Ever Wish You Had X-Ray Glasses? Part Three

I took the next night off from being in the house with my glasses. I HAD to expand my horizons so I took them with me when I went to the football game at my high school. I didn't really try to watch the game. I was too busy watching all the cheerleaders, then the chicks that were too good to talk to a nerd like me. I laughed when I discovered two of the snootiest girls wore falsies.

I was hard the whole night, but no prospects there while there was Nancy at home.

I got to the house about 10:00 P.M. Being a Friday night Mom and Nancy were up and drinking on the couch when I walked inside the house. They must have had quite a few because Mom had that shit-faced look she sometimes got since Dad left. The women stopped talking and looked at me. I smiled and waved hello to them and was ready to go up to my room when Nancy winked at me and slid the tip of her tongue out of the corner of her mouth. I waited until Mom turned her head down to something on her lap and winked back to Nancy, pointing upstairs with my head, my eyebrows raised in question.

Nancy shook her head 'no' and smiled broadly. I gave her this look of why not when Mom lifted her head. She was wearing Nancy's X-Ray glasses! Nancy shook her head again and put a finger to her lips to let me know not to say anything.

I figured out that Nancy had shared the idea of X-Ray glasses with Mom, but hadn't told her I knew about them. Mom was staring at me with her mouth open. Knowing she could see my cock gave me an instantaneous erection. I held my hands on my upper thighs looking at Mom. She smiled up at me. "I didn't know you wore glasses Mom," I said with a grin. She didn't answer right away, so intent upon looking at my stiff prick, thinking I had no idea what she was doing.

I moved closer to them, standing just behind the table where their partially empty drinks were sitting. Mom was breathing hard and not even trying to talk to me. Her eyes were glued to my crotch. Nancy asked if I had enjoyed the game. "Yeah, I really did. I didn't watch the game much though. The girls there were more fun to watch than ever" I moved my right hand to my erection under my jeans and patted my cock. Mom was apparently too soused to realize at first that I was doing something totally inappropriate in front of my own mother.

When she did realize it, she pressed her back against the couch, staring at me in shock. That was when I pulled my X-Ray glasses from my shirt pocket and put them on. Mom's nipples were hard and red. I thought they would be brown like Nancy's. It took my d***ken Mother several moments to notice I was wearing the same kind of glasses she was wearing. Then I saw understanding dawn on her face.

"You have great tits Mom," I said as I rubbed my hand up and down my covered shaft. She tried to speak, but only sounds croaked from her. Nancy laughed and clapped her hands. "Your son is a great fuck Betty. I had him several times yesterday."

I unzipped and unbuttoned my pants then kicked off my shoes and slid my pants down to the floor. I was wearing no underwear. I grasped my shaft with my hand and stroked it while the women watched me. "Betty, you can take the glasses off now. Your son wants to show you his cock," Nancy said matter of factly.

Mom was crying a bit then and croaked out, "I'm sorry for doing that Peter. Nancy told me about her amazing glasses and I...well I confessed I hadn't had a man in so long that I was going to go crazy seeing my own handsome son every day."

"You know it didn't take any convincing on my part for you to want to have a look Betty." Mom blushed and giggled as she nodded her head. Nancy moved to me and knelt on the floor in front of me. She looked at Mom as she grasped my cock and started stroking it. She moved her head to look at me and smiled as her tongue moved out to take the pre-cum dew from the tip of my cock. Mom gasped at that, but didn't turn her head away.

I grasped Nancy by the back of her head and moved her mouth onto the tip of my prick. Mom watched in awe as I pulled Nancy's head and mouth all the way down my shaft until my balls were dangling under her chin.

I looked at Mom and said, "I have been thinking about how lonely you are Mom and how lonely I was." I pulled Nancy's head off my prick. She panted for several seconds, grinning at Mom and then at me. "Betty, look at this nice cock your son has. Imagine that cock sliding into your pussy. It's a nice size isn't it? When he is in me the head presses against my cervix."

Mom opened and closed her mouth several times not willing to say the inappropriate things that went along with the inappropriate things happening right in front of her. Finally words flowed quietly from her mouth, "Peter, I am a woman and have needs. I am almost sorry I am your mother. That wonderful cock would feel so good inside of me." She stopped then watching Nancy lick my shaft and balls. Then even more quietly she whispered, "Oh it would be SO nice indeed to have that large cock inside of me."

