Annual Doctor Exam: Version Two

When I started the Annual Doctor Exam story yesterday I entered it with a very different idea. I like how that turned out yesterday, but here is the way I had planned it originally.

I drove the 50 miles to my doctor's office for the annual exam that would include, of course, checking for hernia and checking of my prostate. This doctor knows that I am open to having student doctors examine me because I believe that education of future doctors requires having some citizens willing to undergo examinations under the eye of an established doctor.

I was led into the examination room by a medical assistant. Once in the room she had me sit down so she could take my bl**d pressure and check my temperature. Once that was done she left the room.

Soon Dr. Stevens walked into the room and after saying hello and asking the important doctor question, "How are you feeling?", he told me he had an intern who would be working with him for a while. He asked if I was still open to examinations by an intern as long as he was there and I told him that was fine with me.

He excused himself and said he would be right back. When he walked into the room I was very surprised to see that this intern was, in fact, the daughter of my next door neighbors. I knew she had gone to medical school, but had never thought that coincidence would bring this about. Emily, beautiful, nicely put together and platinum blonde stood beside the doctor with her eyes wide open and a smile on her face. She put a finger to her lips and I acted as if I didn't know her.

"Peter Martin, this is Emily Walters. She is in the medical program at the University and is on track to be a doctor in the near future. Since you have agreed to undergo testing while I supervise, I will let Emily take over.

I watched Emily sit at Dr. Stevens chair as she looked at my file. She went through the vitals that had been checked that day and said I had lost eleven pounds, my bl**d pressure was good. She then started going over my medications. She asked about each one and if I was still taking them, at what time of day and so on. When she got to the daily Cialis Emily asked, "Do you still take Cialis?" I said yes. She went on, "what time of day do you take it?" I told her I had taken it just as I left home this morning. She asked if the medication was effective. I smiled then and said it was very effective.

My cock had been stirring at the thought of Emily examining me, but after those questions my cock was stiff and would still be so when I had to drop my pants. I thought to myself any female doctor as beautiful as Emily would have to deal with that when she had a male patient. I was thinking of the moment I dropped my pants and my cock sprang out hard in front of her.

She had me open my shirt so she could check my lungs and heart. Her fingers were warm on my chest where she held the stethoscope. She allowed her fingers to keep touching me as she moved the stethoscope down to my belly. She wrote her findings on my file and said, "heart, lungs and stomach area all sound good."

"Would you please remove your shoes and socks and drop your pants and underwear for me Mr. Martin?" I tried to keep a straight face, but mentioned, "You DO recall I took my Cialis before I left home today?" Emily looked at me professionally and said, "I understand that Mr. Martin and I will not be embarrassed if you should have an erection." I smiled then and after removing my shoes and socks, pulled down my pants, my erection evident in my underwear. I slipped off my shorts and my cock stood at full attention in front of Emily and Dr. Stevens.

She looked directly at my cock and said, "I can see that the Cialis is, indeed, very effective." I smiled at her as she sat on a stool in front of me, the tip of my cock just inches from her platinum blonde bangs. "I will test for hernia now Mr. Martin. She placed her gloved hand on my ball sack and moved a finger into to find the place she would need to press as I coughed. I saw pre-cum flowing from the tip of my prick. It was inches away from her forehead. "Turn your head to the left and cough twice please." I watched her eyes look up at the underside of my shaft. There was a faint smile on her lips.

Even through the latex gloves, I felt the warmth of her hand as she held my balls. My shaft was resting just on top of her hand. She adjusted her fingers again and had me cough once more. As she stood up, she turned her hand over and, unseen by Dr. Stevens, she caressed my shaft slowly, finally squeezing it as she moved away to write down her findings.

At that moment there was a rap on the door. Dr. Stevens opened the door and listened as the medical assistant said there was some sort of problem elsewhere. He turned back to us and said, Mr. Martin, Dr. Walters I need to give some attention to a patient in another examination room. Are you comfortable with me leaving for today?" We both gave him assurances that would be fine. Emily waited five minutes after he left then latched the door.

"Peter, do you know how many times I fantasized about seeing your body? Your cock is amazing." I laughed a little and said, "I can't count the times I thought about your tight little body as I fucked Dolores." Dolores is my wife and had known Emily as the cute neighbor girl. We had both watched her grow up.

