Me, Miguel and the Deliveries

As Miguel and I started to meet one on one more and more our sessions turned from just having great sex to having great sex with a dash of voyeurism. I detailed in a previous post about our adventure in the movie theater parking lot. This story took place at my home but was the most voyeurism I had done at one time.

I knew that Miguel was going to be coming over in the next day and I was trying to think of kinky things to do and I got a great idea. Where I live it’s a very odd but fortunate thing that my mail typically arrives between noon and 1pm and if I ever have a package delivered by either UPS or FedEx they always seem to arrive around the same time period. Obviously there are exceptions but it is pretty consistent.

So I ran into my office and dug up 3 boxes and filled them with some crumpled newspaper and sealed them up to look like a legitimate package. I jumped in the car and I hit up the Post Office, the UPS store and the FedEx store. At each place I mailed one of the packages to my house with next day shipping and returned home. When I got back home I parked my car in my driveway (I usually park in the garage) and I began to clean up the garage. Satisfied that everything was where I wanted it I pulled my car in the garage for the day.

That next morning I woke, took and shower and prepared myself as usual for Miguel’s arrival. When I got out of the shower I didn’t put any clothes on as usual and headed out to the garage. I opened the garage and moved my car back into the driveway. I went back in the house and grabbed a large blanket and laid it out nice and neat on the garage floor. I went back in and grabbed the lube, a couple glasses of water, some pillows and my cell phone. I headed back to the garage and placed everything where I wanted it.

I asked Miguel to show up around noon and it was still a quarter till so I laid down on the blanket and started playing with myself while surfing the net on my phone. From where I was laying down if you were standing in front of my house on the sidewalk but right in the middle, you couldn’t see me. But if you were to either your left or right you had a clear view of me.

At almost noon on the dot, Miguel pulled up and I could see that he saw me and I got a big smile and a wave. I got up and stood at the top of the driveway (completely nude) and told him to move to the other side of the driveway. Where he parked is where the delivery people usually park and I wanted them to be able to park there and see us.

Miguel finally made his way into the garage where I was back laying down and stroking myself and he begins to strip down. As he is doing so he asks what this is all about and I tell him what the plan was. He thought it was a great idea and by the time he was pulling the last article of clothing off he was already hard. He walked over to the blanket and laid down next to me. He propped himself up on one arm and turned towards me and we talked for a few minutes just catching up as we both were stroking our cocks.

After a few minutes of conversing I reached over and took his cock into my hand and began playing with the head. He continued what he was talking to me about and then I got up onto my knees and took his cock into my mouth. He laid back flat on the blanket and still continued his story while I was sucking his cock. As he was talking he would pause his story every time I would swirl my tongue around the massive head of his cock as if his breath was taken from him. I’d return my attention to his shaft or balls and then he’d continue with his story.

After about 5 minutes or so of this I grabbed a couple of pillows, laid on my back and placed the pillows under my upper body so that my head was hanging off. Miguel knew what this meant and he took position kneeling at my head. Once I was ready I opened my mouth and Miguel inserted his cock. It took less than a minute before he was able to slide his cock all the way into my throat and I was greeted with the all too familiar feeling of Miguel’s balls resting on my forehead. He leaned forward and put his hands on either side of me to brace himself and he began to slowly fuck my throat.

At one point I heard a big trucking coming around the corner and we got excited that this was the first delivery but it ended up being a big diesel truck that belongs to someone up the street. My head was facing towards my house (Miguel was facing the street) so I am not sure if he saw us as he drove by but Miguel said that he didn’t think he looked over. Miguel was starting to pick up the pace and power of his thrusts and I pushed him away a little and told him to take it easy because I wanted us to last through all the deliveries. He nodded in agreement and thrust his cock all the way back into my throat but his pace slowed considerably.

About another minute or so and we could hear footsteps outside. We both listened intently to try and identify the source but he didn’t stop pumping. All of a sudden we heard a mailbox closed and I thought that the mail lady had snuck up on us. After it closed we could hear footsteps again and this time they got closer. All of a sudden from outside we hear this "Hey fellas! How’s it going?" I immediately recognized the voice and it was my male neighbor who had went to check his mailbox and on his way back up his driveway saw what we were doing.

