Grandma's Boy # 4

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...Grandma continued to suck my cock her words were still ringing in my ears, my ass is still a virgin! I couldn't believe what was happening to me in such a short amount of time, I continued to thrust my cock into her mouth watching her red lips eagerly spreading, her tongue washing the back side of my dick feeling her warm throat wrapping around my thickening cock I groan in pleasure and said suck it bitch, I heard her groan at my use of profanity. Taking my cock from her mouth she stared up at me her tongue flicking at the head and its promise of cum! Danny I want you I want you to take my cherry! She stood and walked over to the dresser, grabbing some heated baby oil she rubbed it into her hands, then rubbed her fingers in between the cheeks of her ass groaning as she did, she then instructed me to come over to her and she poured more onto my thick cock rubbing my cock back and forth I couldn't believe how big and thick it was getting..grandma groaned oh Daniel please fuck me in the ass I want it so badly, please honey fuck me now!! I pushed her down onto the bed ripping at her nightie, her breasts falling out the nipples erect and begging to be sucked, I pushed my way on top of her shoving my tongue into her mouth grabbing her breast and tweaking the nipple she arched her back in response groaning, I looked down at her and told her to role over she said NO! What? I want you to see my face when you take my virginity.

She eagerly spread her legs, I could feel the heat from her pussy I reached down with my hand and slid two fingers into her wet pussy, she grunted, looking into her green eyes I saw the moisture glazing over them as I continued to thrust my fingers in and out of her, her hips arched in response she moaned oh Daniel please fuck my ass honey I just cant wait any longer, I slowly moved over top of her looking down in between her legs I could see the thin strip of red hair running towards her pussy and was wondering what her asshole was going to feel like! I got to my knees and pushed her legs further apart I could see her asshole it was pink and moist looking from the baby oil grasping my cock I placed the head right on the hole and looked at grandma her eyes those beautiful, green eyes were wide open with anticipation, she smiled her tongue licking her lips, fuck me Danny fuck grandma good! I pushed gently and felt a firm resistance and her groan oh..oh.. oh.. it feels bigger! as I pushed a little harder I could feel the head easing in, grandma said oh shit baby oh shit you're going to tear me in half... I stopped, thinking I was hurting her and she said NO! honey give it to me now, so I thrust even harder and my cock slide in half way, she screamed Oh God, Oh God, yes yes yes, I continued to push forward feeling the difference of a good wet pussy and a nice tight asshole! I started to grunt as I pushed further into her, when I was fully into her I laid my weight on her and looked into her eyes her mouth was shaped in an "O" as I laid still for a few seconds feeling the tightness of her ass. I then raised up and started to fuck grandma with longer and quicker strokes, she was grunting and saying yes a lot! Oh my God oh its so wonderful Oh fuck me Daniel fuck me hard I was pounding into her like I never had before (come to think about it I hadn't) her massive tits flopping up and down the nipples erect with passion, I could feel her wetness dripping down from her cunt as I continued to fuck her, I pushed off of her and rolled to the edge of the bed, standing I reached down and pulled her by the waist to the dogie position she groan loudly oh my God oh my God!!! I place my dick at her ass entrance and shoved it in harder this time the warm feeling enveloping my cock as I buried it to the hilt Oh Daniel oh shit I'm fucking cumming I couldn't believe how much she was into this I was starting to pound in and out of her really good, holding her hips so she couldn't escape this ravaging ass pounding! I could feel my cock start to expand Grandma grunted and started saying oh yes yes you fucking bastard cum in me cum in my ass, I continued thrusting and trying to hold back the flood gates, grandma buried her head into the bed and pushed hard against me I thrust a couple of more times and knew I couldn't hold out any longer, I told her I'm coming bitch I'm gonna cum in your ass, she pushed back hard and I blew my load deep in her she ground her ass back at me shit I'm cumming oh Daniel I'm cumming honey! I continued to pond into her fleshy ass feeling my cum spurting deep in side her she started to shudder and a big gush came out of her pussy, she said oh my God I've never came like that before.

..In the darkening bedroom we laid in bed her head resting on my shoulder, her hand holding firmly onto my cock, honey that was so good it makes me wish I had let grandpa do it to me now, Ive never cum like that in my life! I feel so spent yet so alive..We're having a Dinner guest tomorrow night I didn't see any dress cloths in your duffel, ah grandma I don't own any dress cloths well we'll have to go shopping in the A.M.

Part # 5 Grandmas Lawyer comes for Dinner
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3 years ago
So hot! Can't wait for pt 5
3 years ago
Is part 5 coming???
3 years ago
next one please!
3 years ago
were is pt 4 cant wate
4 years ago
very nice
4 years ago
hope there will be part 5
4 years ago
Can't wait for the next chapter