Handjob Holly - Part 1

Holly cleared her throat as she was counted in by the prompter "On in 5...4...3......".
He pointed to her, that was the cue.
"Welcome back, next on the show we have male health. Recent statistics..."
This had been done on the show before, to better explain to male viewers how to check their testicles, a man was brought into the studio to demonstrate. Today's 10 minutes was centering on the older man, and so the model was a slightly overweight guy in his mid 50's. he was naked from the waist down and was shielding the view of his penis with one hand, exposing his shaved testicles for the cameras. This was acceptable viewing, even for daytime television. The resident doctor began his patter, pointing to the guy's balls with his pen, instructing the model on how to inspect his privates. Suddenly the curse of live television kicked in. Holly herself was standing on the other side of the model and was absent mindedly pointing with her own pen while talking, when her pen touched his sack. Instantly his balls began visibly churning, slowly at first as Holly apologised and began to giggle. It was quickly apparent that the model was now struggling to hide the fact that his erection was rapidly growing.
"Ahhh, turn around" squealed Holly full of hilarity. It was academic as the cameras had already been put on standby at the director's insistence and the nation was now viewing the test card.
The model turned around, looking sheepish and uncomfortable. "I...I'm sorry", he stammered. But Holly was still squealing with laughter and trying to protect the model's dignity by hiding his groin area and backside with her script papers.
"It's fine, we'll get you out of here darling" she smiled. "We're not transmitting now, nobody will see". She glanced down to see he was trying to hide his genitals with both hands, but his swollen cockhead was clearly visible above his thumbs between his wrists. "Wow", she breathed, staring at the embarrassed guy's penis.
"I...I'm...erm" he stuttered, but Holly placed the tip of her finger on his lips, "Ssshhh".
She immediately and in one motion reached down, pushed his hands away and circled his cock with thumb and forefinger. He gasped loudly, and seeing her sexy manicured scarlet painted fingers, twitched as his cock swelled even more.
"Don't resist" whispered Holly into his right ear. "Just let it go" as her hand moved slowly up and down his shaft. The cameramen had switched to hand held cameras and had been instructed quietly to record the action. They zoomed in on Holly's beautiful hand as she slowly pulled back the gasping model's foreskin, exposing his now purple shiny helmet. She moved her hand faster and he groaned as his legs began to shake. "Mmmm, you like that" she asked as she made perfect rhythm on his cock. His answer was a low moan which instantly became a little more urgent. "Yessss, are you close?" she whispered. He groaned louder and his belly began to clench. "Oh wow, cum for me baby" she hissed, smiling sexily.
"Guuuuuhhhhh" he groaned as his cock flexed in her hand.
"Yessss, shoot it!", she grinned.
"Gaaaaaahhhhh!" He cried as a jet of boiling watery spunk leapt from his twitching cock. Holly cooed as she continued wanking the guy's thick red cock, his legs shaking madly and ropes of hot white sperm flying into the air and spattering his belly, her fingers and her wrist. He was groaning happily right until the last drops of his spunk had been stroked from him and his penis began to slowly deflate.
"Towel!" yelled Holly smiling, her arm and hand glistening with streaks of cum. Somebody dashed off to cater for her request, but she changed her mind. "Fuck it" she whispered, and as the guy slumped onto the nearby sofa, Holly raised her spunky hand to her lips and proceeded to happily and slowly lick every drop of warm white jizz from her skin. "What a naughty girl" she winked.
96% (17/1)
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2 months ago
1 year ago
Lucky Philip, lol :)
1 year ago
Holly Willoughby hopefully does that to philip schofield at the end of every recording back in the make up rooms
2 years ago
that was great, I got hard reading
2 years ago
ten stars for creativity..
so hot and enjoyable..

2 years ago
lolz x
2 years ago
We British guys know this is Holly Willoughby right? Couldn't be anyone else! ;)
2 years ago
Great story mate. One of the best written on here. Very erotic & very hot too. will give it 10 out of 10! Look forward to reading part 2.
2 years ago
I've got ideas for part two. Coming soon! :)
2 years ago
good story. I'd love to have that happen to me.
2 years ago
not bad