Divorce and my Mother- In- Law Part Five

Darlene and I slept on her bed while Eddie and Melody slept on Melody's former bed. Darlene got up first and was in the kitchen making breakfast when I stumbled in naked. We had both fallen asl**p without getting up to wash ourselves. She was wearing a diaphanous French apron. She brought me some sausage, leaned over and kissed me then asked if I wanted any eggs.

I slipped my hand up her thigh and fingered her cunt while I took my first bite of sausage. "Uh oh...looks like neither of us washed off last night Darlene." She giggled and said she always washes but was too tired last night. Darlene patted my semi-erect cock, pulling some of the dried cum from there. "This will spice up the eggs Peter," she said quietly. "How do you want your them?...I hope you want scrambled." I watched her break up a dozen eggs, add a little milk,some mushroom slices. She sprinkled the dried cum in after she added some pepper.

"Eddie...Melody...breakfast is almost ready. Peter and I are already here. You don't want to miss breakfast...it's the most important meal of the day!"

We heard voices down the hall. Darlene walked to the door, knocked lightly, then barged in. I could see Melody and Eddie both sitting up on the naked on the bed. Melody started to put her hands over her tits then realized that ship had already left the harbor.

Darlene said, "It's a come as you are breakfast. Peter and I are both as we are and as we were last night. Hurry up, don't let your breakfast get cold." With that she turned and they watched her naked butt as she wiggled down the hall.

Eddie came out first and in his loud cheerful voice said, "Good morning fuckers!" We all laughed at that. We heard footsteps moving slowly from the hall. Then the bathroom door closed. Moments later Melody walked into the kitchen, naked and with her important parts washed clean. She walked to her mother, hugged her lightly and asked how she was doing. Darlene smiled brightly and said that she was bright-eyed and bushy tailed. Eddie looking at her smooth cunt said, "Not as bushy-tailed as you used to be baby." They both laughed...it was infectious and soon Melody and I had joined in.

"When did you start shaving down there Mom?" asked Melody. Darlene stirred the eggs and said, "About twenty minutes before Peter came over for dinner that first night he stayed here. Eddie helped me." Melody sat thoughtfully, looking back and forth at both of them. "So Daddy you knew Mom and Peter were going to..."

"Honey, Peter was in a tough place and your Mom had always had a thing for him. I went along with it because I knew how much it would mean to your mother after all the times she had me pretend I was him," said Eddie.

She turned to look at me. I looked back. Finally I said, "I didn't have any idea and wasn't thinking about this at all Melody, but I must admit, when Darlene let me know what she wanted, I didn't hesitate more than a minute."

Darlene served the eggs and sausage. Everyone ate quietly. Melody looked mostly at her plate as she ate but the rest of us looked around at each other.
Finally Melody looked up at us and said, "I think after all this...maybe our arguments Peter were not of any consequence. I mean, when you found out that I had a thing for my Dad I thought you were angry. Were you mad about that Peter?"

I finished chewing, swallowed then gathered my thoughts as all three of them watched me. "Melody, when you told me about how you and Eddie..." I started. "I was kind of intrigued by it, but thought I wasn't supposed to be...so I didn't react the way I actually...the way I wanted to react. I'm sorry about that...but things have changed now," I said looking into her eyes.

"You and your Dad fucked last night then I fucked your Mom. It was wonderful and I don't regret any of that," I said to her. "If we could be together again, it wouldn't be the same. I love you Melody. I always will. But I love your Mother and your Father as well. Most families, I would suppose, don't have the dynamics this one does. If you would want to..."

Melody interrupted, "Peter, just because there are changes...maybe because there have been those changes...I can see us...ALL of us...being together for a long time. She was crying. I got up and went behind her chair, bent over and give her a big hug and kiss. Eddie and Darlene stood up and applauded. Eddie's cock was hard and waving over his unfinished breakfast. We all laughed.

Darlene held up her hands to silence everyone. "Eddie and I would like for Melody and Peter to consummate their marriage one more time. Please...lets go to the living room. They whispered quietly to each other and nodded their heads in agreement. My in-laws stood side by side, naked as they day they were born, beckoning us to come forward. We giggled and holding hands walked just as naked into their living room.

We stood before them. Eddie and Darlene moved us into a circle, four sets of arms around each other. Eddie's arms around his wife and his daughter, Darlene's around her husband and her son-in-law. He and I were sporting erections that pointed mostly toward the women we had fucked the night before.

He started, "Melody and Peter. Do you agree to live as a married couple, to love one another, give to one another, share one another with those in this room and with others you may choose later?"

Melody and I looked at each other after the almost odd re-marriage vow. It was only almost odd because of all that had happened since the break-up.

I took Melody's hands in mine as we faced each other. I repeated the vows Eddie had said, though from my point of view. Melody was crying when she did the same.

"I hereby pronounce you still husband and wife, wife and husband, who will love one another and to share with others in a loving way. Melody, Peter, you may fuck the bride, you may fuck the groom. Darlene lay a quilt onto the floor and said, "This quilt is your re-marriage quilt. It belonged to Eddie's parents. She presented this to us for our re-marriage vows after we had fallen apart." She was crying as she told us of the time and how she and Eddie had fucked on this quilt while Eddie's parents watched.

I looked at Melody, drew her close to me. She put a hand behind my head and pulled it down so we could kiss. She knelt down on the quilt and pulled me down to her. She asked my to lay down on my back. Eddie and Darlene knelt down next to the quilt holding hands as Melody put her feet on either side of my body and lowered herself down to my prick. Melody spread her lips wide apart. We heard a camera and realized that Eddie was filming the entire ceremony and consummation fuck. As soon as the tip of my cock was inside of my wife's cunt, Melody put her hands on my chest and slowly lowered herself down the shaft. She started crying as she descended until my cock pressed against her cervix. She leaned over and kissed me, her tears falling on my cheeks. We told each other we would love each other forever. Eddie and Darlene were masturbating each other as we fucked.

Melody went wild on my cock, slamming down onto my prick, her groin slapping against mine. I pressed her clit against my slippery shaft and waited for the sign she was ready to cum. When I heard her breath go into that staccato sound that signifies she is on the edge, I started pushing up into her. We came together.

Thus ends this story...or does it?

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2 years ago
This is the umtimate family foursome fuckfest. It just cannot get any better than this, the start of a joyous occasion, a celebration of family incest--and maybe another generation!!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Damn! why did I start with the last part? hahaha.. Well, I will have to read from the beginning.. lol Cheers!
2 years ago
Keep going on please
2 years ago
I am glad everything worked out and you can enjoy your mother in law and your wife,anytime you guys are at your in laws.