The Clubhouse Part Three

I waited all morning Sunday, thinking about this new chapter in my sexual adventures with Emily. I was a bit nervous about Rene being there, but also a bit excited about someone there to watch us fuck.

Twelve o'clock on the button I was walking up to their back door. I was ready to knock when the door opened. Rene was there smiling up at me. "Welcome Peter! I am so happy you decided to let me be a part of this lesson today." He turned his chair 180 degrees and started gliding through the kitchen out through the living room. Their bedroom door was open. Emily was sitting up on the bed wearing something sheer she described as a Teddy. She patted the bed for me to be seated next to her.

Emily was wearing the teddy and bright red lipstick. She asked me if I liked her lipstick. I said it was great. Rene laughed and said, "It's whore lipstick Peter. She has worn it for me several times on special occasions." I nodded my head and said "Well, I really like it." Emily drew my face to hers and we kissed passionately. My hand was over the thin fabric of her teddy feeling her tits while Emily and I exchanged tongues. My cock was a rocket ready to take off.

"Peter dear, I think you might want to remove your clothes." I looked at Emily, then at Rene, back to Emily and nodded my head. I stood up by the side of the bed opposite where Rene sat. I took off my shirt and laid it on a chair at the side of the bed. I sat on the bed and removed my shoes and socks. When I stood up to remove my pants Emily said, "Leave your underwear on please Peter. I want to take them off."

After I lay my pants on the chair I moved onto the bed next to Emily waiting for what came next. "Lay on your back please Peter." Emily knelt next to me and moved her hands down my face, over my nipples, across the belly full of butterflies to my shorts which were distended from my erection pushing up hard on the material.

Emily looked over her shoulder at Rene to be sure he could see well. He was grinning and gave her a wink. His wife then moved her hand lightly over my shorts, making the most amazing feeling in my prick. I could feel the pre-cum flowing onto my bare flesh just below the head of my cock. She pulled the elastic so just the head was exposed. Emily leaned over and licked the tip while looking at her husband. "Pull them all the way off dear," Rene whispered from the chair.

She pulled them off, totally exposing the hard cock that sprang up to attention when it was released. Emily moved my shorts down my legs, held them to her face then and sniffed them.

"Peter dear. I want you to remove my Teddy please. I am naked underneath." I looked at how she was fastened in the lingerie and removed it slowly. When she was exposed Emily asked, "Run your fingers over my cunt Peter. Rene shaved it for me about fifteen minutes ago." I did as she asked and was pleased at how smooth she was. "Oh fuck Emily. Your cunt is so smooth. I like the way your slit is so prominent when it's shaved like this."

Emily looked at Rene and said, "You see what I mean dear. While he is a novice, he is a fast learner and very romantic." Rene smiled and said, "I liked getting you ready Baby for your young lover."

It was obviously time for the games to begin. I awaited Emily's instruction. "Peter dear. Yesterday in the clubhouse your fucked my mouth. I want you to do that again. I will just sit here and you can stand or whatever it takes for your cock to line up with my whore mouth."

I did as she bid and found a combination and squatting was what it took. Emily didn't open her mouth, so I figured she wanted me to push between her lipstick covered lips. Her teeth were apart inside her mouth. I pressed the purple head against the red lipstick and her mouth gave way to me as her slit would do when she wasn't spread open. I pushed my cock all the way down her throat. My balls rested against her chin. Behind me Rene gasped and said, "Oh that is the sexiest thing I've ever seen! Fuck her face now Peter. This whore already has her twenty dollars and she owes you whatever you want."

I held her head as I pulled back from her mouth. My shaft was smeared with her red slutty lipstick. I pushed hard back into her cuntmouth, my balls slamming on her chin. I fucked her face with abandon, he mouth making gagging sounds as I slammed down her throat. Her eyes were looking up into my face the whole time. I didn't always look at her eyes, wanting to see my cock slam into her mouth. I was a god and she was the temple whore giving me my due.

Her lipstick was smeared all over the flesh surrounding her lips. She was no more than an alley whore sucking a cock to be able to eat and feed her f****y. I was in charge and was slamming down her throat when Emily changed the dynamic. I felt her hand move up my thigh, cradle my balls, then a single finger slipped up to my asshole. It was slippery and had to be wet from her cunt, which I learned after she had been frigging the whole time I fucked her face.

This wasn't just touching my anus...she entered me and slid her finger until she found my prostate. At that time I didn't even know I had a prostate. The pressure of her finger on that spot and the saliva in her juicy whore mouth brought out jets and jets of thick ropy cum. She put her other hand to the base of my cock and made a ring of her thumb and forefinger to strip every drop of the cum in my cock into her mouth.

