My Fist Orgy...or was it??

A little over a year ago Jose and I were wrapping up one of our sex sessions as was becoming the norm on a bi-weekly basis. We laid there next to each other on the lawn chair in my back yard recovering from the great sex we just had for about 10 minutes or so just shooting the shit. As we both started to get up and Jose was getting his clothes back on he asked me if he could bring some more friends next time. I replied to him that Miguel was always welcome and he didn’t need to ask if he wanted to bring him. He said he was talking about more than just Miguel. Intrigued I asked “How many you talking about?” and he replied that he wasn’t sure. I nodded ok and he said “Is this Wednesday ok?” Normally he come son Mondays but I said it was ok and he smiled and left.

Later that day I called my neighbor and she picked up the phone. We exchanged greetings and then I told her I had a surprise for her. I told her that Jose was going to be bringing some friends by on Wednesday and I think it may be a mini-orgy. She got all excited as asked if she could join. I told her it may not be a good idea because Jose doesn’t even know that her and her husband watches us. She sounded a little disappointed but understood and said that she will try and stay out of sight when she watches. She asked that I text her when it started and I told her that would not be a problem and we hung up.

Tuesday night rolled around and I had realized that we never discussed a time. So just to be safe I took the day off and went to sl**p. When I awoke I took my shower and prepared my body as I usually do on Monday mornings waiting for him. I didn’t bother to get dressed as usual and I waited for their arrival as usual watching TV in the living room. Usually Jose shows up early afternoon but around 10:30am I saw his truck followed by another car pull up to my house. I am watching through the window as Jose and 3 other men get out of his truck (one of which was Miguel). And then three men proceed to exit the car behind him.

I was ecstatic. I had never been in an orgy and the best part was all the men appeared to be large athletic men. I was hoping the package matched the bodies. I grabbed my phone, text my neighbor and ran to the back yard. I forgot the lube so I ran back in, grabbed it and headed back outside. I took a seat on the lawn chair and started to slowly stroke myself. Just then my neighbor comes out onto her balcony, takes her lawn chair and turns it so that it faces my yard. Worried that she was going to spook the guys I gave her a look and she said, “Don’t worry, I know how to hide. She went back into her room and emerged with a couple of beach towels. She d****d them over the banister of the balcony and left just a couple of slats open for her to peek through. She laid down on her chair and I could barely see her. If you didn’t know it was a person behind there to begin with you wouldn’t have been able to spot her.

I heard the side gate open to my yard and the men started making their way back. They were being loud and talkative and I knew this was going to be a good time. As they came around the corner they all started hootin’ and hollerin’ at me and I just laughed as I sat there stroking myself. Once everyone settled down Jose spoke up and said out loud “We are all her to fuck you.” All of a sudden I realized all along that I was wrong. This wasn’t an orgy, it was a gangbang!
I got this big smile on my face and asked if he was serious. He said yes, and that they all were there to fuck me. I said “Well let’s get this started then!” The men all began stripping off their clothes. Some were already hard the others began playing with themselves to get hard.

I went up to some of the soft ones and started sucking and jerking them off to get them hard. There was a nice collection of cocks present. Miguel’s of course still being the top dog as not many can compare to him. However there were a couple that were well above average size and if not for Miguel would have won a prize. The rest were about average and I was perfectly fine with that. Once I was satisfied that everyone was ready I lowered the head of the lawn chair so that the chair laid flat and laid with my head hanging off at the foot of the chair. The men formed a circle around and Jose took up position to be the first to fuck me.

While Jose was lubing up his cock and my ass I grabbed the guy closet to my head and took his cock in my mouth. I tilted my head back as far as I could and he took the hint. He lowered into a better position for him and he began to fuck my throat. I reached out my arms and held them up and the men next to my arms positioned their cocks in my hands and I began to stroke the two men.

