Private show surprise at the porn store

I had been frequenting a porn store on the outskirts of town regularly since I discovered the pleasures of the private sex show. You go into booth, lock the door and ring the buzzer to bring a girl in to negotiate a no-touch sexual encounter. The women are behind plexiglass, with lights shining down and some shining up so the men would be able to see every inch. All the discussion is done over a telephone that hangs on the wall.

The women can't really see into the room, at least not enough to see the man's face, but I tended to stand next to the plexiglass because I liked for them to watch me stroke my cock. The prices varied, but I always paid for the fantasy show which was $25. If it was very good I would tip another five or ten dollars. My favorite girl was Elise. She was a wild woman.

This particular day though Elise wasn't there. A woman named Sandy that I had watched several times said I had a choice of three different girls that day. I asked for Elise and was told she was out of town for a few days. She asked if I wanted to choose my girl. I told that would be great. Sandy held up a finger signalling just one minute.

She came back quickly and told me she was sorry but there was only one other girl there because Sunshine, a blonde who had played a few times with me, had to leave for a f****y emergency. Sandy told me the one girl left was Andrea and was new to doing shows. She asked if I might want to help her get broken in.

I laughed a bit over the phone and told her I would love to break in the new girl. I also liked the idea that her name was Andrea because that was my younger s****r's name...but I didn't tell her that. Sandy disappeared again. I got my cash ready to stick through the tube at the top right of the plexiglass window.

I pulled off my shorts and tee shirt, hanging them on the wall. I liked to be naked though I always kept my flip flops on. I was just finishing hanging up my shorts when I saw motion in the other room out of the corner of my eye.

Standing there naked in the dark I was blown away when I looked to see the new girl Andrea. I stood there in shock unable to speak. The new girl was my s****r Andrea. She was wearing a teddy and some turquoise panties. She stood there holding the phone to her ear on her side of the booth.

I walked forward into the light so Andrea would be able to see my hard cock. With my baseball cap on I knew she couldn't see my face. "Well, well Hello!" she said. She was staring at my cock then looked up to try to see my face and realized she couldn't. "Uh, my name is Andrea." I paused and then said, with my voice lowered from it's usual pitch, "Well hello Andrea." She smiled toward me. "I see you are very happy to see me," she said giggling a bit.

I laughed then and told her I had never gotten to break in a new girl before. Andrea smiled and said, "Be gentle with me...but not too gentle. I am a little nervous, but I do like the idea of giving you a very very good show. What kind of show is it you want? I asked if she knew about the fantasy show. She nodded her head and said that was the one where anything goes in the discussion. She asked what my fantasy was.

I waited a few seconds and said, "I have a little s****r who is very sexy." She smiled knowingly and asked if I had ever thought about fucking her." I pushed the $25 into the tube at the top of the window and told her she needed to take her money first. No use giving it away for free. We both laughed. She took the money and asked again, "have you ever thought about fucking her?"

"Yes. Take off your clothes please." I watched Andrea set the phone down on the cushion on the floor. She unbuttoned the teddy slowly. I watched as her nice A cup tits came into view. "Aaah, Andrea your tits are really nice. Pull on your nipples s*s. Your big b*****r really likes your pretty little titties." Andrea stopped undressing and pulled on her nipples. They stiffened and poked out deliciously.

I started to stroke my cock slowly. Andrea looked down and said, "Is it all right then if I call you Peter? I have an older b*****r named Peter that I have fantasized about since I was nine." I told her my s****r's name was Andrea. She laughed and gave me a whatever look. I told her,"I want you to play that you are nine. You have come into my room and caught me jacking on my cock.

In her little girl voice she said,"Oh, I'm so sorry Peter. I didn't mean to you want me to leave?."

"Come in and close the door Andrea. I paused then and asked "Do you like looking at my hard cock?" Andrea murmured into the phone "you know, this is really turning me on." Then in her little girl voice again said, " Why is it so hard like that Peter? That must hurt."

"Take off your panties Andrea. I want to see your little slit." Her face flushed now, she pulled her turquoise panties to the floor. She had the most beautiful shaved cunt I had ever seen. "Do you like my pussy Peter?" I just stared at her pussy, stroking my cock then told her I liked her pussy very much.

