The Clubhouse

I wrote this story long ago at another site. It's one of my favorites.

In 1962 life was simpler. The k**s in the neighborhood played baseball and football on the street. We could ride our bikes anywhere and not have anyone worry about us. As we got older several of the boys decided we needed a clubhouse where we could jack off whenever we wanted to without fear of getting caught. Being nerdy boys and even though I was a senior and he was a junior, the girls at school didn't seem that interested in us.

Fortunately the place where we built the clubhouse was right next door to my house. There was a car port, a roof supported by poles with open sides, that had been built in the 30's in their large back yard (all the lots were one acre). Mark was the k** I hung out with most and it was his place.

He asked his Mom if we could use the carport to build a clubhouse. The f****y never used it because Mark's dad had some problem that necessitated his using a wheelchair. That meant he had to park right next to the house. She thought about it as we watched her, trying to give her pleading looks without being goofy about it. She finally smiled broadly at us and said it would be fine.

His grandparents, who lived on the other side of his house, had a large storage area near their alley, where there was lumber stored. We found enough sheets of half-inch plywood to enclose one quarter of the previously open carport. We got an old door from our pile of stuff in my back yard and soon the clubhouse was almost done. The problem was we had no furniture. Fortunately, the alley was always a source of materials for us. After riding our bikes up and down the alleys we found an old couch sitting near some garbage cans about three blocks away. It took us an hour to carry the couch to the clubhouse, but we persevered and finally got it indoors.

Fortunately it was summer, so we had plenty of time to get things done. We didn't do any club activities until the door was fastened on and we could use a rope on the inside to tie to a nail and keep the door fairly closed. We had two Playboy magazines from several years earlier. We took the centerfolds out and tacked them to a wall where we could stand, looking at Miss April and Miss December as we jacked on our cocks. The wall below was soon painted with massive amounts of cum which dried in rivulets on the plywood.

I wrote a story, back when we first had discovered masturbation, about fucking my cousins, which, of course, never happened. The title was "My Cousins Like To Get Fucked." My pen name for the story was Peter the Fucker. It wasn't that bad, but we didn't use it when we jacked off. As I recall, the plot was Mark and I were with my cousins in the clubhouse. We were all naked. All one of us had to do was tap one cousin or the other on her shoulder and she would bend forward and let us fuck her. I recall describing the feeling of fucking a real live girl. I said it was like sliding your cock into a warm flesh pipe. It was a pretty short story since I had no sexual experience, or very little, with the opposite sex at that time.

In July Mark went back east to visit his Uncle Marcus. I stayed away from the clubhouse because it seemed wrong to be jacking off in the back yard of my neighbors when Mark wasn't with me.

I was sitting in my own back yard several days after he left listening to music and working on a tan when Mark's mother, Mrs. French looked over her wall and called out to me, "Yoo Hoo Peter. Come here please. I think I have found something that belongs to you." Curious, I walked over to the wall. She held up my story written by Peter The Fucker. I know I turned bright red. She asked if I had written the story and I stammered trying to keep from passing out and wondering if I was dead meat. She smiled then and told me the story was nicely written, even though it was a bit rough. Without thinking, I said "thanks", thus admitting I had written it. Her finger tip brushed mine as she handed the story to me.

"I have something for you and Mark." She held up a combination lock and told me the clubhouse door was wide open. She had found my story outside the structure and wanted me to come over so she would show me the combination to the lock. Mrs. French turned then and walked toward the clubhouse. I hurried to try to get there before she did. I did NOT want her to see the either pictures or the cum on the wall.

Fortunately, she was standing by the open door when I got there. I figured she was just going to show me the combination so I could lock the door. There was a hasp on the outside for the lock to fit into to secure the clubhouse. As soon as I arrived, she smiled broadly at me and walked inside. I followed her nervously.

I hoped it was dark enough in there she couldn't see much, but the sun was shining through the seams and the room was lit up quite a bit. The Playboys were on the couch. She walked around looking at everything and said we did a nice job. She looked at the pictures on the wall and I watched her eyes move down to the cum plastered on the wall. "It looks like you and Mark really need some privacy Peter. Here, let me show you the combination. She picked up the Playboys, placed them on the floor at the side of the couch then sat down, and patted a cushion as an indication I should sit down too.

