Clubhouse Part Four

The following week I was surprised to see Mark's s*******n year old s****r Trudy at the front door. I said hello and she quickly said, "My Mother asked if you could come over." I told her sure and followed her as she led the way.

I was watching her ass and thinking how nice it was as we walked to their front door. Emily was sitting at a chair knitting something. Trudy sat on the couch and I sat on the other end of it. "Did Trudy tell you about the news Peter?" I looked confused and Trudy told her Mom she hadn't gotten around to that.

Emily smiled and made a short sigh before she started. "Peter, I wanted you to know that there will soon be a new baby in our home." I was surprised at that and ready to congratulate her when I realized there was only one way she was going to be having a baby. To say I was in shock would be an understatement. I stood up and started to say something, then looked at Trudy who was smiling up at me.

Emily smiled and said, "My daughter knows all about our activities Peter. You are going to be a father. I don't want you to worry about that though. Rene and I will happily raise the c***d. We have wanted one for some time. I confess that's why I contacted you that first time after I went into the clubhouse and found your story. No one outside this room will ever know who the father actually is."

I nodded my head, then thought of something and asked, "Does Mark know?" Emily sighed then and said Mark was at his Aunt and Uncle's house across town. Trudy had driven her to the doctor yesterday when her suspicions were confirmed. "He doesn't know yet Peter, but he will soon. He will only know who the father is when it's the right time for him to know.

She looked at Trudy then and said, "Trudy dear, don't you have something to do in your room?" Trudy grinned and said, "Oh yes. I will get right to it." She left the room. Emily patted the stool in front of her chair and asked me to sit so she could talk to me more intimately. "The fact of my pregnancy will not stop our lessons Peter. In fact, there is a lesson that you might be interested in pursuing today." I perked up at that and was ready to ask 'how' since Trudy was at home and knew what we did.

"What do you think of Trudy Peter? I don't mean do you think she is a nice person...are you now or have you ever been interested in having sexual relations with her?" I scratched my chin and figured out here was another sure thing and said, "Well yeah. She is really hot. She's got a great ass on her too." I saw Emily look across the room behind me. Trudy had been standing there listening to the whole thing. I reddened a bit, but got over that soon enough. Trudy sat back down on the couch. I looked from Emily to Trudy, smiled at her, then looked back at Emily. "Okay...uh...I mean really okay...but you are pregnant. I think it would hard to explain two pregnant females in this house."

Emily smiled that smile only she has. "That is very thoughtful of you to think of that Peter. My daughter has been on birth control since the day I told her about our activities. We talk about everything and she has enjoyed all the stories I have told her about our experiences. She told me yesterday after the doctor confirmed the pregnancy that she would like to have real sex sometime. I suggested that you might be amenable to such activity.

I sat there listening to Emily, but looking at Trudy now. She was looking back at me hard. I turned my head to Emily and asked, "Do you think we could do it...Now?" Both Trudy and Emily said "Yes!" emphatically. "You two are free to go right now into Trudy's bedroom. I will give you your privacy."

I was ready to go right away but Trudy went over to her mother and said, "Mother, I would love it if you were there to watch me lose my virginity. Please come and watch us. Please?!"

Emily looked at me and I said, "that would be great Emily." I followed Trudy to her room while Emily followed me. Her daughter and I stood facing each other and finally Emily said, "This only works if you remove your clothes." We all laughed at that and I took my shoes off the safe way, while sitting on Trudy's bed. I watched Trudy unzip the dress she was wearing. I was completely naked while Trudy was slowly removing her dress and shoes. Her eyes were on my cock that bounced with the rhythm of my heartbeat.

I was surprised to see Trudy's cunt was shaved. I looked at her in awe and said, "you are so fucking beautiful Trudy." She removed her bra and her beautiful breasts, smaller than Emily's but with the same brown nipples, came into view.

"Do you like my pussy Peter? Mother shaved it for me this morning. She said you liked her smooth pussy and I wanted to do that for you ...hoping you would say yes to sex today."

I stood up then, went to Trudy and wrapped my arms around her. Her flesh was so hot and smooth against mine. I kissed her and she kissed me back. I licked her lips then slid my tongue into her mouth and she ground her hips against my hard shaft which was pushed up against her belly. I could smell her pussy from above and knew she was really ready.

Emily meanwhile, unobserved by us, was nude as well. She had pulled up a chair and had her hand on her smooth pussy. I pushed Trudy back onto the bed. Emily said, "wait a minute" then came back with a large towel. She lay it on the bed and I looked at it in confusion. "Trudy is a virgin Peter. You are going to fuck her today and her hymen will tear. The hymen is not far inside the vagina and will often tear and bleed upon initial intercourse. We don't want to spoil this beautiful quilt" She leaned forward to Trudy, her breasts dangling over her daughter and lifted her up to a seated position. The mother and daughter hugged each other and kissed gently on the lips. Trudy was smiling and said, "thank you mother."

I nodded my head, having heard something about the 'cherry' before. "Will it hurt Trudy?" Emily's eyebrows knitted and she said, "Possibly, in fact probably. My first sexual experience was a bit rough right at first. Once you have broken through her hymen, you should probably rest your penis deep inside her as the pain abates for her. Trudy will know when it's time for you to start moving again. Sometimes there is little to no pain at all. It's different for everyone.

