The Clubhouse Part Two

I was not patient waiting for Saturday to come. When it came there was a surprise I wasn't ready for. Again I was sitting outside listening to music and getting a tan waiting for Emily's face to appear over the patio wall. Instead it was Mark. I didn't see him, but heard him when he yelled out, "Hey Asshole. I'm back."

I walked over to the wall and he said he had some new magazines his uncle had given him and why the fuck did I lock the clubhouse? I told him about the near theft of the story I had written leaving out the part his mother had played.

I went over and showed Mark the combination. We latched the door on the inside with the rope on the nail and Mark showed me two nudist colony magazines his uncle had given him. We looked through them looking at all the bodies. Some of the women had cunts so hairy it looked like a furry a****l was attached to them. We both liked a girl who was playing croquet, her legs open as she bent over lining up a shot.

Mark had one of the magazines and was jacking on his cock while I flipped through the other one, my pants down and my cock hard...but that cock had been inside of Emily's cunt. Thinking about that made the pre-cum flow. We were lost in what we were doing when we heard footsteps walking to the clubhouse. Emily called out, "Mark, are you in there?"

Mark mouthed the word "fuck" and we both pulled our pants up as he said, "Yeah Mom, I'm in here and kind of busy. Peter's here too. Can this wait for a while?"

Emily was at the door now. "I'm sorry Mark but your Father needs to speak with you about something." He mouthed "Fuck" again and said, "Stay here Pete I'll be right back." Mark complained every step of the way as he walked to the house with Emily.

I stood there for several minutes wondering if I should just go when I heard footsteps again. There was a light rap on the door and Emily asked, "Peter...are you still here?" I unlatched the door and she pulled it open. I smiled at her as she stepped inside. She had a small bag with what looked like a damp cloth inside. This was a good sign. Emily walked over to me and we kissed for several minutes. I got nervous and asked her, "What about Mark? Is he going to be out here soon?" Emily smiled at me and said that Mark was in trouble with his father and would not be allowed out of the house again.

"Do you have time Peter for another lesson in sexuality?" I was a bit too excited and nodded my head with gusto. She giggled a bit and smiled as I moved my hand under her dress. Emily was wearing no panties. I was surprised to find that her cunt was completely bare. She whispered, "Do you like my smooth cunt Peter? I shaved it about an hour ago just for you.

She moved her hand into my pants and stroked my cock. "Peter, I think we should start the lessons now" I unzipped her dress and she took it off, folding it neatly and laying it on the back of the couch. She asked me to unhook her bra. I stood in front of her, and when I got the latch undone, her bare breasts fell out onto my bare chest. We kissed again while she unbuckled my pants. "Sit down please Peter and let me help you with your shoes and jeans."

I sat on the couch, watching the naked woman in front of me untie my shoes. She had me raise my butt when she pulled on the cuffs of my jeans. I felt her warm fingers sliding inside the elastic of my underwear. She smiled at how hard I was when the shorts were off.

Still kneeling in front of me and the couch she said, "Today's lesson has to do with oral sex." I looked at her face, and said, "Uh, well okay that sounds pretty good." She smiled and said I would be able to fuck her again, but oral sex is an important part of anyone's love life. I brightened up a bit at that and waited for her to start the lesson. "In many books oral sex is often seen as something a prostitute might do for her client. You know about that I suppose?"

I shook my head thinking about a story that had been in Playboy once. "Yeah, I've heard of it. Isn't that where you lick my cock or something?" Emily asked me to stand up. I did so while Emily stayed on her knees. She looked up at me and said, "Peter, many times a prostitute, also known as a whore, sometimes a slut or a hooker will be paid to suck off her client, also known as a john. You know what I mean when I say she sucks off someone?"

Actually I hadn't thought of that, but realization dawned on me and I said, "Yeah. Can we do that?" My cock throbbed with the pounding of my heart. "I will suck on your cock Peter and I want you to move as you wish while I do that. I expect and want for you to cum inside of my mouth. Would you like to do that Peter? I would love it if you did."

"So, you are going to suck my cock and you want me to move...would I be moving like I was fucking your mouth then?" She smiled brightly and said, "Exactly! Use my mouth like you were fucking my cunt. You might want to hold onto my head at least when you are ready to come. Don't worry about hurting me, I have done this many times."

I stood there trembling a bit as I watched her face, looking up at mine. She grasped my shaft and started licking the head of my cock, paying attention to slit at the tip where the pre-cum was flowing. "You have such a nice hard cock Peter," she whispered as she opened her mouth and engulfed the head of my cock with her lips. Her tongue swirled around the head, then she grasped my ass and pulled me to her as she moved her head forward until my cock was all the way down her throat. She held it there for several minutes, looking up into my eyes as I looked down into hers. My balls hung against her chin. She moved a hand to them and caressed my balls. My cock head was pressed against the back of her throat. I was breathing very hard now. Emily grasped my hands and moved them behind her head. She raised her eyebrows to signal something to me. I remembered she wanted me to hold onto her head while I fucked her in the mouth.