I sat as far from her as I could on the couch. She smiled kindly at me and leaned forward toward me so I could watch as she turned the dial on the lock. That was when I noticed the dress a bit more. It was called a scoop neck and as she leaned forward I realized I could see right down the front of her dress. She wasn't wearing a bra. That was when I discovered that not all nipples were pink like Miss April and Miss December. Mrs. French had brown nipples. It was like having a cobra hissing at you, staring at you to make you hypnotized. My cock was very hard and uncomfortable inside my pants and I think I must have been sweating.

I heard her voice but the words didn't register. Finally she put her hand on the knee I had raised onto the couch to hide my erection and said, " you think you know the combination now?" I looked up at her face then. Her smile was wonderful. I squeaked out that I wasn't sure, could she show me one more time. She leaned toward me once again. Once again all I saw was her tits and her nipples. That was when she laughed and sat up. I thought maybe I was dead meat again. I sat and awaited my sentence.

"Peter, you're a bit older than Mark aren't you?" I nodded my head and said I was a senior. She put her hand back on my knee and said, "You are a very nice looking young man Peter. You are going to drive the girls crazy someday."

"Really? You think so?" She moved her hand down my knee onto my thigh and kept there while she said her next words. "I saw you looking at my breasts Peter. I hope you like them." She looked at me and laughed at the look of horror on my face. "I wanted you to see my breasts Peter. Would you like to see them a little bit better?" My head was nodding yes even though my brain was horrified with the thought she knew I had seen her titties.

She stood up then, looked down at me and said, "Please unzip my dress Peter." She waited and watched as I stood up, trying to discreetly slide my hard-on to a position less obvious. The flesh on her upper back was very warm as I grasped the talon of the zipper. The sound was delicious as I moved the zipper down her warm bare back. Butterflies were doing crazy things to the inside of my stomach.

She turned around then. I was just shorter than she was. She cupped her breasts with her hands and asked if I liked them. I dumbly nodded my head.

"Would you like to touch them?" I nodded my head again. She moved her hands away and said, "Hold them just the same way I did Peter. Please don't squeeze them for now." I remember my hands moving to her breasts like it was in slow motion. They were so warm and soft in my hands. "Do you see how hard my nipples are Peter?" I said, "yes!" Smiling at me, she put a hand on my shoulder then and said, "If you would like to suck on my nipples that would be fine with me."

I moved my face to her left breast and started sucking on the large brown nipple. "Use your tongue Peter, I like that very much." I did so and Mrs French held my head to her breast and hummed lightly. After a few minutes of that Mrs French said I should sit down and look at her body. I sat on the couch and my eyes traveled over her body. She had on white panties and must have been a bit embarrassed because it looked like she had peed a little bit in them. I tried not to look, but I had to because this was the first time I had seen a woman's panties on her body and not in the drawer or the clothes hamper.

"Would you like to see my vagina Peter?" she asked sweetly. I gave her a quizzical look. She said again, "Vagina," then added, "Or pussy or perhaps cunt. Do you know those words Peter?" I nodded my head. She smiled and said, "I think you might like the word cunt. Do you like that word Peter?" I smiled then and said aggressively, "Yes!"

She moved to where I sat on the couch and said, "Slip your fingers inside the elastic of my panties and pull them down. I want you to see my cunt." The flesh just under the elastic was hotter and smoother than any flesh I had ever touched. I pulled them down and when her cunt came into view I was in total awe. You need to remember that in 1962, a picture of a naked cunt was the holy grail. This was way better than that. This cunt was attached to a living, breathing woman who was standing right in front of me.

My eyes were focused right on the triangle of sparse curly hair. I could easily see the slit. "It's all right to move your face a bit closer Peter. Take a really good look." I did so and my hand, almost of its own volition, moved up to touch the slit. I looked up at her face then and asked, "Where does the cock go? I don't see a hole. I thought there was a hole here."

Emily giggled and said, "Let me sit down Peter so you can get a better look." She sat on the couch with her ass on the edge and said, "Scoot down between my knees Peter and you may touch and open me to see if you can discover where the 'cock goes'."

I had noticed the scent when she stood in front of me. Now, as I moved forward, she moved her knees far apart. The scent was more evident and I loved it. Mrs. French put her fingers on the sides of the slit and pulled them apart. "These are my cunt lips Peter." She pinched each of them and held them up for me to see. "Go ahead and spread me open. Pull my cunt lips apart from each other and look inside my cunt." I did so and saw the red glistening inside of her. I was practically overwhelmed. I looked up and said, "I still don't see the hole." She smiled and moved her middle finger down to the slit. I watched as her fingernail then her entire finger disappeared inside of her. When she pulled her finger out, she used the forefingers on either hand to spread the inside of her open so I could see into the hole.

