Clubhouse Part Five Stud with Trudy

I walked all the way home from school. I had stopped at the gas station and washed my sticky cock and balls clean. I still smelled like cunt though and went to a phone booth and called Trudy.

She was surprised and happy to hear from me. I asked if she could come pick me up in her car. She said 'yes' right away so I waited in front of the gas station for her. When she pulled up I hopped into the car and said, "I fucked my teacher about forty minutes ago. I have the smell of her cunt all over my cock and balls."

Trudy leaned over my lap and said, "Wow. Your teacher has some powerful cunt juice." She pulled her skirt up to her waist and said, "I am so wet since you called." Her shaved cunt was right there in plain view for me. "Mom and Dad are home, but Mark isn't. How about we go into my bedroom and fuck?"

I grinned at her and said it sounded good to me as long as we could have a shower after. When we got to the house she parked near the carport. I hadn't been in the clubhouse for a while and said, "Hey, let's fuck in the clubhouse."

Trudy thought that sounded like fun. I unlocked the door and we walked in. She hadn't been in the clubhouse before and she knew that was where I had first fucked her mother. She looked around the room just as Emily had. She giggled when she saw the dried semen under Miss April and Miss December. I walked up behind her, lifted her skirt and pushed her against the wall. I fingered her cunt and gave her a nice hard orgasm.

I was in a mood after having fucked my teacher. Trudy didn't protest as I pushed her, fully-clothed to her knees on the floor. I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock and balls out from inside. "My teacher is a slut Trudy. Her cunt juice is all over my cock. I want to fuck your mouth." She looked up at me, blinking her eyes and with a small grin opened her mouth. "Fuck my mouth Peter. Fuck it hard!" She unbuttoned her shirt and opened it so I could see her tits. Her nipples were very hard.

I pushed her head against the plywood wall, her dark hair framed by the dried semen below Miss April. She gagged first when I jammed my cock all the way down her throat. I backed off and took it a bit more slowly. Her eyes were blinking with excitement and her face was red. Once she could take my cock down her throat with no gag response, I started fucking her face hard.

We both heard footsteps outside, but I didn't stop fucking Trudy's face. A light rap on the door and Emily said quietly, "Peter and Trudy, I hope I am not interrupting anything." Trudy couldn't talk, but I jammed my cock down her throat again and said, "Not at all Emily. I am fucking Trudy's throat and you are welcome to come in and watch."

Emily opened the door slowly, looked down to where she could watch me slamming my cock down her daughter's throat. She smiled sweetly, moved into the clubhouse, shut the door behind her and watched from there. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Emily's smile get bigger whenever my cock caused Trudy to gag.

I didn't want to cum down Trudy's throat so when my orgasm threatened the first time, I pulled out and left Trudy panting hard, with strings of saliva trailing from my cock to her mouth.

I helped her stand up, asked how she was doing. "Great Peter! This is so fucking hot! I want more!"

"Hands on the wall slut!" She complied immediately. Emily raised her skirt and was masturbating furiously while I lifted Trudy's skirt, kicked her feet apart, and crammed my cock hard up into her cunt. She made small cries each time I slammed up into her. Her tits were pressed against Miss April's tits.

I fucked Trudy hard, but didn't want to cum in her cunt either. When I was ready for orgasm this time I pulled out and said, "Emily, pull your blouse off and take off your bra." I waited for that. "Now, both of you, on your knees in front of me, tits out and faces up. Both women, breathing hard complied and knelt there almost breathlessly waiting for what was next. I pushed their heads next to each other and started jacking furiously on my cock. Emily's eyes were wide open, but Trudy had closed hers.

I slapped Trudy's cheek with my cock and said, "Keep your eyes open slut." Trudy did so though they blinked a bit. "What do you want from me?" I asked with a growl. Both said they wanted to feel my cum on their faces...though not in the same words.

I smiled down at them as I resumed pounding my meat hard in my fist. The first jet of semen got both women across their noses. The next jets left white streaks across both their faces. There were more spurts and these landed on their tits. I squeezed out the last drops of semen onto Trudy's forehead.

When it was all done, I said, "I don't know what came over me, but I had to do that. I hope you understand."

Emily and Trudy looked at the art work I had left on their faces and tits and smiled. Emily looked up at me and said, "Eroticism takes many forms Peter. There was nothing wrong with what just happened. I must admit though, this was the first time anything like this has happened to me."

I helped both of them off the floor. We all walked back to the house, with parts of us hanging out. Emily started the shower. We stripped and were soon washing each other. Emily was intrigued to hear about my sexual encounter with my teacher. "Nature built men to be able to get around and inseminate as many women as possible. You will need to be discreet with her because she is in a vulnerable position."

I dried off, thanked Trudy for the ride and the great sex. I kissed Emily and said I had fun. I dressed and walked next door to home in time for dinner.

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2 years ago
There will be more.
2 years ago
Liked this one, too.
2 years ago
There will be more xnethu
2 years ago
This is a great series of stories. Hope more are on the way.
2 years ago
Great story. Thanks very much.