On the train to Kyoto

It was a big event. After 150 years being crated, thus hidden from view, the sl**ping Buddha of Kyoto was due to be uncrated and shown to the public for a month. When that time was up the Buddha was to be crated again for another 150 years. It was fifteen feet wide and sixteen feet tall. Very impressive.

My friends told me I needed to be on the train to Kyoto early because the pilgrims would be packing it for that first day. Fortunately the journey started from the station three miles from the home of my friends. I arrived at the station in the dark and found about a dozen people waiting. I went into the last car and took a seat facing forward. People were s**ttered around in other seats. At the first stop, quite a few people came aboard. Some had to stand now, but most were seated. After two more stops though the train was packed...so packed that the only way for people to fit was for everyone to stand up. It was at the next stop the car was so crowded the people were pressed hard up against each other.

A young Japanese woman with blue/black hair was right in front of me. I was pressed tight against her back. Her scent was amazing and I knew I was in trouble. My cock was hard inside my pants and pressing right against her sweet ass. I tried to think about accounting and cartoons anything to get my mind off this delicious woman who had to be feeling my cock against her.

We were on the long part of the trip now and the erection didn't abate even a little. I felt my heart pounding like a drum when I noticed her hand move behind her back. She placed it right over my covered erection, tracing the shape and size of my prick. Her hand moved to the fly of my zipper and I gasped when she slid it down. She moved her hand inside of my underwear. I felt cool slim fingers on my shaft. She seemed to be measuring it, moving her finger tips up from my balls to the tip then back again several times.

She pulled my cock from inside my underwear so it was standing straight up and just outside my pants. I felt her butt move back a bit as her hand slipped under her miniskirt. I don't know how she did it because neither of us could move much, but she pulled her panties down her slender legs and somehow got them up into her hand. She whispered then, "Please sir to lift me. My hands by my side sir, lift me please so that I may take you into me."

I'm thinking "Here? In this crowd?" then thought, "fuck yes, right here in this crowd" so I pulled up on her arms using her fists to grip her. She held her arms rigid as my cock slid along the crack of her ass, then tilted forward when her ass was above the head of my cock. She pressed her butt against my belly then and the tip of my cock felt her soft pubic hair. The head found the opening, wet and warm. She hissed, "Lower me on to you please sir." I felt my cock head split her cunt open. She was very slippery and she glided down onto my shaft slowly. She had the tightest cunt I had ever had around my cock...at least the tightest since my first sexual experience as a freshman in high school.

She gasped as she spoke to me quietly, "I have heard that American men are very large in the penis. I had no idea large meant long as well as thick. Your penis is sitting right now at my cervix. My husband's penis will not go that far sir. Please to move me more quickly up and down sir. I wish to have my orgasm on your wonderful penis.

I obliged the young woman, moving her up and down on my shaft as fast as I could...which wasn't much as crowded as we were. The train then came to a stop and I noticed people exiting the train on the periphery of the car. For some reason the group of people we were part of didn't move at all and we remained tightly together still. That was when I noticed surreptitious glances at us from others nearby. An old woman was looking wistfully at the young woman's face. To my left a man with grey streaks in his hair looked directly at where we joined. The people in the crowd were very aware of what was happening.

I pressed my nose against the young woman's hair and sniffed it as my cock worked in and almost out of the woman's cunt. When her orgasm started there was no mistaking it. I felt the walls of her cunt contracting around my shaft as the woman made whimpering sounds. She only got louder as she came hard on my shaft. That set my cock to pumping semen up into this woman, most of it right against her cervix. When we were done the woman reached down and slowly pulled my cock from inside her. She ran her fingers along the slippery shaft, then brought her hand to her mouth and started lapping at the juices like a cat with milk.

The crowd eased away from us then with almost a group sigh. The young woman turned to me and smiled up at my face. "Thank you sir for the most amazing sex I will ever have. My husband will be happy to know such a prodigious penis has penetrated me. She reached down and stuffed my soft cock back into my underwear, then zipped my pants back up. Everyone who wanted to see this could have, but no one looked directly.

When the door opened, she kissed my lips lightly, bowed and walked away. She looked over her shoulder and said something in Japanese. I looked quizzically at her and she told me, "I have just said I will never forget you sir," I smiled and said, "Nor I you."
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5 months ago
Lovely; most enjoyable.
2 years ago
That must be every man's dream
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
Very well written and erotic. Good form.
2 years ago
2 years ago
This story really got me going! I used to live in the orient, and found your story to bring back memories!