Jose finally finished his preparation and slid inside me. He began fucking me but at a nice leisurely pace. I was rock hard enjoying being under the sun getting fucked by a group of guys. One of the men not currently involved in the action reached down and started stroking my cock. So I had Jose inside my ass, a man with his cock down my throat, a cock in each hand while another guy was stroking me. If this isn’t heaven I don’t know what is.

This went on for a couple of minutes and then Jose pulled out and yelled “Switch!” Jose moved to his left and everyone followed suit. Everyone moved a spot to their left taking over the job of the person that was previously there. The man I was stroking off with my right hand moved over then stuck his cock down my throat. The man who was stroking my cock now moved to where I was jacking him off with my right hand. I was starting to get excited because Miguel was next in line to fuck me.

Again after a couple of minutes Miguel yelled to switch and everyone moved to their left one spot. Before the next guy could shove his cock down my throat I looked up at Miguel and gave him a big smile. He just smiled back and placed the tip of his huge cock at my ass. The next guy was in position at my head so I leaned back and took him in my mouth. He was one of the larger guys so he had a little trouble getting in my throat at first but after a few pumps my throat loosened a little and let him in. Miguel had yet to enter me as he usually eases into me since he is so big. However today I think the kinkiness of the situation for to him and then all of a sudden in one big thrust Miguel slammed all 10” inches of himself balls deep. My body jumped from the shock of it and I let out a yelp. All the men just laughed and continued on with what they were doing.

Miguel was pumping harder than all of them and my body was tingling all over. I had to do everything I could to not cum but it was futile. I started to yell at almost the top of my lungs that I was going to cum and the Jose who was the one jacking me off angled my cock towards my face and as Miguel continued to pound my ass and prostate, I shot my load all up my chest and face. I could see some of the guys just look at each other and smile. I was thoroughly enjoying myself and so were they.

Jose finally yelled to switch again and I was kind of sad as I was enjoying Miguel. Nevertheless everyone gets a turn today so everyone rotated and we continued. We kept this up until Jose was finally back at my ass. As everyone else did, Jose entered me and began fucking me. This time though I could tell it was with more purpose. Within a couple of minutes Jose was thrusting in and out of me as hard as he could. I could tell he was about to finish as he has this look on his face that he gets when he is about to cum. Sure enough seconds later Jose starts to grunt loudly and then bellows out that he is coming as he pumped his seed deep into my ass. Once Jose was done one of the other guys high fived him and then Jose went and sat down off to the side.

With that, everyone moved to their left and took up their new position. The next guy entered me and began pumping me. Like Jose before him, this man fucked me hard for a couple of minutes and he too came deep in my ass. Jose was supposed to be next but he moved to the end of the line. Almost as if he wanted to be the grand finale. After that gentleman had finished he came back up towards my head and put his cock that was coated in cum up to my face and I cleaned it off.

The next guy stepped up and taking the cue from the men before him, he fucked me hard and came inside me. He too came to me to clean it off. By now I had the cum of three men inside me. I was trying as hard as I could to not push it out but there was just too much to hold in and my ass was loose enough at this point that it slowly began to seep out. And each cock brought to my face after cumming was covered more and more each time with cum.

One by one they all fucked me one last time, came inside me and then I would lick their cock clean. It finally came down to Miguel and me. By now my cock was hard again and it was getting even harder in anticipation of the pleasures that Miguel’s cock was going to bring me. As he did the first time, Miguel wasted no time and rammed his cock all the way until his balls were slapping against me. Since his cock was so big that one big thrust sent a flow of cum pouring out of my ass in order to make room for his monster.

With every thrust that Miguel made it was making almost a sloshing sound in my ass there was so much cum in there. Miguel was wasting no time at all as he was fucking me like a rabbit. Tired of being on his knees grabbed my legs and stood up lifting my lower body up in the air with him. He then began downward thrusts into my ass as if he was pile driving me.

