My Experiences With My Neighbors

In November last year I took a month long vacation as I was going to lose accrued time unless I used it. It was glorious not having to go into work but after a week I began to get bored. My next door neighbors are an older couple in their mid 50's. She is a college professor and an absolute sweetheart. He is a former basketball player from Europe that immigrated to the US about 20 years ago. He currently runs his own exterminator business. Both are extremely nice but tend to keep to themselves.

Over the years I have flashed the wife countless times. She usually just ignores smiles, waves or says hello and then goes about her business. On occasion though she plays along and will talk to me and catch glimpses while talk and when she has had enough she goes on her way. I usually go inside and masturbate after that to the thought of it all and it's a good day.

The way our street is built, their house is about 5-6 feet higher than mine. Couple that with the fact that theirs is a two story house and mine is a one story they get an absolutely clear view of my backyard.

I frequently go in the backyard to masturbate in clear view of their master bedroom balcony always hoping for one of them to catch me. On a few occasions I would hear the door unlock and open. I would always turn away so that they didn't think I was doing this on purpose but the door would quickly close. Obviously they saw and always just retreated back into the house.

One weekend during my vacation I knew that they were both home because they always park their cars on the driveway. It was the perfect day so I knew there was a chance one of them would come outside at some point during my session. I grabbed my dildo and lube and headed out to my lawn chair.

When I got outside I moved the chair in full view of the balcony and laid down. I put a little lube in my hand and began stroking my cock. I usually take drag out the jerk session hoping to create a bigger window for them to catch me so I took it slow.

After about 15 minutes or so still nothing. Figuring this was just another strikeout I lubed up my ass and the dildo, lifted my ass off the chair and eased the dildo in. Within seconds I had the dildo completely in my ass and I went back to stroking occasionally lifting my ass up and then back down on the dildo.

I was watching the balcony intently as I started to hear some noises coming from their bedroom. Just then I saw the curtains on their French doors pull to the side and I could see her face. I looked away as usual to not scare her away and I kept masturbating.

A couple minutes passed and I could see out of the corner of my eye that she was still watching. Finally!! It took forever but I finally got her as an audience. I was starting to get really excited so I starting bouncing harder and faster on my dildo. All of a sudden the curtain closed. I was disappointed. I thought that this was it. Just as I was thinking it was over I heard the door unlock and out stepped my neighbor and her husband onto the patio.

At first I kinda panicked because I wasn't sure if they were going to yell at me or something else. I stopped humping the dildo and released my cock and pretended like I was asl**p. I kinda opened my eyes and to my surprise they were just standing there at the rail staring at me. At this point there was no point in faking like I was asl**p so I opened my eyes and turned towards them. My neighbor smiled and said "Don't let us stop you."

With that cue I grabbed my dick again and slowly began to jerk. After about 30 seconds my neighbor's husband yells out "What about your friend?" At first I was a little confused as to what he meant and then I remembered that I had an 8" dildo stuck up my ass. I immediately began humping the dildo ago as was commanded.

They stood their watching me for another minute or two and then she got on her knees, pulled his pants down and took his semi-erect cock in her mouth. Now we were getting somewhere. I start to pump harder and faster as I enjoyed the show they were giving me while I myself was giving them a show. While she was giving him head he never took his eyes off of me.

She continued to give him head and I was getting jealous of her. Being a former basketball player he was a fairly tall gentleman, probably around 6'4", and he had the cock to match it. I could tell from where I was at that it was long. It wasn't the thickest cock I had ever seen (no one has been able to match my gardener's buddy Miguel) but definitely the longest. I couldn't tell exactly how long it was from that far away but let's put it this way, when she pulled back to the tip of his penis her face was probably a good foot away from his body.

I'm starting to get ever so close to blowing my load while watching my neighbor give her husband head. I think he recognized this and he yell down to me again, "Well are you going to just lay there and jackoff all night or are you going to join us?" I did not expect that at all and all I could muster in response was "Seriously?"

He replied back, "If you don't want to you don't have to...but we'd love it if you did." I jumped up out of my chair and the dildo slid out of my ass and onto the cement. He said "Just come on over. Front door's open. Just head up the stairs and last door on your left."

