Eddie opens the door and sees me with my naked mot

Darlene had a huge grin on her face, her arm around my waist. I was excited and nervous, my cock pressing my pants... uncomfortable but in a great way. Darlene was as naked as she could be...and with a freshly shaved cunt.

Eddie opened the door, a look of anticipation on his face. When he saw the two of us there he did one of the best double takes I have ever seen, dropping his briefcase and stepping back onto the stairs that led up to the double-wide trailer. His slacks were thin enough to show his hard-on. He walked up to us, kissed Darlene deeply on the mouth as his hands moved over her hard nipples.

He stepped back again. Neither Darlene nor I had moved. He smirked at me and said, "She's a pretty amazing woman isn't she Peter?" I smiled back at him and said she was indeed an amazing woman...and a great fuck. He erupted in laughter, his hand moving admiringly on his wife's smooth pussy. "Hey baby, you haven't done that in years."

Darlene smiled and said her lovely son in law had shaved her. Eddie's finger felt the panties stuffed in her cunt prompting a curious look on his face. He put both hands on her face and looking into her eyes said,"So, you have been saving something for the cuckolded husband?"

"Cuckold my ass...you practically told me to fuck him...and yes there is a very large load of your son in law's semen being held inside of me." I was no longer nervous. That feeling had been replaced with wonder and nasty thoughts of what might be ahead for the three of us.

Darlene stepped away a bit from the two of us, put her hands on the hard cocks inside of the pants we were wearing and pulled us down the hall to the bedroom she had shared for 26 years with Eddie. Eddie put his arm around my shoulder and said, "I hope this is okay with you Peter. Darlene and I traded fantasies some months ago. She liked mine, but her only one was what it would be like to fuck you while I watched. That quickly became one of my unattainable fantasies too. I'm sorry Annie and you didn't work out Peter, but this is going to be fun. Just be open to the possibilities." I didn't have anything to say, but nodded my head and let Eddie go ahead of my in the room when Darlene had to drop our cocks at the narrow doorway.

Darlene moved to the center of the bed. She had the pussy, so she made the rules. Eddie on one side of the bed, me on the other. "All right boys...I'm naked here and you're not. Take off the duddies buddies. I waited for Eddie to start. He was down to his shorts when I removed my shoes. He and Darlene watched me strip. Eddie's cock was standing up from his groin, throbbing as I finally got to taking off my shorts. I saw that my cock was probably an inch or so longer than his, but not as thick. Eddie said, "The boys are naked. What is your fantasy wish my queen?"

Darlene stretched lazily and said, "My fantasy was for you to watch me get fucked by your son in law. That's how this starts. Eddie watch wherever you can see every little detail of this fuck Peter and I are going to do in front of you. You can jack on your cock, but you can't cum. Okay?" Eddie nodded yes and sat on the bed near the foot.

Darlene raised her ass so her pussy wouldn't spill much of the semen inside. She put thumb and finger on the thin fabric dam and pulled it up. When the panties were out, she ran thumb and forefinger on her hand along the semen coated cotton. Now it was all over her palm. She tasted her fingers while looking at Eddie then at me grinning lasciviously. Her fingers traced her lips like she was putting lipstick on them. The light in the room showed her lips glistening with the semen gloss. Darlene scooted to the edge of the bed, then patted the center as she looked at me. "On your back baby. I want to slide my pussy down on that delicious cock."

I moved to where she had indicated. My cock standing not to the ceiling but to the corner where ceiling met wall behind my head. Darlene moved on her knees between my open legs. She had her left hand now over her naked cunt, trying her best to hold in the jizz. I held my cock so it was pointed right to the hand covering her cunt. "Peter, I want to slide your cock between my fingers and into my pussy. Some of the semen had coated the joining of her fingers. I pressed the head between the two fingers in the middle, lubricating it with the juices Darlene, Eddie and I had shared inside of her. Eddie was kneeling on the floor now, watching intently as he watched his wife move her cunt onto my cock, seeing it split her fingers apart there as the head moved up into this woman...the mother of his daughters...the mother of my soon to be ex wife.

