Clubhouse Part Five Stud at school

The following week at school, it was almost like there was an aura about me. Girls who never talked to me were hanging around and hanging on my every word.

In the afternoon I went to Art class with Mrs. Hunsaker. She was a beautiful woman who had a bit of a whispered about reputation. I had always liked looking at her in less than an appropriate way, but now that I was a stud and had fucked both Emily and Trudy, I was interested in seeing if the whispers were true.

I was very good at art. The lesson for this day was perspective and the vanishing point. While most of the other students got it, I REALLY got it and was done long before the others had theirs halfway done.

Mrs. Hunsaker came over to me to see what I had done. She was leaning over my desk in the type of scoop-neck dress she liked to wear. I stared down the front of her dress while she was looking at my art work. She was wearing a black bra to hold in what had to be 40 DD tits. She said I had done good work, then noticed where my eyes were fixed and the grin on my face.

She stood up then as if she were indignant and walked away from me, walking quickly around the room, then opened the door and stood in the doorway getting her breath and composure back. She had a girl collect the papers and dismissed the class before the bell rang.

As I walked past her, I smiled at her and flashed my eyes at her tits behind the blouse and walked out the door.

The following week we worked with modeling clay. I knew just what to make. I rolled the clay into some thin layers which I then fashioned with thicker clay to make a perfect vulva. The clit was perfect and the lips were open revealing the inside of this cunt of clay. Mrs Hunsaker walked around the room and when she came to my desk you leaned forward on my desk again. She wore a blouse which was more open in front than the dress she had worn last week and she was wearing no bra. She looked at my face as I looked at hers then moved my eyes to watch her tits. She asked if my work was done and I pointed to it where I had pushed it so it was hidden from her by her massive tits. She looked down at it...did a double take...then put her hand over the artwork and picked it up.

"This is very well done Peter. You have obviously seen and studied this particular subject very intensely." I smiled at her face and licked my lips.
"I am very interested in the subject matter Mrs. Hunsaker. She grinned then and said, "I want you to come see me after class today." I looked around the room and no one could really see us. I said, "I would be happy to uh see you after class." I moved my left hand up and traced her right nipple, pulling on it a little bit. She gasped, pulled away, then said, "Please be prompt after school Peter." She took my artwork to her desk, opened the front drawer, looked down at it for a moment, the closed the drawer and smiled at me once more.

My last class was P.E. Coach never came outside to watch us after class, so I was first in to have my shower and first out and gone. I knew Mrs. Hunsaker had no last period class. I walked down the hall to her room and found her door closed. I rapped on the door and waited. Mrs. Hunsaker opened it, gasped, stuck her head out looking up and down the hall and saw no one. She said, "Inside quickly Peter." She closed and locked the door after me.

All the curtains were drawn shut. "The girls you have fucked are just girls. Today you are going to fuck a woman." She paused and whispered almost pleadingly, "You DO want to fuck me don't you?" She was just a few inches shorter than I was. I walked to where she stood next to the wall by the door, pushed her back against the wall and started kissing her as my hands moved up underneath her blouse and started caressing and squeezing her huge tits. "You will be my second woman and my third fuck partner Mrs. Hunsaker. What is your first name?

She wrapped her arms around me and said, "My name is Halana. When we are alone you may call me Halana. When others are around I will be Mrs. Hunsaker. I am your second woman? I nodded yes then said, "the other was her daughter." "Wow. How old is the mother?" I grinned and said, "Now you don't want a guy who kisses and tells do you?"

She pushed away from me and opened the room where all the art supplies were kept in her room. It was a largish room, kind of like a nice walk in closet. I had been in the room before to get supplies but now there were mats on the floor. She closed the door behind her. The full length mirror on the door made me wonder if this was where she had her other conquests. We stood on opposite sides of the mat from each other. I undressed while I watched her do the same. I was naked before she was and her eyes were riveted on the hard prick throbbing in front of me. Her huge tits sagged a bit, but were very nice. Her cunt was a full thick bush. This would be new for me. Emily's cunt had sparse hair on it the first time I fucked her. After that she was shaved as was Trudy.

"Do you enjoy sixty-nine Peter?" she asked while she fingered her cunt. I licked my lips and said, "I do indeed. Your cunt looks very juicy and tasty."

She knelt forward onto the mat and beckoned me to her. I walked up to my teacher, looking down at her face that stared at my prick. She looked up at me, grabbed my prick, smiled and licked her lips. Once the head was in her mouth I started fucking her face. Her eyebrows shot up surprised and she looked up at my face. I grinned wickedly down at her as I fucked this slut's face. Those "owb, glowb" sounds she made as my cock slid down her throat were music to my ears.

I held her face tightly and fucked her face hard. Finally she mustered all her strength and pushed me away. She gasped , holding a hand to her ample chest as she caught her breath. She looked up at me and said, "Wow!"

"I suppose you have heard about my reputation. You need to know it's only partially true. I have had oral sex only with my students in the past. I think fucking is a step too far...but with are the most aggressive young man I have been with. I would let you fuck me if I can be sure you will be discreet. You do understand that word Peter?"

"Yeah I do Halana. Discreet means you don't want anyone to know what we do and I assure I don't want anyone knowing about that either. I don't have a rubber, so if you aren't on some type of birth control you will need to tell me. I have already made one baby. It's due in about six months" Her eyebrows raised again and she asked if I had told the girl's parents. I laughed and said, "It's not the's the mother."

She just sat there her mouth gaping. Finally she looked back up at me and said, "I don't do birth control. It seems I am barren. My husband and I have tried for ten years and nothing. Besides, I love fucking when there are no condoms or even any pills to prevent the slight possibility of pregnancy. If you are ready to fuck me Peter I am really ready for you."

"Hands and knees in front of the mirror Halana," I ordered. She moved to the position quickly. "Head on the floor now. Spread your cunt lips for me and I will fuck that juicy hairy cunt." She did as ordered, spreading her lips by pulling on the hair on either side. I knelt behind her, rubbing the head of my cock in the juices of my teacher's cunt. Her cunt smelled delicious and I had to soak my shaft in those juices. I thrust hard into her cunt as I pulled back hard on her hips. "The first fuck is going to be fast and quick. I need to come. I haven't fucked anyone almost three days. My balls are full of juice. Fuck! Your cunt smells so fucking good." I pistoned into her fast and deep. She made sounds each time I bottomed out in her. I slipped my thumb into her cunt next to my shaft. When it was coated with her cunt juice I pulled it out and plunged it into the little red eye staring up at me. She squealed as I twisted my thumb in her anus. I came hard inside that hairy hole. I pulled out immediately and said, "On your knees." I stood up then and held onto her ears and said, "Open your mouth". She did and I slammed my cunt juice covered cock down her throat. I fucked that face, my balls slamming hard against her chin.

"I'm going to come deep down your throat and then I will be through for today. I will need a ride home because I don't drive and I have missed my bus. She couldn't say no because my cock was plugging her throat. Those delicious sounds again. Her chin was red with the f***e of my groin slapping into it. When I shot those ropes of semen down her throat Halana choked a bit on it, but I didn't stop moving until I was done.

She stayed on her knees gasping and coughing up semen. Finally she said, "I can't drive you home Peter. My husband picks me up after he gets off work."

I looked at her and said, "You expect me to walk home after I filled your cunt and your mouth with cum? The next time you want my cock you need to have some way to take me home. I will walk this time, but this is unfair to your student that you kept after school.

She brightened at that and said she would try. I was dressed already and she was still naked. I smelled of cunt, but knew I could go to Emily's house next door and have a shower before I went home. Besides...I still had semen to share with someone."
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