"Tell me what it is you fantasized about doing with your b*****r Peter," I asked in my low voice. She started, "Well, when mom gave me the birds and the bees talk, I started to think about the penis going into the vagina as mom had told me. My b*****r Peter was always very nice to me, so I imagined what his penis must look like. I did try to catch him naked and did see his cock once when he was stepping out of the shower. I only caught a quick look, and closed the door and said I was sorry. I told him he should lock the door.

I remembered that time and wondered if she had seen much. "So, what did you think of his cock?" Andrea's face turned red then as she remembered it. "I thought it was a bit scary actually. Mom had told me the penis would grow when a man and a woman were ready to have sex. I wondered how big it would grow...stuff like that."

"Did you ever get another chance to see your b*****r's cock?" Andrea turned very red then and said in a small voice, "yes." I was surprised at that then said, "tell me about it." She seemed hesitant at first to tell me, then said, "Well, Peter's bedroom window had blinds on it. He sometimes didn't pull the blinds all the way down leaving several inches of glass. I peeked in the bottom of the window one time and he was lying on his bed looking at a magazine. He was masturbating. I watched in awe. His cock was very nice...just like yours is very nice."

My heart was pounding like a drum. Andrea watched as I stroked my cock slowly there in front of the plexiglass window. "It's funny, but I feel like I am watching him now," she said in a hushed voice. "So Andrea, did you watch him long enough to see him cum?"

"Well not that time I didn't, but I watched him probably twenty or more times and saw him shoot off each time." She had moved a finger down to her slit, sliding it from the back to the clit and back again. She was staring at my cock as I stroked it slowly. "I see Andrea. Is that when you first started to masturbate?" I watched my s****r break out of her reverie and pulled her finger from her slit.

Laughing then she told me she had known about the good feeling for several years before she started watching her b*****r through the window. She told me she masturbated every time she watched her b*****r jacking off. "You know, I had my first orgasm while watching my big b*****r playing with his cock."

"Did that surprise you or had your mother told you about orgasms?" Andrea was stroking her slit again, staring down at my cock and replied, "Mom had said that sex felt good. She told me a bit about masturbation, but no details."

"Please sit down now Andrea and open your legs wide apart for me. Pretend that your b*****r caught you looking through the window. Pretend you went to his room to apologize and he told you to take off your clothes so he could fuck you." Andrea smiled then and told me, "That was MY fantasy. That Peter would find out I had been watching him. I often masturbated myself to orgasm three or four times a night, each time seeing that big hard cock slide between my swollen lips." With that she pushed a second finger inside her slit and moved it as far up as it would go.

I moved right next to the plexiglass then. I removed my cap. She was still staring at my cock. "Andrea, look at me. Can you see my face?" She tried to see but said the light on her side was so bright she could barely see out into the dark booth. "You can see my cock...right?" She whispered "yes" into the phone. "Turn one of the lamps in there toward my face Andrea." I watched my s****r try to figure out how to move it so it would be shining where my face was there in the dark. She turned one light onto my cock, then moved the other so that the beam moved up my chest. When she had the light on my face, she blinked a bit, then stepped back, then she shrieked.

I smiled at my little s****r. "Peter!?! It was you all the time? I don't know what to say." I smiled gently and said, "you know we are going to fuck the next time we meet don't you s*s?" She nodded her head. "But right now, I want to live through the fantasy I paid you for. You are my little s****r. I have caught you watching me. Tell me what that would be like back then."

Andrea stared out into my face and into the phone said, "I come into your room. I can't believe you caught me. I think I am going to be in big trouble." Almost in a trance she continued, "You are naked. You tell me to take off my clothes. I don't think you are going to like my body, but am surprised when you pull me to you and kiss me. I feel your hand move to my pussy and finger it. You make me lick your cock. Then you make me put it in my mouth. Then you say, "There is no need to watch from outside s*s. When you want to learn anything just let me know and I will always be there for you."

"I want you to play with your cunt now s*s and watch me jack off just for you."

This concludes this story.
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2 years ago
excellent start. what a way to meet your sister, mom, neighbors wife etc.
2 years ago
soooooo hot!
2 years ago
I love your sister!
2 years ago
good start
2 years ago
I am assuming you all read part two.
2 years ago
This is sooooo hot,,,thanks,,but we need to know more
2 years ago
Of course there's more.
2 years ago
Very good. So hot mmmmm:-)..
2 years ago
There is more He just isn't telling or will he
2 years ago
Awww...c'mon...there's got to be more.
2 years ago