I went slow at first drawing until the head was just inside her lips and then moving slowly down to feel the back of her throat. I noticed Emily had moved her right hand down to her pussy. She was playing with it as I started to get into fucking her face. Now I felt an urgency to shoot my cum down Emily's throat. I fucked her fast and hard now as she made sounds urging me on. I heard," mmm hmmm, mmm hmmm!" I knew she wanted it and so did I. There was an amazing sound as I fucked her throat. My hands were next to her ears as I watched my shaft disappear down past her lips. She moved a hand around behind me and her fingertip brushed repeatedly against my asshole. That did it.

I didn't care if I hurt her face now because my imperative was to shoot my come into this woman's mouth. I must have had a wild look on my face, I know I felt like a madman. When my orgasm started, I didn't think it would stop. It did stop though. I pulled out and collapsed onto the couch behind me. Emily leaned forward, her breasts on my knees. She opened her mouth and I saw cum in a large puddle on her tongue and around her teeth. She smiled, her mouth still open. I said, "Wow Emily...that was incredible!!" She closed her lips and hummed, "mmm hmmm". Then she winked at me and I heard her swallow my cum. That blew me away.

"Peter, I enjoyed that very much. Would you like to continue the lesson?" I looked at her and suddenly knew what she was talking about. "Yeah, sure Emily. I would like to...suck your cunt...if that's what you mean." She looked at me and said, "Well, you might want to suck on my cunt lips and my clit Peter, but I also like to have the inside of my cunt licked. Do you think you would be ready for that today or is it too soon?"

"Sure Emily, I would love to lick your cunt! Would I be on my knees then and you would stand up while I did that?" She thought about that a bit and said, "There are more than a few ways for this to work nicely Peter. Actually I have never had a man do that to my cunt while I was standing. I think I would like that."

She stood up then. I moved my face to her cunt. The scent was driving me crazy. I held her ass while I licked the bare mound she offered. My tongue slid inside the lips and she put her hands on my head. My nose was right there at the slit and her scent and taste were amazing. I really got into it then, lapping at her cunt, then spreading her lips with my fingers, I leaned back and had a good look at the inside of her cunt. I put my lips over the top of her cunt and sucked on them for a minute or so. As I turned my head to look up at her eyes, my chin slipped into her pussy. She looked down at me with slightly teary eyes, smiling sweetly as her eyes blinked.

I pulled away from her and said,"Would you sit on the couch now Emily? I want you to spread your legs and cunt wide open for me." She said, "Certainly dear." She sat on the couch as I leaned back away from her. I watched Emily scoot her ass to the edge of the couch. She spread her legs wide apart and said, "You are a very wonderful lover Peter. Don't go so strong on my clitoris though. Use a light brush of your tongue or your nose against it. Inside my cunt your tongue can go crazy."

I nodded at her and moved close to her open cunt. Her scent was strong and delicious. My face was covered with her juices. I started making licks on her cunt like I was licking an ice cream cone. While I was doing that I noticed her ass hole down there and remembered how she had moved her finger lightly over mine when she was sucking my cock and how amazing that had felt. My nose was pressed against her clit and my tongue was as deep inside her as I could get it. That was when I slid the tip of my thumb lightly over her asshole. She gasped when I did that and gave me a sunshine smile.

"Peter, your thumb feels wonderful on my anus. If you keep licking me like that and fingering my ass, I will be coming very soon. I nodded my head and started lapping at her juicy hole. Emily had her hands gently on the back of my head while I tongued her. Her hands started to squeeze my head. She was moaning now and her hips were moving her cunt toward my mouth. When she came I felt the release of juices and my mouth was lightly flooded. She held my head hard against her open cunt as her groin ground forward onto my open mouth.

Finally she released me and lay back gasping. I sat back watching her as she moved her left hand lightly over her cunt. Finally she regained her composure and whispered, "Peter...that was amazing!" She leaned forward then and pulled my face to hers. She started kissing me. I guessed she could taste some of her juices from me. I know I could taste something in her mouth that had to be residual traces of what she had swallowed earlier.

She patted the seat next to her. We sat there naked while she started talking to me about the next time. "Mark is going to be going to his aunt and uncle's house across town this for several days. He leaves tomorrow and will be back Wednesday. Is there a chance the next lesson might happen tomorrow or the next day?" I told her we could have lessons every day he was gone if she had time for that. She laughed and said, "I do like your enthusiasm Peter. All right, the next lesson will be tomorrow. This time though, the lesson will be in the house in my bedroom. Rene and I have discussed this and we both think this is the logical next step." She awaited my reaction.

"Rene? You told your husband that we were...uh fucking and stuff?" She turned my face to look at hers and said, "Peter, we are husband and wife. Of course we talk about everything. As you may know, Rene has been disabled for a long time. While we are still sexual orally, he hasn't fucked me in twenty years. He is very curious about what we have been doing. Do you think you could do that for me? I promise you there will be nothing but you and I having sex Peter. He deserves to watch us fucking."

I thought about that for a few minutes and said, "Well sure Emily. If he wants to watch...well I understand that. Poor guy can't even fuck his hot wife...that must be really tough. Sure, I'll come over tomorrow afternoon then?" Emily nodded and said that Mark would be gone before lunch and I could come over at noon.
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A way with words indeed!
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2 years ago
Thanks again bbuster. I like the story myself.
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You have a great way with words. Another hot tale.