My first gay experience

It was a couple years ago on a normal weekday morning and I was getting ready to head into work. As happens from time to time, something came over me and I just did not feel up to heading into the office. So I shot my boss a text and gave him some excuse as to why I couldn't come in and that I was going to work from home. He was cool with it so I went into my home office, remotely logged into my work PC and got to work.

A couple hours passed and my mind started to wander away from my work. So I turned on my personal PC and decided to take a break. After checking my email and making the usual rounds around the web to my sports and news sites I said screw it and decided to look at some porn. Figured I would watch a little porn, rub one out, and then get back to work.

About 10 or so minutes into it I heard a car door outside my house. I went into the living room and peeked through the front window and saw that my gardener Jose was here. No longer curious as to who was outside I went back into my office and continued my jerk session.

After another minute or so I was feeling pretty frisky and a crazy idea popped into my head. I jumped out out of my chair, grabbed my dildo from my closet and ran into my master bedroom. I opened up the blinds on my sliding glass door that goes from my bedroom to the backyard and I stuck the dildo on the glass. I stripped off all my clothes and ran back to the closet because I had forgot the lube. As I was searching for the bottle I heard the lawnmower crank up and I knew he would be in the backyard in just a few minutes. I was fumbling around as the adrenaline was flowing through me as I was just overcome with excitement (I love voyeurism as you could guess). I finally found it, ran back into the room and lubed up the dildo.

When I finished lubing up I went and positioned my mirror on the other side of my room so that I could see him even with my back to the outside. Once I had it set I ran back to the door, turned around and got on all fours. I reached back and grabbed the dildo and slowly eased the tip into my ass. I almost instantly went from limp to rock hard I was so excited and the dildo felt better than ever before.

I took it slow at first just easing the dildo in and out as I didn't want to cum too quick and possible before he even made it to the backyard. After what seemed like an eternity I finally heard the door on the side of my house open and I could hear the lawnmower get closer and closer. It was at this point that I froze and then began to freak out. Suddenly I was petrified at what I was just about to do. This man has been my gardener for almost 5 years. I converse with him all the time. He's just a nice, normal everyday guy. I stood up and walked out of the room. When I got to the hallway, I stopped and something inside of me just said "fuck it". What's the worse that could happen? He quits and I get a new gardener. So I ran back into my room and back down on all fours and jammed that dildo so hard into my ass I let out an grunt.

About another 30 seconds or so goes by and I'm just sliding up and down on my dildo and beating myself off at a feverish pace. He finally comes into view of my mirror and I am so excited that I almost cum so I slow myself down a little. I'm watching every move of his in the mirror and he hasn't seen me yet. He has his back to my door as he cuts the grass.

I'm starting to get impatient at this point and worrying that after all this I'm not going to even get his attention and he is going to leave. Then all of a sudden he drops something on the ground and as he turns to pick it up I can see through the mirror that finally catches a glimpse at me. As soon as he sees me I pick up the pace again and I resume stroking my cock. At first he is frozen with this look on his face of utter disbelief at what he is seeing. But as he comes to his senses he quickly swings his head back around and tries to act like he is just doing the gardening and minding his own business.

I continue to stroke and pound my ass and I can see that he keeps turning to look and then quickly turn away. He continues this for about a minute and then he turns the lawnmower so that he is parallel with my house and now he is just standing there with the lawnmower running and just watching me.

I figured at this point he hasn't left so he must be liking the show so I thought I would kick it up a notch. I slid the dildo out of my ass and turned around. At this point he looked away hoping not to get caught looking. I repositioned the dildo lower on the glass and this time I laid on my back, put my feet up on the glass and scooted up to the door so that the dildo was fucking me spread eagle. I had all 8" of that thing inside of me and my ass was pressed up against the glass.

Now I'm laying there facing him with a dildo deep in my ass and stroking my cock. After a few seconds he finally turned back around to see what I was doing and his jaw dropped. I thought he would look away as soon as he saw me looking at him but I think he was just too stunned. I gave him a little smile and continued with what I was doing.

He stood there watching me for about a minute or so and then kinda like a zombie, slowly started making his way closer to the door. He finally got within about a foot of the door and stopped and was just staring at me. At this point I'm getting close and I am sliding up and down so hard on that dildo that I am banging into the glass very loudly. He's still staring but at this point he has began rubbing his crotch and I can see his hard on through his jeans. This makes me stroke even faster and harder.

