Private show surprise at the porn store Part Two

Andrea leaned forward against the window, the phone at her ear. She moved her right middle finger languidly up and down her very slippery swollen slit. She whispered, "I have masturbated so many times thinking about you and me together. Never did I think of anything like THIS. The head of your cock is so swollen Peter." She parted her lips with thumb and forefinger. Her cunt was bright red. She hissed, "I want to feel that luscious purple head push into me right here." Her middle finger pressed inside the moist redness.

My cock was centimeters away from her smooth puss. I had the tip pointed right at the open red adventure between her lips.

Andrea sighed as she came on the tip of her finger. "Peter, I have an apartment just around the corner from here. I get off at six p.m. I have a roommate named Lydia. She knows of my fantasies about you. I have shown her your picture and she agrees you are such a stud. We...we are more than roommates. I want her to meet you without telling her you are my b*****r. I want to see if she will recognize you. She probably will though because I have your photo from the eleventh grade on my side of the bed.

I laughed and said, "I was such a geek back then. I don't really look like that picture anymore." She smiled and told me she always thought I was really smart and really hot. "Yeah you have changed in the...what was it...nine years since the photo." I did the math in my head and said,"eight years and four months ago s*s. That makes you now 18 years and one month old doesn't it?" She nodded with that mysterious smile.

"I want you to jack hard for me now Peter. I want to see you shoot your cum when you KNOW I am watching you...when you KNOW I am wanting you. Look at my pretty pussy so smooth for you. Shoot your seed all over the window Baby. Her small breasts pressed against the plexiglass, two fingers deep inside her slit. She watched me jack off, her mouth open, her eyes blinking.

"When did you lose your virginity honey?," I asked as I slowly stroked my shaft. Andrea smiled that Mona Lisa smile I knew so well and said, "I lost my cherry to Lydia's fingers the night we met. She was my first. Those boys I dated all had to go home with blue balls because none of them measured up to you Peter. If you fuck me tonight, I will no longer be a virgin in the biblical sense."

Coming from the atheist f****y we were raised in, we both laughed at that.

"Spread your lips wide and watch my cock Andrea. This is what I will be shooting up into you tonight." One hand on my balls, the other stroking my cock my hand pistoned on my shaft faster and faster. The first two spurts climbed over a foot above the tip against the plexiglass. The rest flooded the barrier between us and oozed down to the frame.

Using two fingers I gathered up a sizeable amount of semen from the 'window'. I held the fingers up to the light, then she watched as I moved my hand to the tube where I had slid in her money. I had taken soiled panties from Elise there several times. I watched Andrea's hand reach up to where my fingers stood dripping high and to the left of her. She wrapped her hand around my fingers and pulled the slippery seed away from them.

Andrea held her hand in front of her face, then showed me her small hand covered from thumb to little finger with white thick cum. She put the tip of her pink tongue into the thick puddle. With a grin she lapped at it as a cat might. Her red lips had smears of semen on them. She stood back, rubbed her palms together, then smeared the juices on her beautiful petite tits.

"Bring some wine tonight Peter. Lydia likes pinot noir. I'm going to ask her to take photos of us fucking.

I used the paper towels I always carried to wipe the semen off the plexiglass and more to wipe most of it off from where I had scooped it up for her.

Grinning broadly I said, "tonight then Andrea. Fantasies will come true."

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2 years ago
Oh man. Even better than the first.
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2 years ago
Awesome,,,this a very hot story,,,thanks
2 years ago
YES!!!!...Getting better and better...
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Going it.