Darlene pulled her hand away then and the seed inside her coated my cock. She licked her palm clean then placed it on my chest as she lowered her swollen hole down my shaft. There was a sound like a tire had suddenly gone flat. It was Eddie in extreme excitement watching his wife take the cock of his son in law.

Once her bare cunt was firmly seated on my groin, Darlene leaned forward and gave me a long, very hot kiss. When she pulled away our tongues followed the others tongue, licking each other in the space between us. I put my hands on her breasts, squeezing them.

Darlene had strong dancer legs. That was how she and Eddie had met. He was playing sax while she was part of the dance troupe. She ground her creamy cunt against the hardness I had inside her.

Slowly she lifted off me, as the juices inside her coated my shaft a thick white. Eddie reached his hand forward then and traced the place where my shaft was sealed by her cunt. "Eddie, just wait baby. I'll have something for you to do VERY soon." He smiled, rubbing the slipperiness from his finger against his thumb. Darlene leaned forward now and kissed me deeply as she slid up and down the well oiled piston I had inside her. "Peter, I want Eddie to fuck me now." I nodded and said I would move. "I don't want you to move Peter. I want to have you stay inside of me while Eddie slips in beside you. Can you handle that?" It didn't take long for me to say it was fine.

"Eddie baby...Peter said it's a good thing to share. I think there is room for both of you in this juicy cunt. Would you like that baby?" Eddie didn't answer. He got behind her and pushed her forward so Darlene's tits were right in front of my face. I felt the head of his cock move in the slime we had all created. There was a brief moment when it didn't seem it would fit inside her. Then it popped in and his shaft was right against mine deep inside his wife and my mother in law. He started pumping into her as I sort of just stayed there. It was an amazing feeling...one I couldn't have imagined because this was something I had never thought of doing.

Darlene was REALLY into it! "OH FUCK!! FUCK ME!!" This got me moving. Eddie and I became pistons in a well-oiled machine. Cock sliding along cock one moving in as the other was moving out, then both going into her together. With my fingers I felt where we joined. Darlene's naked cunt lips were stretched very tight. Her eyes were closed. She almost seemed to be d**gged. Eddie was moving faster now. I didn't want him to beat me to the end, so I grabbed Darlene's hips jamming my cock hard up and down inside of her. The pressure of her cunt walls and his shaft sliding against the cum chute on the underside of my cock became so intense I thought I might explode. Darlene was screaming and crying. Eddie was making sounds like he might make while listening to his jazz band getting ready for his solo. There was to be no solo. It was twin sexophones that night. I heard his breath break into staccato bursts and realized he was cumming. That started me. I felt my seed shooting up inside her very hot, juicy and full cunt. Both men were moving inside her, wanting to be the one that was deepest.

I knew we were both spurting what seemed to be impossible amounts of semen into this woman. When Eddie was done, he leaned forward on Darlene, pressing her tits against my face. I felt the less substantial now shaft Eddie had inside his wife moving out of her cunt. My cock was still inside her. Somehow, even though I had cum, I was getting second wind just thinking about what we had done. I heard Darlene's heartbeat her breasts pressed against my face. My cock sprang back to life inside her. She pushed herself up from me.

"Peter honey, are you ready for more?" I answered by pulling partially so my hardness could see seen by Eddie and felt by Darlene. I slammed up into her several times. "Eddie," I called out, "would you get an empty cup please. I want to fuck your wife doggy style, but I don't think we should lose any of what we have created inside of her." Eddie replied "Check" and stumbled down the hall to get a cup from the kitchen. When he returned I suggested he try to catch as much of the jizz as he could when Darlene pulled off of my cock. Darlene and I both watched as she pulled her cunthole from my hard prick. White cream gushed down from her. Eddie caught most of it with the cup. When the last drops had dripped out he looked in the cup and said, "Well I'll be goddamned. We filled it Peter!' He brought it forward to the two of us to see. It was half an inch from the top. He placed the cup on the dresser. Darlene wanted him to sit on the bed in front of her so she could suck his cock while I fucked her.