When I was done, I pulled out and sat on the bed next to my whore. Rene said, "Let me see it Emily!" She leaned forward and moved until her head was only a few feet from his. I watched her open her mouth. Rene gasped, "Fuck. Peter filled your mouth baby." She closed her mouth and Rene kissed her. She kept her mouth and lay back against the headboard.

"Peter," Rene said, "Emily wants you to hold your hands under her mouth. She will expel as much seed as she can onto them." I did as he asked and was awed with how much jizz was in her mouth. My two hands were barely able to contain it all. I sat there with cupped hands full of semen and waited for the next instruction.

Emily spoke then. "Peter dear, please, when I lift my hips and move my legs up in the air, I want you to release the semen into my cunt. Rene is going to pull my lips apart to facilitate that. Thinking this was really hot, I waited for her cunt to be open and ready. Rene had her cunt lips wide open. I pointed the fingertips of my two hands down to her cunt, sort of like an open funnel we all watched the cum slid into her. She kept her legs up for another five minutes or so while the semen percolated down to fill her all the way inside. "Wipe your hands clean Peter on the insides of my thighs." I did as she asked and sat back waiting for what was next.

"Peter dear, I hope you understand." With that Emily scooted to the edge of the bed, her legs still up, but her knees were bent. As soon as she was close enough, I watched as she put one palm over her full cunt just before her legs descended and hung over Rene's shoulders. "Please move closer to the end of the bed Peter. I want you to see everything Rene will do. He wants to have you watch."

I was kind of freaked out by this, but did as she asked. Emily had her hand over the opening and when I was in position, she moved her hand as Rene's mouth engulfed her cunt. I saw his tongue moving inside her. When he pulled back the first time, he put his hand over the dike to stop the flow. His lips and cheeks were covered with my semen and Emily's juices. He licked his lips and said "There is nothing like semen fresh from a whore's cunt Peter. You might try it sometime."

I said nothing but smiled encouragingly trying to imagine me actually doing that. He moved his lower lip against the bottom of her vaginal opening and opened his mouth wide. Emily fleshed her cunt muscles and the flow of white seed began again. Rene sucked in the juices like he was eating oyster on the half shell. Rene pressed his face against her open cunt and moved his mouth inside her as he spread her legs farther apart. He was moving his face back and forth inside the heart of his wife's cunt. The semen I had wiped on her inner thighs painted his ears and the sides of his face. Such blatant sexuality had me hard again.

I stepped onto the floor and tapped Rene on the shoulder as if I was asking If I might have this dance. He looked up, his eyes wild and his face slathered with semen and cunt juice. He saw my hard cock and was at first confused. "What is it you want Peter?" he asked. "I want you to hold your wife's cunt lips wide open while I fuck her." He murmured "Oh my god!" Emily moved her ass just to the left of him so that her left foot rested on his left shoulder. Rene was just able to reach underneath her legs to hold her lips open. I lifted Emily's left leg up onto my shoulder as I aimed my sword at her vulnerable juicy center. I waited until the wagging of the glans was right at the target and moved rapidly forward making a perfect shot into her. The head slipped past her open slippery cunt lips and I bottomed out in her with a loud splat.

Emily was smiling and crying as she looked at her two men. She pulled and twisted her nipples, stretching her breasts toward the ceiling. I slammed into the whore. My semen coated my shaft and made this the sloppiest fuck we had ever had. I had plans that were to start as Emily's orgasm began. I didn't have long to wait. I let that orgasm run the long play it had and watched her come down from it. My cock though was as if forged on an anvil and my balls were full of seed. I grasped the base of my cock and moved it to the inviting tinier target below her cunt. They both gasped as I pushed my sloppy cock head into that little rosebud, coated with semen as well. I shoved my cock hard and without stopping all the way up into her ass. The tightness was a revelation to me and I didn't last long. Her sphincter squeezed my shaft so deliciously. I was the god again and my whore was needing her nether region filled with my libation.

Emily moved three fingers over her juicy upper cunt, moving them back and forth past her very hard clit. When I knew my orgasm was about to explode I leaned forward and placed my hands over her tits, leaning on them as I rocked my hips in and out of her ass. I had no idea there would be so much cum. My orgasm was different than any that I had spent in her mouth or cunt. The sphincter muscles squeezed my shaft, constricting it. What a lovely delicious ejaculation series I spent into her ass.

When I was done, I lay forward on top of Emily's body.

When it was time to go there was no discussion of the next lesson. We all knew Mark was coming home soon and there would be no fucking for a while.

Emily and I took a shower together. The slippery soap on our bodies, we held each other and slipped flesh against flesh, her tits scrubbing my chest, my belly washing her belly. Of course my cock was hard again. Emily knelt in the shower, water rushing over her hair as she sucked my cock to the last orgasm of the day for me.

As I was dressing both Rene and Emily expressed enthusiastic thanks for the best sex either of them had ever been part of. I smiled and thanked them both for having me over.
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