Nancy moved to the couch and the two women whispered together for several minutes. I could only hear some of the words. While they were doing that I removed my shirt and was standing there naked and hard in front of them.

I saw my mom nod at something Nancy said to her. The women looked at me then. Mom looked at my face hard and in a trembling voice asked, "Do you think...would you want...do you..."

"Do I want to fuck you Mom? Hell yes. I hope you are on the pill because I wouldn't want to wear a condom. I want to feel your slippery cunt engulfing my cock and I would want to shoot my cum deep, really deep inside of you. Is that what you are trying to ask me?" Without seeming to think about it Mom whispered, "I AM on the pill. It would be glorious to feel your naked cock inside of me."

Mom looked up at me with a hopeful smile and nodded her head. She whispered, "I am so wet. I want you Son. I want to feel you inside of me...again." At the reference to the fact she had birthed me made her face red and she hid her face for a second.

I moved to the couch, took her hands and helped her rise. She was just a few inches shorter than I was then. I put my hands on the sides of her face like she used to do to me when I was little and whispered "I love you Mom". Then I kissed her lips gently.

She was crying softly. I put one hand behind her neck, tilted her head and kissed her as a lover would. She moaned into my open mouth, then her hand dropped down to my shaft. She grasped it then pulled away as if it was a hot poker then looked down at my cock and determinedly moved her hand to my shaft. "What a wonderful cock you have son." She cried some more then moved away from me. "Sit down Peter while I get naked for you."

We both took off our glasses, handing them to Nancy. I sat next to Nancy as Mom stood in front of us. She nervously unbuttoned her blouse, but finally settled down and in a determined way undid each button slowly, watching my eyes as she did so. When she had her blouse off, wearing a pretty black bra, she said, "My nipples are so hard Peter." I nodded my head and said, "I know. Nice and hard and lovely red nipples." I watched Mom lean forward as she released the latch, her breasts falling out of the bra.

When mom stood in front of us in just her panties, we both smiled up at her because they were soaking wet. Mom looked down at them and giggled, saying, "I guess I am a bit excited." Nancy suggested we go to Mom's bedroom. She walked ahead of us as Mom and I walked hand in hand beside each other. "You two on the bed while I get out of these clothes," with that Nancy started to strip.

Mom and I sat on the bed. With the reality of what was about to happen, we were suddenly both a bit nervous. When Nancy was bare she walked over to both of us, kissing us tenderly on the lips. She moved her hands down to Mom's breasts and caressed them gently. I watched her push Mom back onto the bed. Nancy knelt on the floor in front of her cousin. She reached up and slipped her fingers inside the elastic of the soaked panties.

I watched, the lust in me making me almost crazy. I gasped when Mom's smoothly shaved pussy appeared. Nancy whispered, "Feel how slippery she is Peter." as she slid the tip of her forefinger along the swollen red slit. I moved my forefinger there and the two of us moved in tandem down along the opening. When Nancy's fingertip slid into her cousin, she pulled to one side. The lights in the room made the wet opening shine. Nancy dipped her head forward and with the tip of her tongue traced the slit while my finger was inside my Mother.

I heard a moan from Betty, the mother lying back on the bed as her cousin tongued her opening. I was excited watching the women doing what I had only seen in a magazine. Mom put her hands down on Nancy's head as her cousin's tongue moved deep inside her. "We haven't done this in so long Nancy," Mom whispered. Nancy just purred as her mouth opened wide engulfing the smooth lips. She pulled away from her then, looking up at me with blinking, damp eyes and said, "She is very wet for you Peter. Are you ready to fuck her?" I nodded my head and said "YES" much louder than I had intended to do.

My mother's eyes were wide open as she realized it was really going to happen. Standing there looking down at her, I asked, "For our first time Mom...how would you like this fuck to be?" She looked at me with love in her eyes and said, "It's not my favorite position son, but I want to open myself to you while I'm on my back as I was the day you were born."

I nodded with a nervous smile as I watched her scoot back onto the bed so her head was on the pillow. Her body was covered in goose bumps and she was breathing fairly quickly as she looked up at me at the foot of the bed. She spread her legs apart, then opened her lips with her fingertips. When I knelt on the bed she groaned with lust and nervous energy.