The other guys were sitting around watching this, some were hard again and jacking off. They were all yelling and cheering like they were watching a soccer match. Miguel was pounding me down into the chair so hard my back was hurting but every other part of me was feeling fantastic so I didn’t stop him. Within a minute I was starting to feel the urge to cum again and I didn’t hold back. The benefit of my current position is that my cock was just a mere inches from my face just hovering right about it. I began to cum again and I shot almost my entire load directly into my mouth. I swallowed my load and immediately asked if anyone wanted a blowjob. One of the guys jumped up and ran over and swung his leg over me so that he was facing the same way as Miguel. He lowered down until his cock entered my mouth.

He didn’t waste any time and he was fucking my face with fervor. Miguel was starting to do his usual body convulsions that signaled his time was coming. I just laid there at the full mercy of these two men as they both pounded their cocks in and out of my ass and mouth. Surprisingly enough the man with his cock in my mouth laid down on his stomach almost suffocating me and began fucking my face even harder. He beat Miguel to the punch and unloaded into my mouth. It was hard to swallow in my current position but I managed. The guy rolled off and onto the floor to the applause of his friends.

Miguel was tightening his grip on me and I knew it was time. He drove his cock down into me (felt like it was in my chest) and released spurt after spurt of his seed in me. Everything was staying inside of me thanks to being on my back or else it would have gushed out of my ass. When he was done Miguel yelled for a cup. One of the guys jumped up and asked where to get one. I told him to grab it off the night stand next to my bed. He ran inside and then came back out cup in hand and gave it to Miguel. Miguel tossed the water in it into the bushes and then laid be back down flat on the chair. He pulled me towards the end until my ass was hanging off. He placed the cup under my ass and told me to push all of them out of me. I did as requested and for the next couple of minutes I pushed and pushed until the cum of all seven of them (or what was left in me) was in the cup.

I sat up, grabbed the cup from Miguel and drank the entire thing as they yelled and high fived. Never have I drank so much cum at one time. There had to be the equivalent of half a soda can of semen in that cup. But I powered through it and down it went. Miguel came over and I licked his cock clean as I had done with the others. I laid there on the lawn chair as they all started to gather their clothes and get dressed. They eventually all left and I stayed laying out in the sun with my torso covered in my dried cum.

After they got in their cars and pulled away I head someone clapping. I opened my eyes to see my now naked neighbor standing there applauding from her balcony. I just gave a little bow and said thank you. She said that was a phenomenal show and that she thoroughly enjoyed it. At this point she is beginning to rub herself as she talks to me. She asks me in a sexy voice “Do you have any more energy?” To be honest I really didn’t, but I wasn’t about to pass on sex with my neighbor. She said to come on over so I wearily stood up and walked over (fully nude and covered in cum) to her house. She opened the door and we went upstairs to our usual spot, the balcony.

Once we got out on the balcony I could see that the lady that lived behind her house was out in her backyard. At this point we both didn’t care and I sat down on lawn chair which was now completely flat and she sat right on my face. Compared to the salty and bitter buffet I just attended the sweetness of her pussy juices were a pleasant surprise. I tried to bury my nose in her ass while she grinded her pussy on my face. We stayed like this for a few minutes and without hesitating she pulled the head of the chair up and then mounted me. She slid down my cock with ease and with her chest laying on mine we just kissed and fucked.

There was something just peaceful and romantic about what we were doing in contrast to the brutal and Neanderthal like event that I had just been through. She turned around and laid back against my body as she slowly and meticulously moved her body up and down my cock. She turned her head back towards me as much as possible and we continued to kiss.

About 5 minutes passed of slow sensual fucking and she started to quicken her pace and movements. She was grinding much harder and her breaths were shortening. At one point I glanced over at the lady who was in her backyard and she was just standing there watching us. I didn’t want to turn my head towards her and scare her off so I turned my attention back to my neighbor. I whispered to her that her neighbor was watching and she just smiled. She stood up and said she wanted to switch. So I stood up and she laid down on her back and opened her legs inviting me back in. I laid down and entered her and she wrapped her legs around my body. We once again locked lips and I was jackhammering her like no one’s business. I was able to last a long time seeing as I had come 2 times already in the past couple hours.