I feel that I am reaching the boiling point so I slam my ass down on the dildo as hard as possible to get as much of it in me and I unload one of my most satisfying loads all over my chest and face. I lay there for a few seconds to gather myself and I slowly slide off the dildo and stand up. Now I'm face to face with him only separate by my sliding glass door. I begin to gather all the cum from off my body. As I'm doing this he starts to unzip his pants and now he has his hands down there playing with himself.

I finally had gathered all the cum I could find from my body and put it up to my mouth and ate it as he played with himself. I finished eating my cum but I felt like I wasn't finished with this experience. I reached towards the handle to open the door and he took a couple steps back in hesitation. I opened the door and I could tell he didn't know what to do. I told him not to worry and just relax. I walked over to my bbq and grabbed the law chair next to it and dragged it back close to Jose. Once I had it in place, I patted my hand on it as a sign for him to sit down. At first he just stood there and I patted it again and this time he walked over and sat down.

As soon as he sat down I reclined the chair a little and told him to lay back. He obeyed and laid back as I asked. I reached up to his waist and began to try and slide his pants off. He lifted his hips up and I was able to wiggle the pants down to his knees. Underneath he had on his underwear and I could see his hard as a rock cock trying to poke through. I told him that someone wants to come out and play and he kinda gave a chuckle. After that he seemed to relax a little bit more and really started to enjoy what was happening.

I again reached up for his waist and grabbed his underwear and slowly pulled his underwear down. As soon as the waist band cleared his cock it bounced to attention like a soldier saluting his superior. We both kinda smiled and laughed again.

Now that I had full access to him, I cupped my hand, spit in it and grabbed his cock in my hand. When I grabbed him I could feel his whole body jump like you would when someone pokes you in a tickle spot. I began slowly stroking him and he just put his head back and closed his eyes. I continued to stroke him and played with his balls with my other hand. From time to time I would circle the head of his penis with my thumb and his hips would thrust every time I did that. I found his sweet spot.

After stroking him for a few minutes I stopped and began to pull his pants and underwear completely off. Once I had him fully naked from the waist down. I told him to spread his legs and hang them over the sides of the chair. He did so and then I got up and laid down on my stomach with my head right at his crotch. It just so happened that when I laid down my cock had positioned itself right between two of the rubber slats of the lawn chair. My cock went between the slats and it gripped it like someone was grabbing it. It felt glorious.

I wasted no more time and I put his cock in my mouth. He let out a groan and I was rock hard again. I started to slide his cock in and out of my mouth and he was matching my rhythm with his hips. Jose is about average length and girth so I was able to take him down my throat to his balls with no real problem. After a little bit of this I remembered what he had liked from when I was stroking him and I lifted up just leaving the tip of his cock in my mouth. I then took my tongue and began to swirl it around his head and occasionally playing with the hole. That threw him over the edge and I could tell he was getting ready to cum. So I again took him fully down my throat but this time he grabs the back of my head and begins to thrust upwards into my mouth and throat.

While all this is going on I myself had been thrusting my hips up and down fucking the slats of the chair. I came again dropping another load onto the patio below the chair. Shortly after I finished I could feel Jose's cock begin to bounce around and pulsate in my mouth and I pushed his cock as deep into my mouth as I could. I kept it there and he began to cum down my throat. I swallowed spurt after spurt without lifting off his cock for what seemed like an eternity. I could tell that it had been a while by the amount of cum he was releasing.

Once I could feel that there was no more cum in him I just kept his cock in my mouth and played with it with my tongue until he went limp. I sat up and massaged his balls while he just laid there in the sun with his eyes closed. After a few minutes he finally opened his eyes and he had this look of utter peace and serenity on his face. We finally talked and asked each other if they've ever done anything like this or been with another man. This was both of our first time. He explained to me how he's been married to the same lady for almost 30 years and that over the past 4-5 years they really don't have sex anymore other than on special occasions. I asked him about masturbation and he said he rarely does it because he never has time or enough privacy. I told him that was terrible and that I would remedy that. He kinda smiled and asked what I meant by that. I told him not to worry and that I would see him next week. He got this big smile on his face, stood up, put his underwear and pants back on and left.

This was just the first of many experiences that I have had since with Jose and others. I will hopefully get to share more of them with you over time.

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8 months ago
wow so fucking fantastic you made me cum all over myself hope you got to have him fuck you hot ass hole