied my red Converse sneakers, pulled them and my socks off. I peeled my tee shirt over my head and watched her as she watched me. I unbuckled my belt and pulled my legs out of my pants. My cock was very hard. Mrs. Martin stared at my shorts. She licked her lips a bit, which I don't think she knew she was doing.

"So do you want to see it?" I asked, my fingers in the elastic of my shorts. She sighed out a long "Yesssss". I pulled my shorts to the floor and stood there so she could look at my hairless cock and balls. I pointed to the place she didn't need to have pointed out to her. "Last week Mrs. Martin shaved the hair that was there. I didn't have much anyway. Hope that's okay."

Mrs. Martin shook her head 'yes' and patted the bed next to her. I sat on the bed and she started kissing my lips again. While she did that her right hand moved lightly over my smooth chest and, with an eye open, she slid that hand down my belly right to my thigh. She rested it there for several seconds then broke away from the kiss. She was panting with excitement. She placed her hand right on my hard cock, wrapping her cool fingers around it. She moved her thumb over the precum at the tip and spread the slippery fluid all over the head of my cock.

"Peter, I can't believe we get to do this," she whispered. Then she lowered her head to my cock, poised right above it for several very long seconds. I felt her warm breath on my hard flesh. She looked up at my face once, smiled conspiratorially and licked her lips. She turned back to my cock and slid her red lips down my shaft until her nose was against my balls. She stayed down on it like that while her tongue moved all around my prick.

"I hope you have taken your pill Mrs. Martin. Mrs. Wilson almost forgot that once." I said as her tongue was twirling around my prick. She pulled her face from my cock, kissed me on the lips again and said, "Oh Yesss. I have taken my pill and...just sit there and watch...I think you will like my body Peter."

She stood up then, no longer a nervous, more like a wild woman...much like Mrs. Wilson. She unbuttoned the blouse she had on, opened it so I could see her tits in a very nice black bra. She squeezed her small tits with the bra still on, then tipped the top of the bra down under her tits, leaving it there while she pulled on her brown nipples. "Do you like my tits Peter? Charles doesn't think they're big enough. I know they are smaller than Laurie's tits." I nodded my head and said, "Oh I like your tits VERY much Mrs. Martin!"

She looked down at me as she removed the open blouse and the bra. She threw them on the floor. She peeled the tight capris pants down her gorgeous legs. Wearing just her black panties now, she moved her hands up and down her shaved legs and said, "I'll bet you like my legs. Do you?" I smiled and said she had beautiful legs. She smiled back and moved her right hand right at the crotch of her panties. "I am very very wet Peter. Would you like to take my panties off for me?" I hopped to the edge of the bed. Mrs. Martin moved in front of me and when I touched the flesh at the place where the elastic made its mark, she instantly had goosebumps and shivered.

I could smell her cunt already as I slid her panties down her thighs. Unlike Mrs. Martin, she had a very hairy cunt. It was the first hairy cunt I had ever seen. The panties were now in a puddle of silk at her feet. She stepped out of them and stood in front of me so I could admire her body. Just then the telephone rang. She jumped up like she had seen a snake. "Just a minute Peter," she said as she moved to the desk and picked up the black receiver of the phone.

She reddened when she heard the voice. "Hello Dear. No, I haven't thought about what to make for dinner yet. What would you like?" She nodded at the phone, just as I had once with Mrs. Wilson, then said, "Well sure. I'll thaw out some hamburger. Do you want me to fry them or do you want to grill them? Okay, sure will. Okay Dear. Have a good day. Thank you, I will try to have a good day too. Goodbye hon."

She put the phone down then, turned to me and stood there with her eyes closed for a while as she got her breathing back to what was normal for the situation.

She breathed out a "Whew" then looked down at me and asked if Mrs. Martin had done oral sex with me. I said, "Sure. She likes sucking my cock. Do you want to do that?" She looked at me for a moment then put one foot on the bed. My eyes went to her bushy cunt. The hair there was brown, unlike the hair on her head. I figured out that she probably had her hair dyed blonde. Mrs Martin moved her fingers through her cunt hair and asked, "Have you done oral sex on HER Peter?" I looked up at Mrs. Martin's face and said, "No I haven't." I took a deep breath and asked, "Would you like for me to do that to...uh...for you?"

Mrs. Martin smiled and said, "Oh Yesss Please! I will tell you how I like it. You know...you know about the smell there...the perfume of the pussy?" I smiled and said I really liked that smell. She clapped her hands together and said, "Excellent! I haven't had a mouth on my pussy since before I married Charles."

Mrs. Martin sat on the bed, took one of the pillows, folded it over to make it thicker and put it under her butt, then she leaned back against the pillow at the head of the bed and opened her legs. I was at the foot of the head. She used the fingers of both hands to give me a come forward signal as she wore a huge grin on her face.

I crawled forward to her furry cunt. She whispered, "touch my hair lightly on top like this Peter. He moved her palm lightly and slowly over the very tip of the hair that stood up there. "Use a light touch," she hissed. Her smell was very strong and I loved it. I moved my hand to touch the tips of the brown hair. It was so thick I couldn't even see her slit. She gasped as my palm moved as she had shown me. Her eyes closed as her hips moved back and forth a bit. When she opened them again she smiled almost wickedly down at me and said, "Pull the lips of my vagina open please Peter. I moved my fingers through the hair and found the lips, nice and slippery. I pulled them apart and her perfume was even stronger now. "What do you want me to do now Mrs. Martin?" She put her hands in my hair and said, "Lick me where you have me open. Slide your tongue from low down all the way up to the little button you see at the top of my opening."