His cock was coated with it...and starting to show signs of life. That's when he added his thoughts. "You know, this probably will never happen again. I want to eat Darlene while she sucks my cock...okay baby? She nodded. Then when she is ready I want to watch while your cock slides into her. That is something I have always wanted to see...Darlene taking a cock while I saw as much of it as it was possible to see."

I moved to the edge of the bed, stroking my stiff cock and watching them position themselves for soixante neuf. Sixty nine sounds much sexier in French.

I moved to where Darlene had taken his now very hard cock in her mouth. She winked at me as she stroked his prick and slid her lips down his shaft. Her lips were coated with the cum that had clung to his shaft. I moved to where Eddie was lapping at his wife's cunt. He had his thumbs in a position to pull her cunt lips wide apart. She looked so red inside. He sucked her lips into mouth and pulled back on them with suction, releasing them and going back for more. His nose, lips and chin were getting coated with semen and cunt juice.

He looked back at me and said, "I think your mother in law is ready for some nice hard young cock Peter. Fuck her hard. Make her scream!"

I slid my cock into my mother in law's cunt just inches above my father in laws face. I looked ahead of me and saw Darlene's head bobbing up and down on her husband's cock. I slid S-L-O-W-L-Y into her. At last I was balls deep inside my mother in law. I imagined my father in law nodding his approval. I wondered idly then if there was any chance Darlene was still fertile. She had told me the first time that she and Eddie always used condoms. The thought that I might impregnate her spurred me to a fury of fucking. I was doing the math...she was 49...women did have babies at that age. This really got me going. Annie had not wanted any c***dren. I knew this was crazy, but my thoughts now were entirely about making a baby inside of my mother in law...with the approval of her husband.

Eddie must have cum in Darlene's mouth because she pulled away suddenly gasping and coughing a little bit from not thinking as much about what was in her mouth as she was thinking about what was in her cunt. I have never fucked any woman as fast and hard now as I was fucking Darlene. I was pounding into her. Eddie was murmuring, "Oh yeah...do it Peter...do it". Here I was on my solo and I was making music with my cock in this sweet slutty woman under me.

When I felt my eruption approaching I started spanking Darlene's ass making large red marks on each cheek. Darlene was going "Oh oh oh oh ohohohohoh" That's when my semen exploded against her cervix. I kept pumping until it became almost painful to move. I wanted my semen, my seed to be as deep inside her as it could get.

When I was done, I pulled out of her. My cock fell out of Darlene's cunt and thudded against Eddie's forehead. He started laughing. That was when my seed started to slide form inside her. "Darlene Baby," I called out. "Get on your back baby and save this seed inside of you. She rolled to the right of Eddie as me moved to his left. Darlene held her ass up a bit until I place a pillow under ass. Eddie and I looked between her legs. Eddie spread her lips apart and we could see the almost steaming pool of semen inside his wife. He kind of chuckled and said, "You know...when we were trying to have k**s we did this. Wanted the seed to have every chance to find that egg." I reddened a bit and said, "oh yeah?". He replied, "Oh yeah...and it worked both times like a charm".

I muttered that it wouldn't happen now...trailing off...sort of waiting for an answer. He looked at her...she looked at him...and they both laughed. "Nah" they said in unison.

We all slept together that night. Somewhere in the night I felt a mouth on my cock. I thought I was dreaming. The next day I decided it was probably time to move on.

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2 years ago
I'm glad you enjoyed it. I had fun writing it.
2 years ago
some series
;p ~~~
great writing and yes it was time to move on, never outlast your welcome
2 years ago
Loved it..Great work!