I was somewhat incapacitated at this point seeing as I had a massive cock shoved down my throat so Miguel yells out "Hey, how’s it going?!"

At this point my neighbor was already walking across the lawn to my garage. When he arrives he says "Well I can tell you two are having fun!" Miguel asks him if he would like to join us and he declines stating that he is already running late for work and that he has to take off. My neighbor and Miguel talk for about 30 seconds or so exchanging niceties and catching up with each other. All the while Miguel never misses a beat and just keeps slowly pumping his cock in and out of my throat.

My neighbor finally exclaims that he has to take off and wishes us a good day. I raise my hand and give him a wave and my neighbor heads back home. A couple of minutes later we can hear him get in his car and as he drives away he gives a honk and then he was gone.

It was about half past noon and we still haven’t had any action from the delivery companies. I push Miguel away again and this time I tell him that I want to have sex. Miguel eagerly obliges and I reach over, grab the lube and hand it to him. Miguel squeezes some into his hand and begins to massage it into my ass. He pushed some into me with his fingers and then takes the rest and strokes his cock to lube it up as well.

We positioned ourselves so that we were parallel to the street. So when someone pulled up they would get a nice side view of what was going on. I got on all fours and face the side of the garage and Miguel took up position behind me. He gave my ass one last check with his fingers and satisfied with what he found he took the head of his cock and inserted it into my ass. Miguel doesn’t waste any time anymore when it comes to my ass and within maybe 5-6 strokes he was balls deep in me. I let out a groan in appreciation and he took my hips in his hands and began to slowly thrust in and out.

A few minutes passed and we heard another truck coming up the street. However this time it stopped a couple houses down and the engine turn off. After about a half a minute the truck started up again and I knew it was one of the delivery trucks. I could hear the truck as it was getting closer and then the breaks began to squeak as it pulled up to my house. We both looked over and it was the FedEx truck. My typical FedEx deliver driver is an older lady (like my mail lady) in her early to mid 50’s. I have flashed her on numerous occasions and she just ignores it and moves on with her day.

She parked the truck, turned it off and then got up and walked to the back of the truck to retrieve the package. She stepped out of the truck but she never looked up as she was looking at her little electronic delivery device the entire time. However, when she reached the top of the driveway she stopped dead in her tracks. She was standing less than 10 feet from Miguel fucking my in the ass in the middle of my garage.

I causally ask her how she is doing as if nothing was going on and she just stood there like a deer in headlights. She was able to get the word "Delivery" out and I told her she could just leave the package there. She just kept staring as if she didn’t hear a thing from me and I took my cock in my hand and began stroking it while Miguel was pounding me from behind. At this point she tried to look away and couldn’t make eye contact. She asked where she could put the package and I repeated that she could just leave it there.

She laid the package on the ground and said "Good day" and she whipped around and quickly walked back to the truck. I could see here keeping looking up as she fumbled with her keys. She finally was able to start the truck and she basically peeled out and took off. I turned towards Miguel and we both had big smiles on our face. He finally says "That was awesome" and put my hand up and we high fived.

By now Miguel asked if we could switch it up because his knees were hurting from the hard surface and I said ok. He grabbed a couple pillows and told me to get on my back. So I rolled over and he lifted my legs and placed the pillows under my ass. Before we could even get going I heard the familiar sound of the mail truck making its way slowly from house to house. I told him to hurry up and that she would be here in about a minute or two.

Miguel began to hurry up a little and within a few seconds he was ready to enter me. He placed both his hands on either side of my body to brace himself. He then reached back and with one hand took his cock and placed it into my eagerly awaiting ass. He again went right at it and shoved his cock all the way deep into me.

Within a minute I could hear the truck pull up to my house and she was placing the mail in my mail box. She then pulled the truck up the edge of the driveway and she turned the vehicle off. I couldn’t tell 100% but I don’t believe that she saw us either. She got out of the truck and was walking up the driveway and like the delivery lady before her she stopped dead in her tracks. The difference with her is that when I looked over she was smiling and not in a state of disbelief.