She grabbed my ass cheeks and dug her nails into them as she squeezed with all her might urging me to fuck her harder. By now we had stopped kissing as she put her head back and was squirming around moaning and groaning out loud. I didn’t want her to come yet so I bear hugged her and stood up. I moved away from the chair and stood in plain view of her neighbor. She began to kiss me again as I lifted her up and down my cock. We stood there kissing and fucking in a standing position and all the while her neighbor hadn’t moved a muscle.

After a few minutes I was beginning to tire holding her up. She is a fairly petite lady but holding an extra 110lbs. while standing gets tiring. She said she wanted me back in the missionary position so we returned to the chair like we previously were. Again she wrapped her legs around me and I proceeded to fuck her as hard as I could. She threw her head back and again was squirming around and her breath had gone shallow again. I could feel her muscles start to contract and release rapidly around my cock and I knew she was about to cum. She claws at my back as she starts to scream out that she is cumming.

Knowing that her neighbor was watching me make her cum was really getting me excited and pushing me close to orgasm #3 on the day. She was still finishing up her orgasm and she could tell that I was about to pop. She tells me in a loud voice to cum inside her. I have no problems obliging and I begin to cum deep inside her. I didn’t have much left in me but the feeling was just as good. When I had finished coming I leaned over and kissed her until I fell out of her. I then collapsed beside her on the chair and just wrapped my arms around her. We got in a spooning position and fell asl**p on the balcony.

We woke up about an hour later and we just laid there and talked. She asked if I wanted to stay for dinner and I said I unfortunately had plans. I didn’t but I knew she was going to try and get a threesome going with her husband and I just didn’t have it in me. She said “Maybe next time” and she gave me a long deep kiss. She slapped me on the ass, stood up and went into her bedroom. I followed into the house and then returned home.

And that is the story of my first gangbang.
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1 month ago
Great! My Boyfriend fucks me bareback and always cum deep in my ass. I'm too afraid of catching something to have group sex, but I did do it one time with three other guys I knew and it was bareback. I can really relate to what you wrote about how hot it is to have the cum from several different guys in you at the same time and wishing you could keep it all inside you without loosing any. It's so horny to be able to keep getting fucked after the guy in you cums and feel a fresh hard cock slipping into your slick and wet cum filled hole! I just LOVE to cum while I have a hard cock inside me and, having three guys, it lasted long enough that I was able to a couple of times. Except for one guy, that I took one of his loads in my mouth to swallow while being fucked, they all came in my ass twice before the evening was over.

I also got to experience being able to suck cock while being fucked. That was something I had always fantasized about. I can take a cock in my mouth pretty deep, but I'm not to good at the deep throat thing. I can't seem to overcome the gag reflex. Still, it was hot to be able to get one in both ends at the same time.

I'm not so hot about the part with the woman. I used to have sex with girls but, since my first time with a guy, I'm pretty much a total Gay Bottom. I do have to say that it would turn me on to have a girl watch me getting fucked!

I think the best part of the experience was being able to get fucked for a long time. I don't know how long I could last but, even in that foursome, if one of them had wanted to do me again, I would have taken him on! I might not last that long now, it was some time ago.

Anyway, it was a hot story and I can really relate to the whole thing!

8 months ago
Wow and I say WOW again. That story brought back a flood of memories on when I first arrived in San Diego. It was my first night and I was staying at the YMCA. I met a man in the shower room and we went back to my room where I proceeded to suck his cock and then have him fuck me. Afterwards he invited me to his room around 8PM were he and his buddies were suppose to be playing poker. They began playing strip poker only it was a little different. Whom ever won the hand got to remove one article of clothing from me and once I was naked they got to play with me. Then they played the same game that happened to you but he called it "Round Robin" and after someone came in my ass they could stick that same cock in my mouth for a cleaning. That was my introduction to San Diego and me being only 18 and the youngest men there was 45. Thanks again for posting.