My Wife Confesses. Part Three

It's hard to say we got into a routine. I mean how routine can it be when my wife is fucking her b*****r in OUR bed two or three times a night. I got very comfortable with being close enough to the bed to feel the bed move, to catch the smell of fucking and to see her cunt take his huge cock.

They had already re-enacted the time they almost got caught by their parents. I hadn't heard about that until Linda said, "Gary, remember that time we were fucking in Mom and Dad's bed and they came home early?" He laughed and talked about how they scrambled to get their clothes back on even though they were both still slippery from the fucking. How Mom had come into the bedroom while they were still looking for Linda's panties. Gary laughed and said, "You told her that Snuggles, that was our cat Peter, had been hiding somewhere in the house and we had been looking for her." Linda said, shrieking with laughter,"you looked down and there were my panties barely sticking out from under Mom's pillow. You sat on the bed, looking down at the space between her nightstand and the bed calling Snuggles while you grabbed my panties."

They were talking about all this while Linda had her legs spread and was sliding down onto Gary's massive cock. That was when the phone rang. I answered it and they both heard me say, "Hello Maureen." They stopped fucking then. Linda grinned at me as I talked to Gary's wife, then she started sucking his cock.

Maureen asked if everything was all right with Linda. I told her she had just been missing her b*****r and needed some time with him. "Linda is doing just fine Maureen. Thank you for letting Gary spend the weekend with us. We have all had a great time." Of course I was stroking my cock as I did every time I watched my wife and her b*****r have sex. She asked if she could talk to Gary. I asked, "Do you want me to take the phone to Gary?" While she was saying 'yes' Gary held out his hand. Linda continued sucking his cock.

"Hello Baby. Yeah Linda is doing MUCH better. She just needed some time with BIG b*****r. Yeah, I'll be home Sunday night. I can't wait to come...home. Yeah, sure, Linda IS right here, but she has a mouthful right now. Just a second." Linda smiled and pulled her mouth of his cock. She held his prick and slid all the way down on it until it was embedded deep in her cunt.

"Hey, Hi Maureen! Thank you so so much for giving up your weekend time with Gary. He has filled a deep need I had for time with my big b*****r. We have been talking about old times, remembering when we were k**s and all that happened back then." She listened for a while and said, "Oh stuff about times with Mom and Dad and silly stuff like looking for our cat. Times we almost got into trouble and how we dealt with all that. Yeah, it has been the best time. Sure, I'll give the phone to Gary."

She handed her b*****r the phone. He grinned as Linda flexed her cunt muscles then slid up and down slowly on his prick. "Yeah Baby, I can't wait to see you Sunday. We will have some uh...catching up to do. No, Linda can't hear me. She is busy doing something else in her own little world. Oh yeah Baby, this big cock will be all ready to fill you up." Laughing then, "Yeah, these trips to see s*s always do seem to 'charge me up'. Love you too baby. Wear the green nightie. That one always gets me. Bye hon."

As soon as he hung up Gary flipped his s****r over onto her back and started pounding her cunt hard. I took more pictures, the ones they both asked for when the weekend started. There were over 500 of them now. I made a disc for Gary, one for Linda, and one for me.

When we went to the airport, they planned for Linda to have a need for her b*****r again in six months.
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2 years ago
I'm not sure if I am done with this series. Anyone want some more?
2 years ago
Nice family.
2 years ago
Nice one.