Cousin Tom Teaches Me About Jacking Off.

The only thing I had in common with my cousin Tom was being male and being born in the same year. He was born in March and I came long the following September. He asked me if it would be okay for him to spend the weekend with me, which kinda surprised me because we weren't close at all. I shrugged my shoulders and said 'sure'. It was the second week of summer and one weekend with my cousin would be okay, I thought.

My room was upstairs with my own bathroom. I had a single bed, but my Mom got out an air mattress, an extra blanket and pillow for Tom. After we had dinner he and I excused ourselves to go upstairs. When we were in the room he latched the door so no one could just walk in. That sort of puzzled me, but it didn't really bother me. He sat on my bed and asked me if I knew how to 'jack off'. I hadn't heard this term before and said that I didn't have any idea what that was.

His smile was huge. "You are going to LOVE this then! Jacking off is playing with your cock while you think about a naked girl and what it would be like to fuck her." I nodded my head and wondered what he meant about playing with your cock. I knew that fucking a girl meant putting my cock in her hole and some sort of seed would go inside her and maybe make her pregnant, so I nodded my head, not really much interested.

Tom started undressing. He was down to his underwear when I saw that his cock was not just hard, but bigger when it's hard than mine was. He pulled down his shorts and his huge prick bounced out. Tom patted his cock and said, "Hand made!" He grinned when he said that.

"Jacking off means you play with your dick and think about a naked girl that wants you to fuck her. You think about her pussy and her tits. You imagine what it will be like to push your cock into her pussy." Thinking about that, and seeing Tom holding his cock had mine hard now.

Sitting there on my bed, holding his cock Tom asked if I knew Melanie Roberts from school. I thought a bit and said, "Oh yeah. I know who she is." Tom smiled then and said, "Last weekend I fucked her. I fucked Melanie Roberts' pussy and it was great!" I sat there in stunned silence thinking about that.

I asked if he had made her pregnant then, because I knew that was what fucking was for. He laughed and said, "No Peter. I used a rubber. You know those machines on the wall in a gas station bathroom? Those are rubbers and you put one on your cock so your seed doesn't go inside of the girl you fuck."

That was news to me since the machine said minors couldn't use this product and it was for the prevention of disease. I figured it was some sort of medicine. I didn't bother to tell him that, but asked how he knew Melanie wanted him to fuck her. He thought about it a little bit then said, "I was at the skating rink and Melanie was there with some friends. She fell down right in front of me, so I helped her up. She was unsteady on her skates so I had to hug her to keep her from falling again. I nodded my head as he talked. "When her tits were pressed against my chest, my cock got hard and from the look on her face, I knew she had felt it."

I laughed a little and said, "How embarrassing!" Ron laughed and said it was a little embarrassing for both of them, but "When she smiled up at me and said, 'Thank you Tom.'" "I suggested we go sit down for a while. One thing led to another and we decided to leave the skating rink and take a walk. She told her friends and they all laughed about that. She said there was a nice place near the park where we could sit and talk with no goofy friends around...those were her words, not mine."

By the time we got there Melanie had undone three buttons on her blouse and I could see her tits a bit. We talked for a while then she asked me if I had a girlfriend. I told her no, but asked if she had a boyfriend. She said, "Well, not really. She told me she once had a boyfriend and they used to have fun together, but he had to go live with his Dad." Tom told me some more about her and then said that when they fucked she had taken him to her Dad's tool shop. They used the couch in there. He told me about kissing her and getting naked. I was very hard now and hung on his every word. I learned that she had fucked before and really liked it.

I was getting impatient to know more about jacking off. "So are you going to think about fucking Melanie Roberts when you jack off tonight?" He grinned and said he sure was. Tom moved close to my toilet. He started talking while he moved his hand on his big cock. "She takes off her bra and then she takes off her panties. Her slit is red and swollen a little bit. She sees my cock and smiles and asks if I am going to fuck her with it. I tell her to lie on her back and she does." Tom is stroking harder on his prick now and there is something dribbling from the end of it. I figured this was the seed.

"Then my cock pushes into her pussy and it's all warm and slippery." I had figured on warm, but slippery was something new to think about. Tom is stroking faster now. "Her pussy is wet and tight around my dick and she is making sounds." His voice is higher now and his hand is moving very fast. I watched in awe as he kept talking. "She said 'Fuck me Tom!'. That was when I started shooting my cum into the condom." With that the end of Tom's cock seemed to explode with jets of white stuff. He squirted it into the toilet saying loudly "Here I come!"

When he was done Tom wiped the end of his cock with some toilet paper, moving his hand up and down his cock. Some had splashed on the toilet seat so he wiped that up too. He looked at me then and said, "Okay Peter. Your turn." I felt a bit intimidated, not being nearly as big there as he was, I was certainly hard but wondered if I could actually make stuff squirt out like he did.

"What girl are you thinking about Peter?" I told him I was thinking about Mrs. Wilson next door. He didn't laugh, but asked me why. "She likes to sunbathe in her back yard and I have watched her as often as I can. She wears a bikini, but undoes the straps so you can almost see her tits." I had my clothes off now and my cock was in my hand. Tom asked me what I thought her pussy looked like.

"Well, I'm not sure, but I think she has a hairy pussy." Using new information now I added, "Her pussy is really wet and warm and she wants me to fuck her." He asked if she had nice tits. I nodded my head, stroking harder now, but thinking nothing is going to come of this whole thing. "Yeah, her tits are big like your Mom's tits are Tom." He asks if I want to fuck his Mom and I give him this look and say, " Ew no!She's my Aunt! I can't fuck my Aunt!" He smiled and said, "Tell me more about what it would be like to fuck Mrs. Wilson."

I tell him she said, "Oh Peter, your cock feels so good moving in and out of my slippery warm pussy." I concentrated now, thinking what that might be like, but really not knowing at all. I was motivated now and imagining her hairy pussy all wet and warm as my cock moved in and out, in and out of her hole. Then something seemed to click in my head and I knew that I WAS going to be able to come...that I really WANTED to come. My balls were shaking with the speed of my hand on cock and then that sweetly excruciating feeling came into my cock and I yelled "Oh fuck Tom! Here I come!!"

I watched this white stuff shoot out of my cock and thought I could die from the pleasure of it. I leaned forward, facing the tank of the toilet, my hands on the seat. I was breathing hard and watching the last bits of cum dribble off the end of my cock. Tom said, "Use your hand Peter and you will find there is still a little cum inside your cock that you need to get out of there. Otherwise it will get all over your sheets and whoever does your laundry will know." I did what he said and some of the white stuff dribbled out the end of my cock. I felt the cum with my fingers and found it was slippery.

Tom asked what it was like. I just shook my head and said "It was Great! Do you do it a lot?" He laughed and said he did it every time he had the chance.

That was certainly what I did. When I watched Mrs. Wilson now I stood at the window naked with paper towels ready to catch the cum. The third time I did that, I saw her take off her sun glasses and look up at my window. I ducked out of sight and didn't think she had seen me...then thought about what I might have looked like from down there and realized that if she had good eyesight, she might have seen what I was doing. Now I was embarrassed and worried about being in trouble. I looked out the window again and she was gone.

I waited days for the hammer to drop, but it didn't.
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2 years ago
No...didn't get in trouble.
2 years ago
To have a neighbor! Thanks!
2 years ago
very good start
2 years ago
can't wait for the next installment. luckily, since I am so late reading these, I know I don't have to wait
2 years ago
Oh, it will! Another great story, more please.
2 years ago
Very nice story
2 years ago
very good indeed..thanks ..but tell us if you got in trouble,,