I’ve had sex with her before (actually I haven’t had sex with her but I’ve eaten her out and been fucked by her with a strap on) so she was more comfortable with the situation. She said hello and we both said hello back. She asked where she could leave the package and I told her to bring it over to me. As she walked over I grabbed my cock again and began stroking it. When she gets over to us she lays the package on my workbench and then just stands there next to us watching. I am just staring at her and she is staring back at me.

All of a sudden she began to undo her belt and pants. She pulls them down but not all the way, kind of like how you would when you go to the restroom. Once she had them pulled down she turned around so that her back is to Miguel and she lowers herself down onto my face and just sits on me like I wasn’t there. Seeing this Miguel gets extremely turned on and begins to fuck me fast and hard. I’m beating my cock as well at a feverish pace as I try and eat her pussy while not suffocating. She was conscious of this and would let up from time to time to get me air.

Every now and then she would scoot forward and back so that I could alternate between eating her pussy and ass. By now Miguel is absolutely jackhammering me and I am feeling out of this world. I feel the urge to come start to take over me and not wanting to cum just yet I stop stroking my cock. A minute goes by and the mail lady is really starting to lay into me and grind on my face. She positions her pussy back on my mouth for the home stretch and I do my best to make her cum. Within a few short seconds I can feel her start to quiver and then the water works came. She was gushing all over my face and as she is in the middle of coming Miguel sticks his finger in her ass and she lets out a yelp. She is grinding her pussy on my face so hard my head is starting to hurt from the floor but it doesn’t matter because despite the fact that I stopped stroking myself, the events that were unfolding were too much for me and I began to unload spurt after spurt of cum onto my stomach and the mail lady’s back.

Once she finished cumming she collapsed forward onto her stomach and like the time before where she did this I licked all her juices off her pussy. Knowing that he needed to last longer Miguel slowed his pace back down to a crawl. The mail lady finally composed herself and stood up. She began to put her pants back on and thanked us for the good time. Once she was dressed she left the garage, got back in her truck and continued the route.

Once she left Miguel was so excited over what had just happened. He asked if I had ever done anything like that with her and as I continued to fuck me I told him about my other experience with her. As I was recapping the story for him he began to pick up the pace again just from the excitement of listening to the tale.

Once I had finished the story Miguel asked we could again switch positions and I replied "Of course!"

Miguel got up, and shook his legs a little to get the bl**d flowing again and then sat back down on the blanket. He grabbed one of the pillows and then laid back and put it behind his head. I turned my back towards him and positioned both my legs on either side of his body and got in a squatting position. I reached down with my hand and grabbed his cock and guided it to my ass. Once I found the target I slowly sat down until his cock was completely inside of me. Instead of pumping up and down on his cock, I spent the first minute or so just swiveling my hips in a circle with his cock balls deep inside me.

The swiveling felt so good that I was beginning to get hard again so I took my cock in my hand and began to stroke it back to life. Within a few seconds of stroking it I could hear the sound of a large truck making its way towards my house. Within just seconds I could hear it approach the house and sure enough the UPS pulled up and parked in front of my house.

My usual UPS driver is a young Asian man (maybe early 20’s) and he is not a stranger to my voyeurism. On numerous occasions I have answered the door when he has delivered a package wearing nothing but boxer briefs. And on a few of those occasions I made it a point to have a hard on so that was barely being contained by them but you could clearly see the tent I was pitching. He never reacted to me being in the underwear but the first time that I answered with the erection he had a stunned look on his face but then quickly acted like there was nothing going on. He never once said anything to me about it, just the usual pleasantries.

Well like the two people before him, as soon as he parked he did his thing and didn’t see what was going on in my garage. Once he located the package in the back of the truck he jumped out of the truck and headed up the driveway. And like the previous individuals he came to a sudden stop and just stared in astonishment once he made it to the opening of the garage and saw what was going on.