Fortunately she had placed the pillow there so it was easy to put my tongue right at the very bottom of her slit. The taste was unusual, but very interesting. Very soon I liked the taste quite a bit. I looked at her red insides as my tongue moved along just inside her lips. My nose pressed against that button she told me about and she put her hands on my head holding me there. She moved my head in small movements, keeping my nose on that button. She pressed her hips up into my face so my tongue could move inside her open slit. She moved her hips and my head like that for several minutes. Her thighs pressed against the sides of my head. I recognized the movements and sounds she made when she had her first orgasm.

She gasped, still holding my head right there against her open cunt. Finally she looked down and said, "Lick me on my clit...the little button...and slide your fingers...two,to start, into my pussy. Do you like that word Peter? Pussy." I said I liked that word and the other one very much. She asked what other word I knew. "Mrs. Wilson likes for me to call hers a Cunt. She says it's really a kind of very dirty word that most women don't like. So I will call yours a pussy if that's what you want."

Mrs. Martin seemed to think it over and said, "No, Charles calls it a pussy. For you and me though, I want you to use the word 'Cunt'. It is a VERY dirty word Peter. What we are doing is VERY dirty...don't you think?" I nodded my head and said, "I liked playing nasty."

I remembered about licking her clit, so started doing that. She whispered, "Fingers Peter...Two fingers...Now!" I slid two fingers into her hole. She was very very slippery and warm inside. I pulled my head from her clit as I watched my fingers moving into her. I pressed my thumb against her clit. She held onto my hand then and moved her hips as I heard the squishy sounds from inside where my fingers were slipping through her juicy cunt.

She had her head up looking at my hand she was holding there and said, "One more finger Peter!" I slipped a third into her, curling up my little finger so it wouldn't get hurt when she pushed my hand hard into her cunt. She gasped,"Twist your fingers inside of me." I started rotating my hand, my fingers as deep insider her as I could. I was really enjoying myself. I had cunt juice all over the back of my hand. I felt it on the palm too. "One more finger Peter," She gasped, "One more...NOW."

I slipped the little finger into her cunt and it seemed that there was more room there, so I pushed farther up into her cunt. My thumb just naturally curled up into my palm. For some reason I knew exactly what she wanted. I pushed my fingers, now bunched into a fist, deeper into the slippery hole and was kind of surprised when my hand popped inside her. Mrs. Martin screamed then and I tried to pull my hand out, but her hand clamped onto my wrist and she looked down at me with wild eyes and screeched, "How did you KNOW Peter?"

I just shook my head, not knowing what she meant. Her cunt muscles were squeezed my fist tightly. "Move your fist inside of me Peter. Punch it into my cunt...punch my slutty fuckhole Peter!" I moved my fist back and forth inside her cunt. The suction sounds from her juicy hole were amazing.

She came then and then again. She came six times before she finally said, "Enough! I can't take anymore Peter." I pulled my fist from her cunt, watching her cunt lips bulge apart as I pulled the fist out of her.

I didn't want to get the sticky juices on her bedspread, so lay my hand on her stomach as she gasped and cried. Eventually she fell asl**p. I was thinking that I didn't get to fuck her yet. Her breathing was steady and she was snoring quietly. I crawled up over her body then, pushed her left leg farther apart and she didn't wake up. I was on my knees as I pushed my prick to her hole, the hair at the opening plastered down from her cunt juice. Her hole was easy to find and my cock slipped into her. She seemed a bit looser inside than Mrs. Martin, but I figured my fist might have had something to do with that.

Fortunately her insides started to grasp my cock better. I fucked her for the longest time, taking my time to look down at her tits and her sl**ping face. It was fun to look down at her hairy cunt and see my cock sliding in and out past the plastered cunt hair. Finally I knew I was close, so I lay on top of her, my head beside hers as my hips moved quickly now driving my prick into her...fuckhole. I was thinking of how much I liked that word as I started to shoot my semen inside the sl**ping woman's cunt.

I got up then, took a shower and was dressed when she finally woke up. Her eyes fluttered and she gasped deeply. She lifted her head and saw me sitting on the edge of the bed dressed and ready to go home. She struggled to sit up. When she did, she reached to the nightstand and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. She lit one and smiled at me. "Next time Peter, I promise, I will let you fuck me BEFORE we do any of those other things." I decided not to tell her I had fucked her while she was asl**p. I figured she would know when she stood up and my semen started to slide down her leg.

She finished her cigarette, looked at the clock and her eyes opened wide. "Holy shit Peter. Charles will be home soon. I have to get you home. Would you mind taking the bus? I have to thaw out some hamburger before Charles gets home. Would that be okay?"

I had ridden the bus several times and said that would be fine. She asked for me to hand her the purse sitting on the desk. I brought it to her. She fished through it and found her wallet. She pulled out two twenty dollar bills and handed them to me. I looked at them curiously and asked, "They only take dimes on the bus Mrs. Martin." She laughed and took five dimes from her coin purse. I asked what she gave me the twenty-dollar bills for and she said, "I don't supposed Laurie told you. One of those is for her and one of them is for you."

I puzzled over that. She said, "It's for what you did for me today Peter. Please tell Laurie I want to see you in two more days." I stood up then, confused, but tucked the twenties into my pocket. "Okay Mrs. Martin, I will tell her." She got up then, and stumbled into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I watched as she got into the stream. She used the washcloth to wash the red lipstick from her face. She turned to me and said, "Go! I don't want you hear now Peter. Charles will be home soon. Go out the back door. You turn right when you step out into the alley. The bus stop is on corner of Willow and First. She said, "I'll pick you up the day after tomorrow. You were great!"

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wonderful cock wanking story,i spurted well,thank you
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There are now eight parts to this series.
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great series, please continue
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great mate keep going.