She sat there with Trudy and beckoned me over to sit on the side of Trudy. "Dear," she said looking down at Trudy, "Would you open your legs please so I may show Peter where your hymen is located?" Trudy nodded and moved her legs apart. She was breathing hard. Emily and I both looked at Trudy partially open slit. "Would you spread your lips for me please dear?" Trudy's face was red as she reached down and pulled her cunt lips apart. "Perhaps you need to reach inside a bit more with your fingers dear and open yourself more than this."

Trudy nodded and soon I could see down into her cunt. Emily said, "Right there Peter. That right there is the thin membrane known as the hymen but commonly called the cherry. She inserted her finger and touched it lightly. "Trudy dear, extend your finger and slide it down next to mine. She held up a small hand mirror then so her daughter could see it. Trudy said, "I've seen it before and touched it too Mom. Remember when you showed me the different ways you like to masturbate? You said holding a mirror in front of my pussy would help me become more acquainted with it."

Emily nodded her head and said she had forgotten about that. "Here Peter, look inside of Trudy's cunt put your finger right down on the cherry. When I touched it Emily put her finger on where my finger sat outside Trudy's cunt so we could measure the distance. She pulled back on my hand, keeping her finger there, then held that measure to the tip of my cock.

She kept her finger there and moved her head to my cock. I felt her mouth slide down my prick until it reached where the finger had marked the hymen distance. She moved her tongue completely around that part of my shaft so I would have a feel for the depth my cock would feel when I was against the hymen.

"When you have gotten to this depth, you might try pushing gently on the hymen. If hers is not like mine was then it will eventually give way if you persist in pushing there. Since this is a lesson that is also one for my daughter, I think showing your appreciation and love for her is a good idea.You will want to kiss her mouth as she kisses you back. Be passionate and wild with that...then you should start fucking my daughter.

I smiled down at Trudy who grinned back at me. Her nipples were very hard. I rubbed the palm of my hand lightly over the tips of her nips and she gasped. I leaned down to her face then, my hands on her cheeks and kissed her gently. We both kept our eyes wide open. I licked her lips lightly with the tip of my tongue. "I have always thought you were really sexy Trudy. I never thought I would get the chance to fuck you. Before your Mother started my 'lessons' I had jacked off many times thinking about what your body must look like.

Trudy wrapped her arms around me and pulled me hard to her face. We kissed more passionately than Emily and I had ever done. Her tongue was in my mouth as deep as she could get it. My tongue wrestled with hers. I ground my hips against her hips as my hairless chest lay against her small breasts. Trudy looked at my face and whispered, "Fuck me now Peter. Make me a woman. I am not worried about any pain."

I was moving my cock trying to get it inside her when I heard Emily say, "Trudy darling, reach down and grasp Peter's cock and guide it inside your cunt." I felt Trudy's hand reach between us and sighed when she guided the head to her very slippery slit. I remembered the cock measure to the hymen and pushed in to that point. The hymen was pressed against the head of my cock. I did as Emily said and pushed against it, then backed off and pushed against it a bit harder. I finally pushed against it and was pressing very hard and nothing gave way. Trudy was crying now.

I was ready to say something to Emily when I heard her say, "I hope the two of you will forgive me for this." I started to look around at her when the flat of her palm crashed very hard on my bare ass. The slap resounded through the room, stung my ass and caused me to make an avoidance maneuver. The effect was that in escaping the pain I pushed hard enough to tear Trudy's cherry and I plunged all the way down inside her cunt.

We were both gasping and I could feel her heartbeat against mine. Trudy had tears streaming down her cheeks and a huge smile on her face. We both kept gasping for several minutes then Trudy whispered, "I'm ready for you to fuck me now Peter." Trudy told me later she watched her mother masturbate the entire time she and I fucked.

Trudy was much tighter than her mother, which made sense having had two c***dren already. Her tight cunt squeezed my cock and it wasn't long before I felt my orgasm rising. I knew Trudy hadn't had her orgasm yet, but the imperative to fill this woman with seed had taken over my brain and I was slamming into her now. Trudy gasped, "Are you going to come inside of me Peter?" I grinned and pounded faster as I said "Fuck coming..."

My potent seed spurted deep into this young woman. While that was going on I heard Emily cuming hard behind us. I lay on top of Trudy, both of us panting. "That was wonderful Trudy. I'm sorry you had pain and did you cum?"

She smiled and said the pain was over now and she was a woman and we could fuck anytime we wanted to. She said she knew she would come sometime when we were fucking and you couldn't really expect that the first time.

I rolled over then and saw that my cock was coated with cum and bl**d. I looked at Trudy's cunt and saw bl**d trickle down onto the towel. Her moved onto the bed, her face just above her daughter's cunt. She smiled up at Trudy and then dipped her face to that beautiful cunt full of bl**d, cunt juice and semen. I watched in awe as she lapped at her daughter's virgin juices. Trudy put her hands on her mother's head and held it there as Emily licked her clean and soothed the torn part inside her. Trudy's hips started pushing up into her mother's face, grinding on her mouth and then she moaned loudly as her woman's cunt got a beautiful orgasm.

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Thanks! More are on the way.
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This is a great series of stories. Hope more are on the way.