I immediately walked down the side of my house and opened the gate. I was completely naked but I wasn't about to waste any time to go throw some clothes on so without a care I just calmly walked down my driveway and then next door to their house. I opened the door and walked upstairs and to the last door on the left as instructed. I opened the door and was floored by what I saw. These people were as kinky as I was. There were sex toys neatly placed all around the room on a variety of night stands and dressers. In one corner there was a Sybian machine and in the other was a sex swing. This was going to be fun.

The door to the balcony was open but was covered by sheer curtains. I could see through them that he had sat on one of their lawn chairs and she was still blowing him. I used my arm to push the curtain aside and I stepped out onto the balcony and sat in the chair next to them.

Realizing that I'm stark naked and they were still almost fully clothed she began taking her clothes off but never taking his cock out of her mouth. She only stopped for a second to get her shirt over her head. Once she was fully nude she finished pulling his pants completely off and he finished it off by taking off his shirt. Now we were all completely nude and in full view of about 4 other backyards. If anyone walked into their backyard they were going to get a show.

Wanting to get in the action I walked over and got on my knees behind my neighbor who was on all fours still sucking her husband's cock. I leaned in and buried my nose in her ass and my tongue in her pussy. She let out this little yelp as if she was surprised but I could tell she enjoyed it. Within a minute I had her grinding and thrusting against my face. I spent equal time between her ass and her pussy. She was a very soft lady and she tasted phenomenal. I could tell that they were a very active couple as she was very well groomed and hygienic.

I was hell bent on making her cum so I concentrated exclusively on her clit and I stuck my thumb deep into her ass. She immediately responded with a whimper and increased the tempo with her hips. Within seconds I felt her body start to quake and her sphincter tightened around my finger and it didn't want to let go. All of a sudden my mouth started filling up with liquid. She was a squirter!! I had never been with a girl that squirts before and it was turning me on like crazy. I tried to catch all of it but it was coming out too hard and there was too much of it. I swallowed as much as I could and I could hear him keep saying "That's hot" under his breath.

I have to hand it to her, she was a real trooper. Despite all that she never stopped sucking him. Once she recovered from her orgasm, she took his cock out of her mouth and I finally got a closeup look at it. It looked even longer close up than I thought it was. I asked him how big he was and he said 11.5"!! There was one thing though that I missed from far away. He had a huge ring on the end of his dick. I've only seen those in pictures but never in person. I was intrigued and was hoping I would get a turn.

My neighbor got up and told me to sit on the end of the chair facing the head of the chair. Her husband's legs are long so they easily reach the end of the chair. He swung his legs over the side of the chair and she told me to scoot up a little and lay my legs over his. Once she had us in the position she wanted us in, she reached down, grabbed his cock and positioned it at the opening to her pussy. She eased down onto it until you couldn't see it anymore. She took him all the way like a champ. Once she had him inside her she leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth.

Within seconds I could tell that this lady knew what she was doing. I've had numerous girlfriends and have sex with my gardener and his friends a multitude of times, but never has anyone sucked my dick this well. She was doing things I've never seen or felt before. She had a very narrow tip on her tongue and she could get that thing further down my urethra than I thought possible and it felt magical.

Her husband looks over at me and can see the look in my eye and he says "She's good isn't she?" and gives me a wink. After another minute he could tell I was getting that look in my eye and he tells her to get up. She gets up and stands there next to chair as if waiting for instructions. He looks at me and says "You ready for your turn?" Like a k** who was speechless on Christmas morning I just nod my head yes and he says "Well step aboard."

I get up and turn around and begin to position myself over him. He grabs my ass and pulls it to his face and he begins eating my ass out. He spits on my ass and uses his fingers to drive the saliva into my rectum. His fingers were longer than the average man's dick. Once he felt I was appropriately lubed for what was to come he gave my ass a slap and I returned to the ready position. I was back over his cock (almost in a standing it was so long) and grabbed the shaft and guided it to my ass. I was having trouble finding my hole so he grabbed it and placed the tip at the entrance. I could feel the metal of the cock ring and it was a little weird. But I was intrigued and excited at what it would feel like deep inside me.

Without further delay I slid his head into my ass and we both let go of his shaft. My arms couldn't reach the chair yet from this height so I had to stay in sort of a catcher's crouching position as I slowly inched his monster deeper and deeper into me. I had the thing about half in me and I could feel the ring deep inside me. It was a different sensation against my prostate but no less pleasing.