"Do you notice the perfume my cunt gives off Peter?" I nodded my head. "Most women smell a lot like that. Do you like the scent?" I looked up at her face and smiling broadly said, "I love it!"

"When I read your story Peter, I realized that even though you are maturing you haven't had any experience with females. Would you like today to be the day you become Peter the Fucker? What I mean is, would you like to fuck me Peter?"

Breathing hard I said "YES! Can we...can we do" "Do you mean you want to know if I will let you fuck me?" I said that was exactly what I meant. She moved her middle finger into her hole again and asked, "So you want to slide your hard cock into my cunt and fuck me until you cum inside of me?" I nodded my head eagerly now.

"Well then Peter, I think it's time for your first lesson in sex. Today it will be all about fucking. I suggest you remove your clothes Peter."

I stood up, looking down at the naked woman who was going to let me fuck her and pulled off my shirt. I threw it on the floor. I unbuckled my belt and started sliding my pants down my legs without thinking to remove my shoes first. I wound up hopping on one foot while I tried to pull the pants cuff over the shoe. Mrs. French giggled,stood up and helped me sit down on the couch. She knelt on the floor untying and removing my shoes. I watched her breasts sway back and forth as she moved in front of me.

She pulled on the cuffs and my pants slid easily off my legs. I sat there with my hard cock pushing up my underwear. Mrs. French slid them down my legs and I was now as naked as she was. "That's a very nice cock you have there Peter." She moved her hand up my thigh slowly finally caressing my balls and then my shaft. There was a stream coming from the slit at the tip of my cock that was a bit confusing. I hadn't really noticed this much before.

Emily got up from the floor and sat next to me on the couch. "I am ready for you Peter and I see you are ready for me. I think this first time you might want to fuck me while I sit here and you kneel on the floor. Would you like that?" I was ready for whatever she would allow. I got up and knelt on the floor in front of her. My cock was almost able to slide easily into her cunt, but she had me move away for a second while she placed the other couch cushion on the floor. When I knelt on that my cock head was right in front of her pussy. Her ass was at over the edge of the couch cushion she sat on.

I put my hands on her thighs and slowly moved toward her. "Mrs French, you don't know how much I appreciate this...and..." She stopped me and said she was excited that she was my first. She then said, "When we are together in an intimate way like this Peter...please call me Emily. That is my name. When we are with other people you probably will want to call me Mrs. French, but for now, the woman you are going to fuck is named Emily."

"I am going to fuck you now Emily," I said as I pushed my cock to where she now was holding her cunt lips apart. The purple head touched the red juicy insides of her and I slid all the way until my cock was all the way inside of her. I couldn't believe how great it felt.

"This feels wonderful Peter. Fuck me as fast or as slow as you wish. I do want to feel you shoot your seed deep inside of me." I stared at her cunt as my cock moved in and out of it slowly, then moving much more rapidly. I had my hand son her thighs and used my hands to raise up just a bit more so I could slam into her hard and fast as I felt my orgasm rising. When it came I was pounding into her so fast it is surprising on reflection that I didn't fall out of her in my ardor. As my seed pumped into her I was as deep inside as I could get.

When I was done, I slumped over onto her chest. She stroked my hair as her cunt muscles squeezed my cock.

That was when I heard my father's whistle for dinner coming from my house. I jolted up and said, "I have to go...thank you Mrs...uh Emily. Is it okay to say thank you? I mean this is much more than how thank you is normally used."

Emily pulled my face to hers and she gave me my first kiss. Funny that my first kiss would come after my first fuck was over. She took her panties and wiped the cunt juice and semen from my cock and groin. She had me stand while she sniffed me there. She had obviously seen a bottle of water we kept on the floor. She scrubbed my cock with her hands and the water pouring over it. Finally she said that most of the "smell of my cunt" was gone. I got dressed. She said, the next lesson will be this Saturday, "If you can get away."

I smiled down at her now...Peter the Fucker...and said I would be there Saturday. We decided that just after twelve noon would be perfect. I dressed, was about to dash out the door, but looked down at the naked woman I had just fucked, walked over to her, put a hand on her breast and kissed her again. "Thank you Emily so much." She smiled dreamily at me and was doing that when I walked out the door.

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2 years ago
All wishes! Thanks!
2 years ago
What a way to learn the time-honored tradition of the"birds and bees" good story !!!
2 years ago
When I wrote the story originally, I put my age as five years younger.
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Another great story!
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Top material!
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Holy Sweet Jesus!!!!! Fantastic story!! Thx!
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