I approached her on all fours, my stiff cock wagging back and forth. I leaned to my mother's face and kissed her lips. "I love you so much Mom." She sobbed and was unable to speak. Her warm hands moved up to my smooth chest as I settled forward to her, lowering my chest on her breasts. I held my shaft in my right hand and searched with the head of my cock for the slippery opening. The arrow, soon enough, pierced the center of the target. We both gasped and I fell forward onto her body, our mouths open and moving on each other as my cock moved slowly into the rich, luxuriant, slippery warmth of my mother's cunt.

We heard Nancy gasped and didn't need to look to know she was fingering her cunt while she watched me sink into my mother. When my prick was nestled all the way inside of her my mother just moaned. Her hands moved to my ass, holding my buttocks tightly to keep me deep inside. Then she started moving slowly from side to side under me.

We both were making an artistic expression of our love. The strokes were slippery, hard and slow. I made short pulls back, without lifting off her, retreating only an inch or so from my cock being against her cervix. It was while I was moving like that my mother had her first orgasm. I felt her cunt muscles squeezing my cock as she sobbed on my shoulder. I kept the short deep strokes moving into her. She had her second and third orgasms not long after the first. Her knees bent and her bare feet pressed against my ass, holding me deep inside of her cunt.

When she was coming down from the last and most intense orgasm, she settled down, looked into my eyes and said, "It's your turn now son. Fill my naked pussy with your seed baby boy."

I lifted my torso with my elbows pressed against the bed, my mother's hard nipples and pillowy breasts against my chest. I started talking then, not moving inside her at all. I flexed the muscles of my cock and she answered with her cunt muscles squeezing the shaft.

"When I had my first orgasm I hadn't expected it at all. I was looking at the picture of you from your wedding day. You know, where Dad was pulling the garter off of your thigh."

Mom nodded her head. My cock was coated with her juices and I wasn't moving into her at all. "I was lying right here on this bed. I really didn't know that semen was able to shoot that far. There was some on the head of the bed, some on my neck and chest and one drop on that picture."

I continued, "I was more prepared the next time and had the picture propped up on the bedside stand and a pair of your panties in one hand. I found them in the hamper when I was putting my dirty clothes in there. I picked them up and looked closely at them and saw a white stain right in the crotch. Looking closer at the stain I discovered the sweet scent and realized that was what your pussy smelled like."

"After that, each time I jacked off, it was here on your bed if you weren't home. I didn't need the picture anymore because here or in my room I always had one or two pairs of your panties with me. After a while I licked on the stains and imagined what it would be like to have my tongue inside of your pussy. I also imagined what it would be like to have my cock where it is right now. Sometimes I jacked off into your panties right where your pussy made those stains."

" I am going to fuck you hard now Mom. I want you to watch my face as I fuck you. I always thought about that when I fantasized about this. I love you so much."

I fucked this woman hard then, having my first orgasm deep inside of her after only two minutes. I kissed her while my cock was still buried inside, our juices percolating where we joined. She was holding my head, her tongue deep in my mouth. My cock grew hard again inside her. I fucked her harder and faster that time, the sloppy sounds of our fucking filling the room.

The head of my cock was pushing hard against her cervix when I came the second time. I had been fucking her so hard we were both yelling. Her muscles gripped my shaft, and milked me inside her. Now I fell over on my back, both of us gasping as semen oozed from her lips and the semen from my cock dripped onto the bedspread.

Nancy crawled forward on the bed between mothers open legs. I watched as she dipped her head to the sweet full cunt and started lapping at the juices. Mother grasped Nancy's head and pulled it against her juicy opening. Soon she had her third orgasm while pushing her cunt up into Nancy's mouth. Watching this made me hard again.

When the women had moved to 69, with Nancy on top, I moved behind her and slid my slippery and very hard cock into Nancy's cunt. My cock inches away from my Mother's face made me even more excited. I pumped my semen into Nancy and fell over on the bed spent. The two women lapped each other's cunts for the longest time. I fell asl**p soon and when I awoke late in the night both women were asl**p where they had been the last I had been awake.

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2 years ago
awesome, more, more
2 years ago
Awesome u should keep going with this series
2 years ago
2 years ago
Those X-ray glasses cost $2400 and come with a small dvd player so you can record what you see. I don't have any clue if they work well at all. There are videos you can watch.
2 years ago
There is a company called Superthru Technology that claims to make X-Ray glasses that allow the reflected light on clothing to be drastically reduced so you can see what is underneath.
2 years ago
2 years ago
fucking hot