Divorce and my Mother-In-Law Part Four

So it went for over a week. I fucked Darlene at least once a day. Sometimes Eddie was part of it,actively joining in. There were times he came home and I was fucking his wife in the living room. He would loosen his tie, unzip his pants and jack on his cock waiting for his sweetheart as she got closer to cumming.. Then he would shoot off on her tits or face...whatever she requested.

This part of the story is about Wednesday night in the second week. Eddie had brought steaks and wine home. We cooked the steaks outdoors and drank some wine. I was really relaxed with them now. Their backyard had a high fence, so we were naked talking and drinking. We finished dinner and two bottles of wine and Darlene said she wanted to try something. We let her direct the whole scene.

"I want each of you to take turns fucking my mouth then I'll let you know what's next." Eddie and I thought that sounded good. I deferred to him and watched him fuck her throat while she lay on the deck built around the hot tub with her head over backwards so he could stand. The gagging sounds she made were so hot. My cock was very ready for her. Darlene wouldn't let him cum down her throat. Eddie pulled out when she put her hands on his belly.

I took his place and Eddie sat down on a chair so he could watch as close as possible. He would make small comments like "Oh fuck yeah!", or "Take it all Baby!" I was fucking Darlene's throat and pulling on her nipples when the back door opened and there stood Melody.

She stood there with her mouth wide open shaking her head then turned around and went back inside, slamming the door. Eddie got up and dashed into the trailer. He was naked and hard. I pulled out of Darlene's throat and asked her what we should do. She kissed me on the forehead and said she would go in and help Eddy. She suggested I wait in the hot tub.

Fifteen minutes later Darlene came out back again. I asked how it went and did Melody go back to the apartment. Darlene had a wicked grin and said, "No she's still here. Eddie and his daughter are taking up where they left off a few years ago." I had this puzzled look.

Darlene told me, "I came home from shopping one evening and found Eddie and Melody playing with each other on the couch. She had her top off and Eddie was playing with her tits while Melody was stroking his cock." She freaked out when I saw them, grabbed her clothes and went back to her apartment.

Darlene giggled and said, "Eddie has fantasized about her many times while fucking me. I knew all about it. The only time we turned out the lights to fuck was when Eddie wanted to pretend I was Melody. He would call me by her name and I would tell him to "fuck me Daddy with your big hard cock." It was amazing how close Darlene got to the sound of Melody's voice.

"You mean Eddie and Melody have been..." Darlene interrupted me and said, "They have never fucked, though I imagine they are doing just that right now in her bedroom."

I gave a double take and Darlene grinned and whispered, "You want to watch?" I thought about it then said, "Fuck yeah! But how? Just walk in there?" Darlene laughed and said Eddie had set up a series of cameras in Melody's room years ago. "Sometimes we would watch at the monitor on my side of the bed while he fucked me. Once or twice we watched her masturbate, but usually she was just doing homework or sl**ping."

Darlene and I went quietly down the hall. She pulled the monitor from under the bed and set it on the night stand. She turned it on. Eddie was on the bed with Melody. She was holding her tits and Eddie was sucking on one of her nipples. Darlene adjusted one of the cameras so we could see them better.

Darlene stroked my cock as we watched the play proceed to a different level. Eddie laid on his back. Both were naked. We watched as Melody scooted across the bed to suck his sock. She must have thought we were still outside because we could hear her say, "Daddy, I have wanted to do...all this for so long! With a wicked grin that matched the ones Darlene gave me at her most lascivious moments, Melody started licking his prick.

We watched as she took his cock all the way down her throat. Eddie was grinning and playing with her hair. "Honey, I have fantasized about doing this for longer than I want to admit. We would have gotten there that night if your Mother hadn't gotten home from shopping early." Melody giggled and said, "I want my daddy to fuck me now. With the look she always gave when she wanted something special, she cocked her head and said, "Please fuck my pussy Daddy."

Eddie laughed like he did when he watched Darlene and me. "Are you on the pill sweetie? Don't want to wind up being your baby daddy." They both laughed and she said it was not a problem.

"I've always fantasized that the first time would be while you were on your back Daddy. Would that be okay?" He grinned, moved flat onto his back, held his prick up and said, "Bring that pussy over to this hard cock baby."

Darlene whispered, "Fuck me now Peter." We watched as Melody squatted over Eddie's prick and spread her lips. As she slid down on Eddie I slipped into Darlene. "Oh fuck!" I whispered in Darlene's ear. "This is so fucking hot!!!"

Darlene just giggled and said "You know, some nights I pretended to be Melody while Eddie pretended to be you." I slammed up into her when she said that. She made a groan that would have been heard through the thin walls if they weren't already groaning in there.

"Daddy, do me doggy Daddy...please Daddy." We watched as they moved. Darlene adjusted the cameras again. One was on Melody's tits the other where Eddie was shoving his cock into his daughter's cunt. Darlene flicked from one screen to the other. She pulled away from and got up on her hands and knees. I moved behind her and matched Eddie stroke for stroke as he fucked his daughter.

Melody was screaming now. She always was a loud fuck. Eddie had his hands on her hips pulling her back onto his cock hard as he thrust forward into her. Melody fell forward onto her face sobbing as she came on her Daddy's cock. Eddie had an intense look on his face as he pounded into her. Finally he yelled, "Here it comes Baby. Take all of Daddy's cum!"

I was so blown away that I stopped fucking Darlene leaving my prick inside of her. When Melody and Eddie had collapsed together into a pile on her bed Darlene said loudly, "Fuck me now Peter! Fuck me hard!!" There was no way they couldn't hear in Melody's room. I slammed into her mother. Darlene was screaming "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" As I slammed into her I looked at the monitor. Melody was sitting up, with her ear against the wall listening to me fuck her mother.

I would imagine there is more to cum.

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2 years ago
Careful what you wish for; it just might happen! And it has. My imagination has run amok, with all sorts of scenarios!! Let'em ALL happen. And it's about time one, or maybe both, of these ladies get pregnant!
2 years ago
HOt!! More pls!!
2 years ago
Wow!! Hot Hot!!
2 years ago
getting better
2 years ago
excellent again...keep going!
2 years ago
Loving this series. Can't wait for the next one