"I know this is totally wrong Peter, but I am dripping wet right now. Would you like to use that cock? I would love to feel it inside of me." I looked at her, thinking about how this would work and asked, "Are you suggesting I fuck you here? Now?" She nodded her head and said, "Yes. Please!" I said, "Fuck yeah! You need to let me see your body Emily. No need to take off your clothes, but I want to see those tits. I don't know if you are aware of it, but I saw them six years ago when you walked over to our house, right after Dolores had driven away. You might not remember. You were..." She interrupted. "I was walking Banjo (her dog) and walked up to you out in the yard. I dropped Banjo's leash, so I leaned forward to pick the leash off the ground. I made it last because I knew you were looking down my blouse at my tits. Yeah...I remember. I planned it. I was hoping you would fuck me then, but you restrained yourself apparently. I thought you didn't think I was sexy enough. I mean my tits are not much larger now...just 34 B." She unbuttoned her shirt and opened it. She had no need of a bra and there was none covering her beautiful tits.

"Emily, after you left I immediately went into the house and masturbated imagining what it would have been like if we had fucked." I moved my hands to her breasts and squeezed them gently. I moved my hands to her pants and unbuttoned them. "I think we'll need to have these pants all the way off. Take off your shoes Emily and let's get down to that dripping wet cunt." Emily put each foot up onto the stool she had sat on to examine me. She removed them, then slid the pants down her thighs. She stood up then. Her cute panties were deliciously soaked in the crotch. I stuck two fingers inside the crotch of her panties and slid them down her legs. I lifted the panties to my nose and inhaled her scent. Smiling, I looked at her directly as I put them into a pocked in my pants on the chair. "Just a little souvenir."

Emily was leaning back against the examination table, breathing hard. Her eyes were on my cock. "How do you want me Peter?" I put my hands on her hips and lifted her to the exam table as I said, "I want you on your back, your calves on my shoulders." I whistled lowly then and said, "Your body is a wonderland." We both laughed at the musical reference. I had my hand on her shaved cunt, my knuckle pressing against her clit and my thumb toying with the slippery slit below. "I don't have a condom Emily, I assume you are on birth control."

"I am Peter. Fuck me!" I rubbed the underside of my shaft along her slippery opening then as I slid the head down to that slippery opening, I thrust deep into her. Emily gasped. She moved her hand down to my shaft and felt it as it moved in and out of her. We went slowly because I didn't know if Emily was a screamer.

"You are so fucking gorgeous."
We both said at the same time, "I have dreamed of this." My shaft was covered with her juices and gleamed in the examination room lights. There was a delicious 'thwock, thwock, thwock' sound as I bottomed out in her with each stroke.

"I wouldn't have needed my Cialis if I knew I was going to fuck YOU. Your cunt feels so good on my cock." Emily, resting on her elbows now as she watched my cock slide in and out of her said, "I have masturbated so many times while looking at the picture my folks took of you with your arm around my shoulder. They never saw the place in your pants that was pushed out. I knew you had a hard-on. I imagined what it would look like outside those pants and then what it would feel like inside of me."

I started moving a little faster now, feeling the need to shoot seed into this delicious female. Emily was moaning now, wiggling her hips as I snaked my way up into her hole. She was gasping now and as I felt her cunt muscles squeezing my shaft at the onset of her orgasm, I placed my palm over her mouth to prevent any suddenly loud sounds. She seemed to like that and went crazy on my cock, clamping on it with internal muscles and squeezing my shaft. I spurted massive amounts of semen deep inside of her. I pulled out and picked up my underwear, using it to wipe the cunt juice and semen from my cock. Emily held out her one hand as the other stroked her open hole. "I get a souvenir too Peter." I smiled and handed the juice covered shorts to her."

We both dressed in a hurry. When we were completely clothed she stood on her tiptoes and wrapped her arms around my neck. We kissed for several minutes. The kind of tongue kissing that sounds like a hard cock invading a juicy cunt.

Emily unlocked the door then and we said our goodbyes as I left the room walking down the hall. In my hand was her card with her home phone number written on the back.

A very satisfactory Doctors appointment. I gave my papers to the receptionist and paid my co-pay. She smiled at me and said, "It's so nice to see happy People Mr. Martin. Have a great day!"
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2 years ago
this one is a little better. nice fantasy to end up naked in front of a hot teen that you lusted after that is now grown up.
2 years ago
C- ok but made me hard gave it a 5/5
2 years ago
love both
2 years ago
Thanks. I have enjoyed writing them.
2 years ago
another great story, Pete...thanks!
2 years ago
There is always great stories here. I love them ALL.
2 years ago
Very seducing