At first he had a look of not knowing what to do. He didn’t say anything, he just stood there watching Miguel fuck me reverse cowgirl style. He stood there for about 15 seconds or so in stunned silence and then I said hello. No response. I leaned back and placed my arms behind me in order to give him a better look. Miguel placed his hands on my hips and began to help guide my ass up and down his huge cock. I did my best lift almost completely off Miguel’s cock and then plop myself all the back down every time in order for him to get a real good look at how massive Miguel’s cock was.

After about another 15 seconds or so I could see that he was starting to get a little bulge in his pants as well. He caught me looking at his bulge and kind of bent forward a little trying to conceal it and I told him "It’s alright, no need to hide it." He straightened back up and I asked if I could see it. He was hesitant at first but after a few seconds he placed the package down and took a couple steps forward into the garage. Once inside he undid the button and zipper on his pants, and pulled his now hard cock out of his boxers.

At this point he didn’t need any more help and he began stroking his cock. He spit into his hand and he began feverishly jacking off. Less than a minute went by and I could see his hips start to thrust a little. Then with a few soft grunts he shot his load all over my garage floor. Once he was done cumming he immediately put his cock back in his pants. He then quickly zipped up and buttoned his pants and did a quick 180 and bolted out of the garage having never said a word. He jumped in the car and drove away without once looking back at us.

Once he left I turned to look at Miguel and we both gave each other that "what the fuck" look and then we just laughed. Once we stopped laughing Miguel asked "That’s all right?" I replied that there was no one else coming and he said that it was now his turn. I asked how he wanted me and he told me to get on my stomach. I grabbed a pillow and put it at my waist as I didn’t want to have my hard on pressing against the cement floor. It also pushed my ass up into the air a little as well.

Once I was in position Miguel leaned forward and ate my ass for a few seconds and then got in a squatting position like a catcher just over my ass. He took his cock and placed it at the entrance to my ass. Then in one sudden thrust he jammed his entire cock deep into my ass. I was not expecting it and let out a loud pleasure filled grunt. Miguel went immediately into b**st mode and was just plowing me as hard and as fast as he could.

He was pounding me so hard that you could easily hear the slapping of our bodies from a couple houses away. Combine that with the fact that I was almost screaming "Fuck my ass!" over and over and somebody was bound to hear us. I couldn’t take the pounding that my prostate was receiving any more and within a few minutes I blew my load again all over the pillow that was under me.

Miguel wasn’t far behind and within seconds of me blowing my load he gave a final few hard thrusts and began shooting his hot load deep into my intestines. He kept thrusting as he came and he was unloading so much cum that it making somewhat of a sloshing sound in my ass. He laid on my back and kept his cock inside me for about 30 seconds and then rolled to the side and sat down.

After about a minute Miguel tells me to get on all fours. I do as asked and I assume the position. Miguel gets behind me, grabs my ass cheeks and spreads them apart. He then leans in and begins to tongue and suck on my asshole. I know what he is trying to do so I gently push to aid his sucking. While this was going on I could hear some rustling outside. Out of nowhere my neighbor (the wife) appears on my driveway with a "What do we have here?" I look up startled at her appearance and just give her a big smile. Miguel continues to suck all his cum out of my ass for a few more seconds. He then pulls away and gives my ass a slap. I turn over and lie on my back and then open my mouth. Miguel positions his head about a foot directly over mine and once our mouths are aligned he slowly lets his cum fall out of his mouth into my awaiting mouth.

Once I have all the cum in my mouth I swallow the entire load to the applause of my neighbor. Once done I look over at her and I can tell she is a little upset. I ask her what was wrong and she says that she wishes she didn’t miss the show. She comes over and sits Indian style next to us on the blanket and we proceed to tell her the story of what all just happened. She was even angrier at this point that she missed all that. She said that at the very least she could have just watched and masturbated. She made us promise that the next time we do something like that we have to invite her. We agreed and she came over and gave me a long deep kiss and then retreated to her house.

Miguel and I laid there for about 30 minutes in silence listening as cars drove by. We eventually went in the house and went to sl**p and so ended the adventure. Until next time!

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8 months ago
that was one of the hottest stories I have ever cum to. I would love to join you and Miguel on one of your great sexual adventures.