Grandmas Boy # 3

...and the story contines;

As we continued to talk through the night grandma asked me if I still felt that our situation was "ok?" I turned to her smiled and said I was having a great time and hoped I was a good enough lover for her. She smiled back and said honey your fantastic! We fell a sl**p tangled in each others arms, grandmas hand held tightly on to my dick.. awaking early the next morning my dick was stiff and hard in her hand I pushed grandma onto her back and rose above her, opening her eyes she smiled and said its been so long since I got a morning fucking, I leaned down and kissed her hard and pushed my dick into her pussy, she was warm and wet and I slid the full lenght in without a problem,she groaned and said oh Danny I love you! I could feel her pussy starting to milk my dick as I began thrusting in and out, her nipples large and brown begging to be sucked, grandma groan OH GAWD YOUR SO BIG DANNY. as my thrusting got a little faster her juices began flowing out of her like a river. She pushed up against my thrusts as my balls banged against her ass. She looked into my eyes and said I WANT ON TOP! I WANT TO HAVE CONTROL OF THAT YOUNG COCK!, twisting and without falling out of her cunt she was now on top of me..she raised her ass up to the very tip of my dick and slid slowly down groaning with a loud OOOOH!! I watched as her green eyes glazed over and she placed her hands on my stomach and she raised her hips up once again and slowly rode the lenght of my dick down with a deep mmmmmm in the back of her throat. She pushed her body up and ground her hips down onto my cock the heat inside her was intense I could feel my dick getting thicker as her hips began moving faster grinding down on my dick her hands now resting on my chest, her tits were banging back and forth the nipples large and inviting I grabbed them pulling one into my mouth flicking the nipple back and forth and then sucking hard, grandma groaned OH BABY SUCK MY TITTIES OH THATS SO GOOD OH HONEY YOUR COCK IS SO WIDE! she started to move up and down again faster after each stroke I arched my back up lifting her whole body up with me she grunted and as we came down she laid down on my chest sucking on my nipple, I began thrusting with all my might!, FUCK ME FUCK MY PUSSY DANNY! FUCK ME GOOD! I was banging into her cunt like a mad man with each thrust grunted loudly... I'M CUMMING GRANDMA and with that she ground her pussy down hard onto me I exploded deep inside her she shuddered and kept grinding her pussy down and moaned oh here I CUM! with that I felt an instant wetness running down my balls and into the crack of my ass she continued to grind her pussy into me and groaning into my ear OH LOVER YOUR SO WONDERFUL...

after breakfast grandma said she had to run into town again and asked if I wanted anything special I stated I was fine and would just hang around the house she then stated she wouldnt be long. I went and showered and went back out to the garage to finish the job out there, when a car I didnt recognize pulled into the driveway. A woman about my grandmas age stepped out and she was carring a briefcase, she had blonde hair, pulled back into a bun, light makeup, glasses which only made her look sexier and in a dark suit,the other thing I noticed was her chest she was bigger than grandma! HOLY SHIT!...did I say that out loud? Just then the woman asked may I ask who you are? I stated I was my grandmothers grandson here on a visit, she introduced herself as Sarah your grandmothers lawyer. I told Sarah that grandma was in town but should be back in a little while she said she couldnt wait and would I please tell her she stopped by? I said I would and she reached out to shake my hand as I shook her hand she said oh my strong and good looking and smiled returning to her car...

Grandma did'nt get back till late afternoon and said she was sorry she brought some burgers home and we sat at in the kitchen eating and chatting. Grandma said she was going to take a hot bath and would I meet her in the bedroom in an hour, smiling I said thats a little early to go to bed she smiled and said maybe to go to sl**p but not to go to bed! And with that she headed off to her room. I cleaned up our mess and went and watch some TV my dick stirring in my pants with just the thought of what grandma was doing, I kept looking at the clock on the mantle and it seemed to be going backwards. At the appointed time I went to the bedroom and saw the door was closed I decided for some reason still unknown to me to knock...come in I heard in that sultry voice I was beginning to love as I entered the room I saw her standing at the foot of the bed wearing a long silky white gown her red hair pulled back into a pony tail, her lips full and pouty with her trade mark red lipstick, I could see her body through the gown her nipples pressing out against the shear material her full breasts hanging slightly down, she had painted her fingernails a bright red also which made her light skin seem brighter, her green eyes were moist and loving...I must have been standing there with my mouth wide open and my eyes bugged out of my head as grandma asked well? what do you think? now I'll tell you my voice changed when I was 14 but when I attempted to answer her it broke like I was 14 again.

My God your beautiful! was all I could get out smiling she said thank you lover a girl should try her best for her man, taking my hand she walked me to the bed and said you look tired let me take care of you Danny as I set on the bed she undid my belt then reached down and started tugging on my shirt I was feeling like I was in a dream helping her I pulled my shirt up over my head and discarded it to the floor she had me lean down on the bed and tugged my pants off with my boxers in tow. My dick was growing and twitching against my leg she went to her knees and pulled my legs apart grasping my dick she looked up at me and then swirled her tongue on the head a groan escaped my lips this time as I watched those ruby lips part and take my dick slowly into her mouth! UGGGG! it was my turn to talk, OH GRANDMA SUCK MY DICK... as she reached my balls her tongue flickered out licking at the seam, I arched my hips forcing my half hard cock down her throat, it was tight and warm and I could feel my dick getting bigger as she kept her head fully down on my growing member, as she slowly came up I could feel her teeth scrapping against the shaft she stopped at the head forcing her tongue down into the hole, my cock spasamed in return, her hands were rubbing my balls as she sucked my dick she took her hot mouth off me looking up she smiled and said we're going to do something very special tonight her hands stroking my cock rubbing her thumb into the head as I looked into her eyes I said yeah? and whats that? I only have one thing left to give a man and I'm givng it to you (please remember the only real sex I've had has been in the past three days) without a clue I said whats that grandma she smiled taking my cocck into her mouth and releasing it with a loud POP! I'm still a virgin in the ass..smiling again she returned to sucking my dick...

part 4 will cum if you want it!

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