Private show surprise at the porn store Part Four

Lydia asked us to move apart then. My cock slipped from inside Andrea and I sat on the couch as she sat up too. Lydia took pictures of us 'after the storm', so to speak. Then she set her camera down. She stood in front of the two of us for a moment then went to her knees in front of my s****r. Andrea moved her ass to the edge of the couch.

The semen that had been so deep inside her was starting to ooze to her lips. Lydia moved in front of Andrea, pulled her legs apart. I watched in fascination as the women started their love-making. My s****r's thighs were on Lydia's shoulders as her lover spread my s****r open and started lapping at her cunt. I watched as my semen got all over Lydia's mouth. Andrea had her hands in that gorgeous red hair, pulling her lover hard against her pussy.

Watching them made me very hard. I just let my cock move with my heartbeat. Lydia soon noticed and pulled away from my s****r. She looked up at me and smiled with cum all over her mouth. She reached over and put her hand on my shaft then went back to lapping my s****r's cunt. She seemed to be thinking about something, looking back and forth from my face to Andrea's. She disengaged from both of us, stood up and said, "We need to talk." She took Andrea by the hand and led her away for a bit of privacy.

They came back several minutes later, standing in front of me and smiling. "Peter, you know that Lydia and I are lovers, but we are much more than that. We want to be married now that it's legal in this state. We have something to ask you. Please think about it before you answer." My s****r finished and the two women looked at each other for a moment then Lydia started to speak.

"When we are legally married we want to have c***dren." I nodded my head thinking that was a natural thing for them to want. Andrea picked up her part of the tag team,"We would need to find a sperm donor." They looked at each other and then together said, "We want it to be you Peter!"

That jolted me and my face showed it. I looked up at the two women. My thinking took me to the fact that it wouldn't be Andrea who I made pregnant. Lydia would have a baby that was genetically related to her lover. It made sense to me so I said, "Tell me how I do the donation and that makes great sense to me."

They both laughed and Andrea said, "No silly! You wouldn't actually make a donation. We want the impregnation to be all natural. You would fuck my wife and make her pregnant. We would want you to be around too so the baby knows her or his father. I thought that over and asked what they meant by me "being around".

Andrea looked at Lydia and the beautiful redhead said, "We could live together if that was suitable to you. Obviously your s****r is bi-sexual and so am I. You would have two women who really loved you as soul-mates."

I nodded my head considering the possibilities. "What about when Mom and Dad eventually want to meet their grandc***d or grandc***dren? Would I just be the committed uncle who always seems to be there for the k**? If so that works for me. When would we want to conceive this c***d?"

They both had thought of that and answered in tandem, "On our wedding night!"

I agreed and several weeks later, all the paper work done Andrea and Lydia were married on the beach. I "gave" my s****r to Lydia. That evening we went to the wedding suite at the finest hotel in town. The room was amazing with hot tub, king sized bed and a wonderful view of the city out the window.

Lydia and Andrea undressed each other as I watched. This was the first time I had seen Lydia nude. Then the two removed my clothes. Lydia's flashing green eyes and gorgeous red hair were tantalizing. When I saw her breasts, slightly larger than Andrea's my cock stood at attention. Lydia's cunt was covered in beautiful red hair. I was really excited and so was she.

The two women asked me to sit on the bed and observe as they consummated their marriage. Andrea lay on her back. Lydia on hands and knees kissed my s****r's entire body from feet to the crown of her head. Eventually the sex started between them. Such tender movements kissing, sucking, moaning. The point finally came when Lydia was on hands and knees above my s****r. The two lapped at each other's cunts. My s****r was to give me the signal.

"Peter, she is wet for you. It's time for you two to make a baby. She lay under her wife, spreading Lydia's gorgeous lips for me. She watched as my cock moved into position. I pushed the purple head into Lydia's open pussy, my s****r's eyes only a few inches away.

Lydia groaned as my shaft pushed into her. She was bi, but had only been with one other guy so she was very tight. Her cunt walls squeezed my shaft deliciously. We had agreed we would go slow with this until an urgency rose. When I was balls deep into her, Lydia's head arched back. She turned to look at the face of the man who was going to make her pregnant. Her green eyes shone with happiness and tears as she watched me move in and out of her.

We tried to take our time but Lydia's urgency started to come before mine did. "Fuck me hard now Peter!! I need to feel your cock slamming into me baby! Pump your seed deep inside me...oh fuck!"

I looked down to where my cock was slamming into Lydia. I saw Andrea's smiling and crying face as I pulled back and then disappeared when I slammed into Lydia.
I had a sense that this was no ordinary fuck. I willed my semen to send a strong swimmer up into this loving woman. I was the fucking king of the world at that moment. My orgasm was the most delicious one I had ever experienced. I was making a baby for my little s****r and her loving wife.

Ropes and ropes of semen jetted into this fertile woman. When we were done, Lydia and I collapsed first on top of Andrea, then rolled over to the side so our genitals faced her.

Nine months later we had a beautiful and happy baby girl. She had red hair and blue eyes. We named her Katie.

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2 years ago
saved the whole series. very good story
2 years ago
wonderful end
2 years ago
This was the last of this series.
2 years ago