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- Content that excites us and reflects our turn ons I.e. cum shots, tributes, spanking, gang bangs, stockings, lesbian.
- A profile with description, photos , blogs, stories etc.
- Anyone with a selection of sensual photos.
- Couples, lesbians, bi-curious.
- Evidence that they have spent some time on our profile, such as comments on photos and blogs.
- Prior conversation....interesting, welcoming, maybe sensual. Ideally linked to our profile and interests.

These are just a guide and a combination of som... Continue»
Posted by sexy_us 2 months ago

[Story] The Natalie Portman Trilogy - Episode I

The Natalie Portman Trilogy - Episode I
(Mf, mast, oral, rom)

In the summer of 1997 I had managed to get an internship at a production company for TV & film in the UK. It was quite a good job, but it turned into a fantastic job, when I found out that we would be working on the new Star Wars movie.

I had seen Natalie Portman in "The Professional" not long ago on VHS at a friend's house, but that movie was quite a few years old, so I wasn't prepared for the amazingly beautiful young woman I would meet on my second day at lunch in a tent in the Tunisian desert where the Tato... Continue»
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When I was in my twenties in the late 1970's I started working in London and soon discovered the delights of adult cinemas. In those days there were about twenty, mostly in Soho, but my favourite one was near City Road on the edge of the business area. I spent many hours sitting in the dark and wanking, always hoping that a couple would come in and allow us to watch them fucking or even better to let us join in. Unfortunately this was very rare. I had once been wanked off by a kind bespectacled secretary out with her boss but most couples left afer a brief interval, leaving us guys high and dr... Continue»
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Christina wanks me outdoors

I parked up near to the bank and we walked along the High street, heading for a pub to catch a crafty pint before our table was due. As we passed a little service alley that ran between the Royal Hotel and a jewellers, Christina grabbed me and pushed me in. Three steps into the alley and we were sufficiently in the shadows enough that anyone walking by the street - and there weren’t many people about - wouldn’t be able to see us clearly. The end of the alley was in darkness.

“What’s going on?” I said.

Christina pushed me against the wall, pressing her body against me and kissed me har... Continue»
Posted by morgan1969 11 months ago

[Story] 8 Clothed Females 4 Naked Males.

The fun below involved Laura, Eleanor, Ann-Marie, Rachael, Becky, Alicia, Zoe, Nicola. Mike, Ewan, Ryan and Jon.

Sorry it has taken so long to post my CFNM night but I needed to concentrate on my exams first ...
Everything below actually happened and can be confirmed by one of the guys involved, Jon, who has been on xhamster for years :)

About two months ago my friend Rachael was getting married and I decided to organise a femdom night for her hen party. She thought it would be a giggle but said she would not get too personally involved on the night in case word got thru to her fiancé... Continue»
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Morning handjob

After my morning coffee, I went back to the bedroom and hubby was still asl**p. I thought he would appreciate being woken up with a nice handjob. I slid my hand under the covers.

He did not yet have his morning hard-on. So I gently started to caress the soft skin of his penis with my fingers. It reacted to my soft touch immediately. Then I massaged his balls a little with my fingers leaving my thumb on his shaft. I rolled them around a couple of times in his sack. I moved my hand back up to his rapidly stiffen member. I love the power I exercise over it. It is like magic. I pulle... Continue»
Posted by grevieby 12 months ago

Brunch with my s****r

Hubby drove me over to my s****r (Anna) yesterday morning since we (she and I) were going to have brunch together. When he met her in the kitchen, he gave her a nice little greeting kiss and as she was pulling away he pulled her back to himself---he must have liked what he tasted!

This time they really kissed. She wrapped her leg up around him as her passion took over her. Hubby's hand went up under her skirt and was squeezing her ass. He turned her around and bent her over her kitchen table. He lifted her skirt up and pulled down her panties. With one hand he started to work her pu... Continue»
Posted by grevieby 12 months ago

[Story] A little fable ;)

When i was about 16, i had moved to a new town in New Jersey called Rockaway. A pretty small and boring town. For the first half of the school year i totally kept to myself. I was very quiet and i was told my shyness intrigued a girl named Amy, who was 15. She sat to my left, about 1 seat back in my class, and at times, i could feel her staring at me. On valentines day of that year, (1999), my band got a chance to play the school dance, and thats when Amy and I first exchanged words. Amy was about 5'4, dark brown hair to her chin, big brown eyes, 112 pounds.......she was absolutely breathtakin... Continue»
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First Date Footjob

As it appears to go with Internet dating, I met up with a couple of ladies over the last month but there wasn't really any spark and so, after an awkward hour or so of small talk and eating, we went our separate ways. Then I found Christina's profile, she got my attention and we arranged a date. It went very well indeed.

We ate at an Indian and the conversation was easy and fast-flowing. We had a lot of things in common, we laughed at a few of the same things and - as it turned out - we even had a couple of mutual friends. Better, she was very straight talking and that was a real relief - o... Continue»
Posted by calloo 1 year ago


i saw this game on another forum but thought i would give it a go..ok,heres the rules
Go to random.org and type in 1 through 101. Feeling lucky? Then click! ( or even just pick numbers out of a hat if you want to..but no cheating lol)

Now return to this list and see what celebrity you got. Will you be blasting over lucy pinders lovely tits or trying valiantly to stay erect to paris hilton? if you pick lucky 21 ( there is no girl for number 21 ) then you can choose whoever you like. which number will you get?
Only fate knows!
Good luck.

1. Lindsay Lohan
2. imogen thomas
3. tulisa
... Continue»
Posted by bigcocksforcelebs 1 year ago