This inch by inch approach was taking too long so I began to sit down harder onto his cock. Luckily I still had some lube deep down in there from my dildo so his cock met little resistance. I was getting it further and further in there when all of a sudden he puts his arms on top of my shoulders and slams me down all the way into his lap. I let out a yelp as I had never had anything, not a dildo nor a cock this far in my ass. It was a little shocking at first but I quickly realized how great it felt and I began riding him.

I was finally able to reach the chair so I leaned back and place my arms behind me on the chair to hold me up. He grabbed me by the hips and aided my body as I bounced on his cock. It was too long of a cock to ride all the way up and down so I was only able to slide about 4-5" up and down. But everytime I was at the lowest position with his entire 11.5" inside of me it sent a jolt through my body. I was loving the cock ring.

At this point my neighbor wanted to play so she got in front of me and took my cock in her mouth as I rode her husband. I can tell she didn't want me to cum because she was just giving normal head. She left all her little tricks out in order to sustain me. After a couple of minutes of deep fucking, he slaps me on the ass and says he wants to change it up.

He tells his wife to go get on all fours over on the floor of the balcony. And as if a foreman at a construction site he orders me to fuck her in the ass. Not wanting to disappoint I step up and immediately stick my dick in her ass. For as much sex as I imagine they have, her ass was surprisingly tight. I began to thrust in and out and she was fingering herself.

Her husband came up behind me, got on his knees and told me to slow down. I did as directed and he grabs my ass and shoves his cock inside my ass. He tells me to fuck them so I began thrusting in and out of his wife at the same time causing him to be thrust in and out of my ass. I could have died at that moment and been happy with my life. As I am doing this he keeps telling me to go harder and faster. I am sweating like a pig at this point as this was like a workout, but it was worth every second.

I finally couldn't take it anymore and I came in my neighbors ass. Once I had finished she pulled my face down to her ass and told me to clean her out. She shoved my face into her ass I I began to tongue her asshole. I could feel her trying to push it out so I put my mouth onto her rectum and began sucking on it like you do on a straw in a milkshake. As she was doing this she told me not to swallow. Once I had all my cum in my mouth she turned around and began French kissing me. She used her tongue to swirl the cum around that was in my mouth and the she began to transfer it to her mouth. She finally got it all and swallowed it. I was drained but so turned on still.

Now at this point her husband didn't have the constraints of his wife in front of me so he pushed my upper body down back to being on all fours. He grabbed me by the hips and began to jackhammer me. It felt like he was about 3 feet inside of me he was so long. And I was really starting to enjoy the cock ring as I could feel its hard surface deep in my intestines.

At this point our bodies were slapping together so hard I would be surprised if nobody came out of their house and saw us. Not caring whether anyone saw us I began to loudly tell him to fuck my ass. Harder. Faster. Deeper. By this time I was fully erect again and I was jerking myself off as he pounded me like I had never been pounded before. Within a few minutes I came again. I shot my load onto the balcony floor and I was on the verge of collapsing I was so drained. Shortly after I came my neighbor billowed out that he was cumming and he pulled out and shot his load all over my back. He stuck his cock back in after he finished and continued to pound me viciously until he was too soft to stay in.

While he was finishing up his wife came over and began to lick all the cum off my back. Like she had done to me, I told her that she better now swallow it. When they both had finished I turned around, grabbed her face and began kissing her. Like before he both played with his cum (he unloaded a LOT more than I did) and then eventually I ended up with all the cum. I turned to him and with him watching me I swallowed his cum.

We all just kinda sat there on the balcony for about 15 minutes. We didn't say anything for about the first 5 minutes and then we began talking. I asked them if they had ever seen me in my backyard before tonight and to my surprise they said they have seen me countless times. They mostly watched in a way that they couldn't been seen but they always watched if they knew I was doing it. I asked them why didn't they say or do anything like this before. They said that weren't sure if I would be interested. I asked what changed their mind and she said that the other day she saw me in the backyard with my gardener. Unbeknownst to me she watched the entire thing from her balcony. She apparently was out there before we started and we just never saw her. She said she masturbated while me and the gardener were fucking each other and came multiple times. It was then she knew that I was kinky enough to be interested. The explained how they regularly have mini-orgies at their house and that if I was interested that they would start inviting. I just kinda laughed and said of course I would be.

We have had many encounters since then and they were responsible for my first mini-gangbang. More to come in a future story.
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any other houses for sale next to them?
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wow what a fantastic story you know I got my 8 inch dildo out and fucked myself silly just to finished your story
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WOW!!!! That was hot